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8) Get a C.L.U.E. report before you purchase a property? What is this? Hint: Provides history. Answer:  Did you ever go into a house or property and have a feeling that something happened to this structure but it is difficult to pinpoint.  Here are some ideas to help you with ...
7)  When you are finished rehabbing, based on the age of your property you may need a four point inspection. What is this and what is it for? Answer: Insurance companies and state counties will grandfather in single family homes that are not up to existing code regardless of the home's age.  If y...
6) While purchasing a bathtub, make sure you are buying the correct one. Hint: Right & Left. Answer: When rehabbing a simple bathroom, nothing exotic just a bathtub with water and shower fixtures, make sure you know what you are about to tackle.  The old style bathtubs are heavy and usually seale...
5) Make sure the run numbers match while purchasing tile, especially from an overseas manufacturer. Why? Answer: I ordered tile from Home Depot via Spanish manufacture, for a property I was rehabbing.  I like to place tile floors on properties we are going to rent for maintenance reasons.  The ti...
Here you go.... 3) 50% Rule. What is this? Answer: Most counties in the U.S. require that if you are spending more than 50% of the assessed value of the property being rehabbed you will need architectural plans prepared by a certified architect (OUCH!), special permits and engineer certifications...
These answers come from personnel experience while rehabbing properties:  Here are the answers to the first two items from the Sunday's TOP TEN Blog: 1) While demolishing a property, rehabbers will order a dumpster. The City/County knows when you order one. Could this be a problem? Why?  Answer: ...
I wrote this article to make you think about the answers. Some of answers are going to be common sense but I tried to make you think a little before answering them.Ten Things to Be Awareof While Rehabbing a Property While demolishing a property, rehabbers will order a dumpster. The City/County k...

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