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As was expected, on May 28th Governor Crist signed into law what has generally become known as the second part of a series of “Anti-investor” legislation. This is Statute 501.1377 and it replaces the previous Stature 501.2078 which has been in effect since last year. The legislation takes straigh...
Hi Gang:I sure send a lot of emails and do alot of Blogs (I hear all of you moaning saying "HE SURE DOES!") about featured properties, developments, land etc... I try to include as much information as possible: pictures, survey, appraisal report, comps, Power Point Slide Shows....but I was having...
GO ZONE Investing Webinar Your Mortgage TAXES and HOA Fees are Paid for Up to 30 Months along with a TAX INCENTIVE of up to 50% Depreciation the 1st Year.EXCLUSIVE HANOVER INVESTMENTCONDOMINIUMS in the GO ZONE(These Units Specified below will be discussed during the Webinar) ALABAMAMISSISSIPPI Th...
Click Here to view MREIA Club Page MREIA's May MeetingSummary and Video/Photo Gallery Meeting Summary:Well the meeting didn't start out too well because I forgot to bring my "jump drive" for the slide shows and went all the way back to the office to retrieve it. When I arrived there were ten peo...

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