mreia: Miami Real Estate Investors Association Welcomes Disney Institute to Miami on February 11, 2010 - 12/29/09 01:35 AM

It doesn't take any training to recognize that the world's economy has taken a significant downturn. It does take effective and proven professional development training to guide impacted organizations back to the summit. Miami Real Estate Investors Association is proud to partner with Florida International University College of Business Administration to bring Disney's Approach to Business Excellence program, presented by the world renowned Disney Institute, to the Miami area on February 11, 2010. A one-day local workshop, Disney's Approach to Business Excellence program is a rare and affordable opportunity to learn best business practices from Disney insiders, and discover ways to … (0 comments)

mreia: Tomorrow night’s Webinar with Than Merrill..October 13th, 2009 at 9PM EDT - 10/12/09 07:24 AM
Hey Inner Circle:Tomorrow night's webinar with Than Merrill, star of A&E’s hit TV show “Flip this House” and one of the nation’s top marketing coaches, is going to be the webinar of the year!So cancel your hot date because it starts at 9PM Eastern! To Register:<=== Flip on the Webinar Switch!
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Click HERE to allow your Twitter followers to register for Than Merrill's Webinar.I can tell you Than is all “meat” and no “fluff,” you are going to learn an immense amount of information that you can implement immediately in your own business … (0 comments)

mreia: I just needed to share this with you. - 09/19/09 10:03 AM
Hey Gang:f you haven't seen this yet (I sent it over a few weeks ago) then check it out now. It's really cool (and scroll down and check out the games): <===Click HERE
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and play a few internet games while your at it. … (0 comments)

mreia: Facebook,,MySpace...LinkedIn..Twitter..Social Media Workshop - 01/21/09 12:03 AM
Who Wants To Attract More Web Traffic to their Website? Discover how to optimize your site to make it Search Engine Friendly on January 24th, 2009 at 9:00 AM EST.Like in life, the Internet is very competitive and your website competes with everyone else on the World Wide Web. Yes, WORLD WIDE! If you don't optimize your site and drive traffic to it, your site will fall into a black hole of nothingnessLearn the same tricks the PROS use. Look folks, Search Engine Optimization SEO isn't rocket science but it takes knowledge, time and effort to streamline your website into a … (7 comments)

mreia: P.S. to my previous blog today: Teleseminars and Webinars - Do them Successfully - 11/20/08 03:09 AM
P.S. I forgot to add this from my previous blog today.   I am having a webinar tonight, Thursday, November 20th, 2008 with Tom Nardone, "Millionaire Mailman" on Option Auctions.  Call me at (305) 300-6242 or Toll Free at (866) 938-4308 or email me at for more info.
Here is the teleconference information:
Here's the information for the call:
Dial in 8:00 PM EST for MREIA's Tele-Seminar on Option Auctions!
Dial In Date: Thursday, November 20th, 2008
Dial In Times:
8:00 PM EST7:00 PM CST6:00 PM MST5:00 PM PST
Dial In Number: 712-432-9998Passcode: 392064#(Make sure you enter the Pound Key)
Bob Burnswww.investmentpropertiesmiamiflorida.comSEO Lies

mreia: Teleseminars and Webinars - Do them Successfully - 11/20/08 12:48 AM
I do teleconferences and webinars to disseminate real estate advice, promote products, services and properties or fire people up for the Miami Real Estate Investor Association MREIA monthly meeting  The idea is to promote these events to maximize the number of participants and maintain them throughout the event. Dropped calls mean a less successful promotion or educational event.
I am still learning but here are a few things to consider if you are planning to implement one in the near future:  
Use an 800 number to allow your potential clients to dial-In.  Toll FREE Baby! Present before, throughout and after the … (3 comments)

mreia: Finally Answer to question 10 from Blog about TOP TEN Rehab items.... - 11/14/08 03:26 AM
10) Never paint Latex paint over oil base paint. What happens?
Latex paint painted over oil-based paint without a primer will come off if you try to clean off dirt, finger prints, etc.  Use of water-based latex paint over more than three or four coats of old alkyd or oil-based paint may cause the old paint to "lift off" the original surface (peal). … (4 comments)

mreia: Answer to question 9 from last Sunday's Blog about TOP TEN Rehab items.... - 11/01/08 01:02 PM
9) To make sure there are no surprises, make sure the property you are rehabbing, the mail is sent to your place of business. Hint: tax payments, lien violations, etc...
Answer: I purchased a major rehab in Miami Florida that had a collapsed roof, fire damage, etc.  You name it, it had it.  In the long run, it turned out to be one of the best learning experiences I had while working in the Rehab Business. 
Anyway, I neglected to forward the property's mail to my business address.  I just forgot about it.  As it turns out, there existed an … (8 comments)

mreia: Answer to question 7 from Sunday's Blog about TOP TEN items.... - 10/24/08 10:56 PM
7)  When you are finished rehabbing, based on the age of your property you may need a four point inspection. What is this and what is it for?
Answer: Insurance companies and state counties will grandfather in single family homes that are not up to existing code regardless of the home's age.  If you decide to refinance the home or pull permits to rehab it, the home's age may become an issue. The age of the home starts to become a factor when it passes its thirtieth birthday.   Some counties have different age parameters but you get the idea. 
Insurance companies … (0 comments)

mreia: Answer to question 6 from Sunday's Blog about TOP TEN items... - 10/23/08 08:39 PM
6) While purchasing a bathtub, make sure you are buying the correct one. Hint: Right & Left.
Answer: When rehabbing a simple bathroom, nothing exotic just a bathtub with water and shower fixtures, make sure you know what you are about to tackle. 
The old style bathtubs are heavy and usually sealed on three sides by ceramic tiles and caulk.  The intersections between the wall, the tub, tiles and water fixtures are areas of water intrusion and can be easily damaged during the bathroom's rehab.   
If you determine that you can't avoid ripping out the old tub and need to purchase … (0 comments)

mreia: Answer to question 5 from Sunday's Blog about TOP TEN items... - 10/23/08 12:20 AM
5) Make sure the run numbers match while purchasing tile, especially from an overseas manufacturer. Why?
Answer: I ordered tile from Home Depot via Spanish manufacture, for a property I was rehabbing.  I like to place tile floors on properties we are going to rent for maintenance reasons. 
The tile was delivered and we hauled the boxes inside the house.  This is no mere feat!  I mean after the fifth box I was sucking wind.  Well after we laid the first pallet, we moved onto the second.   The tiles from the second pallet were a little bit bigger than the first … (2 comments)

mreia: Florida Anti-Investor Legislation Is now active starting October 1st, 2008 - 06/26/08 01:28 AM
As was expected, on May 28th Governor Crist signed into law what has generally become known as the second part of a series of “Anti-investor” legislation. This is Statute 501.1377 and it replaces the previous Stature 501.2078 which has been in effect since last year. The legislation takes straight aim at what are called “Equity Purchasers and Foreclosure-rescue Consultants”. As the name implies, if the homeowner is in foreclos.ure the law must be complied with or fines of up to $15,000 per occurrence will result. I have seen an informative website that gives more information about the various aspects of the … (1 comments)

mreia: Miami Real Estate Investors Association MREIA Summary and Video/Photo Gallery and Summary of May 27th, 2008 Meeting - 06/02/08 04:26 AM

Click Here to view MREIA Club Page MREIA's May Meeting
Summary and Video/Photo Gallery Meeting Summary:Well the meeting didn't start out too well because I forgot to bring my "jump drive" for the slide shows and went all the way back to the office to retrieve it. When I arrived there were ten people already there. THANK GOD I had set up before the meeting started. I like to network before the meeting starts but I had to get everyone signed in due to me being late.Attendance wasn't huge but it was not small either. It was refreshing to see many … (1 comments)

mreia: Over 1,000% ROI! Recession proof investment in the booming Smoky Mountains. An absolute no-brainer with very little cash required - 05/23/08 02:53 AM


mreia: Recommended Real Estate Reading List - Part I - 05/02/08 01:38 AM

Click "HERE" for IGG's and MREIA's Recommended Real Estate Reading List
I recently attended a presentation by Ray Higdon in Ft. Myers. Ray mentioned several books that had an impact on him. Several of the books matched several books I have read over the last few years. It's funny, the same books are always highlighted in presentations, seminars and conversations with real estate investors.So, I decided to put together a list of books that helped me and help educate people that are real estate professionals, investors or who have expressed an interest in Real Estate. … (0 comments)

mreia: Miami Real Estate Investors Association MREIA Photo Gallery and Summary of April 22nd 2008 Meeting - 04/26/08 09:19 AM
MREIA Photo Gallery Photos of April 22nd, 2008 meeting at the Renaissance at the Gables, page=mreia
Click Here to view MREIA Club Page MREIA's April Meeting
Summary and Photo Gallery Meeting Summary: Great MEETING! Attendance was refreshing with new faces and some old ones that I have not seen in a long time. It was good to see Simmie Muhammad even though he was going to Detroit he had time to stop by the meeting before his flight. Eduardo Pardo left his glasses behind but we saved them and handed them back to him in the morning. He requested from … (1 comments)

When I was growing up and about to graduate, I wondered what path to take as I entered the life of leaving mom and dads house and making it on my own. It was always a dream of mine, like everyone to become wealthy and be my own boss. So in my last year in high school, I got into a work for credit program that allowed me to get out of school early and go to work for school credit. I was given a job painting the inside of vacant properties at an apartment complex for a general contracting company. … (2 comments)

mreia: Miami Real Estate Investors Association March Meeting - Fortune in Foreclosures - 03/27/08 08:30 AM
MREIA Photo Gallery Photos of March 25th, 2008 meeting at the Renaissance at the Gables
Click Here to view MREIA Club PageMREIA's Photo Gallery March 25th Meeting
Fortunes in Foreclosure Tour
with Michael PoggiMeeting Summary: Great MEETING! Attendance was light due to people and their families travelling during their Easter Break. The evening was cool, no rain and all the equipment worked. Balancing all the power point slide shows was no mere feat! Featured Speaker Michael Poggi did an excellent presentation on Foreclosure Daily's Fortune in Foreclosures System. He was very successful working with the people in attendance and I really liked his passion … (1 comments)

mreia: What does one do to determine if this property, MY FUTURE HOME, is worthy of my HARD earned Time, Money and Effort? - 02/18/08 03:04 AM
WOW, I was asked to write an article to HELP a first time HOME Buyer not familiar with the United States system of purchasing a property.  Having lived overseas I can relate to being very intimidated about such a decision and makes me reflect on the first time I purchased real estate in Puerto Rico. 
After thinking about this and modifying this article, here is what I came up with.  I hope this helps:
A Buyer needs to determine how much HOUSE/PROPERTY they are qualified for.  It makes no sense to look for a property to purchase if you can't afford it.  … (1 comments)

mreia: Real Estate Today By Rick Harper and Robert Burns - 01/14/08 10:28 AM
Miami Real Estate Investors AssociationTele-Seminar Series Real Estate Today
Every time I turn on the TV I hear another report about the "Real Estate Depression" & the "Turmoil in the Mortgage Industry". It all sounded so scary until I took a minute to think about what they are saying. The market is bad for sellers not buyers. What is bad for a seller is very good for a buyer. If the price of gas was reduced to $2.00 a gallon we would line up at the pumps. If the price of a new Cadillac was cut in half they could not build … (2 comments)

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