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P.S. I forgot to add this from my previous blog today.   I am having a webinar tonight, Thursday, November 20th, 2008 with Tom Nardone, "Millionaire Mailman" on Option Auctions.  Call me at (305) 300-6242 or Toll Free at (866) 938-4308 or email me at f...
I do teleconferences and webinars to disseminate real estate advice, promote products, services and properties or fire people up for the Miami Real Estate Investor Association MREIA monthly meeting  The idea is to promote these events to maximize the number of participants and ...
10) Never paint Latex paint over oil base paint. What happens? Answer:  Latex paint painted over oil-based paint without a primer will come off if you try to clean off dirt, finger prints, etc.  Use of water-based latex paint over more than three or four coats of old alkyd or oil-based paint may ...
9) To make sure there are no surprises, make sure the property you are rehabbing, the mail is sent to your place of business. Hint: tax payments, lien violations, etc... Answer: I purchased a major rehab in Miami Florida that had a collapsed roof, fire damage, etc.  You name it, it had it.  In th...

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