land trust: Miami Real Estate Investors Association MREIA Summary and Video/Photo Gallery and Summary of May 27th, 2008 Meeting - 06/02/08 04:26 AM

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Summary and Video/Photo Gallery Meeting Summary:Well the meeting didn't start out too well because I forgot to bring my "jump drive" for the slide shows and went all the way back to the office to retrieve it. When I arrived there were ten people already there. THANK GOD I had set up before the meeting started. I like to network before the meeting starts but I had to get everyone signed in due to me being late.Attendance wasn't huge but it was not small either. It was refreshing to see many … (1 comments)

land trust: Landlording - Ten Things to Be Aware of! Numbers 7 - 10 - 04/29/08 03:07 AM
7. Have your lawyer prepare your rental contract package.
There are professional tenants that specialize in ripping off landlords based on loop holes in contracts, missing addendums, handling of monies, wording in the contracts, etc.  There are lawyers that specialize in protecting tenants from being evicted improperly.  Things you should be aware of if you are a Landlord:
Make sure a Real Estate Attorney reviews your rental contract with the proper disclosures.Learn the local Eviction Laws and Process in your area.Disclosures - Make sure you have all the proper disclosures attached to the rental package.8. Never, never ever give or tell your … (2 comments)

land trust: Landlording - Ten Things to Be Aware of! Numbers 1 - 3 - 04/25/08 03:32 AM
Never hand over the keys to the property until tenant provides proof of utility connection (electricity & water). Why?• Many times ROOKIE Landlords will connect electricity and water to their properties to perform maintenance in-between renters.  The water and electricity must be working for Section 8 or HUD inspections, an insurance four point inspection or for the rehab crew to use.  While this is OK, many owners forget that when they rent to tenants, they must disconnect the utilities before they move in not after.   By law, once the tenant moves in and the utilities are still in the landlord's name, … (3 comments)

land trust: Short Sale Seminar in Naples Florida by Robert K. Burns - 11/07/07 05:24 AM
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