tips and advice: How and Where to Come Up with a Down Payment - 04/06/09 05:48 AM
With interest rates so low, many people are scrambling to find extra money to buy a new home.  Therefore, many buyers have recently asked me, ""What are some alternative methods for coming up with a down payment?"  Many lenders are wanting around $5,000 to $10,000 down. 
Here are some alternative sources of funding that many buyers may find helpful:
·         Use your savings account.  Do you have a savings account that has accumulated a few thousand dollars?  If so, use it.
·         Borrow from your 401(k) plan.  You have a 401(k) for this purpose, to help you out when in need.  … (0 comments)

tips and advice: Celebrating Women’s History in West Hollywood - 03/16/09 04:30 AM
Although I am not a woman, I thought it would be a good idea to blog about Woman's History Month in West Hollywood since it's a great event going on in the community I serve with complete dedication.
West Hollywood is continuing to honor the many great achievements of women of the past and from the present all during the month of March.  The month-long honor is called "Living the Legacy," which is a tribute to women with a display of biographies, posters and photographs of contemporary and historical women that will be exhibited at the West Hollywood City Hall at … (0 comments)

tips and advice: Boost Your Home's Equity with Home Improvements - 03/09/09 08:28 AM
As a real estate professional, I am often asked how to boost a home's equity.  Therefore, I have a list of home improvements that are great for maximizing your home's sale price.  Just completing a few simple tasks will help your home sell for top dollar.
·         Curb Appeal - This is one of the most important steps to get potential buyers into your home, so don't leave this step out.  Fertilize the lawn to give it a lush green look, trim the hedges, plant seasonal flowers, lay some mulch and keep your grass cut.  You may also want to consider … (0 comments)

tips and advice: Renting Your Home to Avoid Foreclosure - 03/02/09 06:50 AM
In today's economy, we are seeing more and more foreclosures.  However, some of these foreclosures can be avoided by renting your home out.  It doesn't always make sense to rent your home, but if it will help you avoid foreclosure, I recommend you do it.
There are some things you need to understand about the rental process before you jump in.  You can hire a rental agency or management company to handle everything for you, although you will have to pay them a set percent of the rent, or you can handle it yourself.
If you choose to hire a rental … (1 comments)

tips and advice: West Hollywood’s Havenhurst Park Dedication - 02/24/09 08:35 AM
Here is some great news for West Hollywood, California that I want to share.  The city will be hosting a dedication ceremony for Havenhurst Park this Saturday, February 28, 2009 at 10 a.m.  The park is located at 1351 Havenhurst Dr. and features a 6,000 square-foot pocket park, two water features, seating areas, water conserving irrigation systems, both drought tolerant and native California plants and really great artwork.
Havenhurst Park has been brought into the community of West Hollywood with innovative efforts.  The park is full of creative features and some of the most beautiful art.  Many West Hollywood residents will … (1 comments)

tips and advice: Tax Lien Relief for Homeowners - 12/29/08 07:11 AM
This past year, there have been several homeowners that have been unable to sell their home or refinance it because of a Federal tax lien blocking the process.  Therefore, the IRS has recently announced a new process that will help financially distressed homeowners avoid a federal tax lien. 
Taxpayers who want to sell their home or refinance it, and find a federal tax lien on it, now have options.  Taxpayers or your mortgage lender can now request the IRS to make a tax lien secondary to the lien held by the lending institution.  This is restructuring a loan.  Taxpayers can also … (0 comments)

tips and advice: Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners - 12/22/08 02:09 AM
In the beginning, finances can be very tight for most new homeowners and many of us already know and can sympathize with new homeowners about what a financial toll buying a new home can take.  Between down payments and moving expenses your financial funds can go fast.  So buying the new homeowner the perfect housewarming gift will help them out tremendously.   
A home warranty is one of the best gifts for any homeowner to receive.  I can't begin to tell you the list of things that can and probably will go wrong with a home.  For some new homeowners, this can … (0 comments)


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