west hollywood: Keeping You & Your Home Safe in Today’s World - 06/01/09 06:30 AM
When times are tough and the economy is bad, crime rates skyrocket.  Locking your doors and shutting your windows just isn't enough to keep you and your home safe from intruders anymore.  Burglaries are on the rise and there doesn't seem to be a slow down on the horizon.  Therefore, we must do everything we can to protect ourselves, our families and our homes.
When we think of burglars, we think of bad people sneaking around in the middle of the night trying to pry open windows.  However, the fact is burglars are now breaking into homes in broad daylight as … (0 comments)

west hollywood: Improving West Hollywood One Council Member at a Time - 05/11/09 05:53 AM
Well, West Hollywood just keeps getting better and better.  Lindsey Horvath was unanimously voted as a new City Councilmember, filling the vacant seat left by the former Councilmember, Sal Guarriello, who passed away in April. 
On Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at 6 pm, Lindsey Horvath will be sworn in as a member of the West Hollywood City Council during a special meeting at the West Hollywood Park Auditorium (647 N. San Vicente Boulevard).
Ms. Horvath was already doing a great job as a contributing member of society in her position as chair of the City's Women's Advisory Board and other roles around … (0 comments)

west hollywood: Celebrating Women’s History in West Hollywood - 03/16/09 04:30 AM
Although I am not a woman, I thought it would be a good idea to blog about Woman's History Month in West Hollywood since it's a great event going on in the community I serve with complete dedication.
West Hollywood is continuing to honor the many great achievements of women of the past and from the present all during the month of March.  The month-long honor is called "Living the Legacy," which is a tribute to women with a display of biographies, posters and photographs of contemporary and historical women that will be exhibited at the West Hollywood City Hall at … (0 comments)

west hollywood: West Hollywood’s Havenhurst Park Dedication - 02/24/09 08:35 AM
Here is some great news for West Hollywood, California that I want to share.  The city will be hosting a dedication ceremony for Havenhurst Park this Saturday, February 28, 2009 at 10 a.m.  The park is located at 1351 Havenhurst Dr. and features a 6,000 square-foot pocket park, two water features, seating areas, water conserving irrigation systems, both drought tolerant and native California plants and really great artwork.
Havenhurst Park has been brought into the community of West Hollywood with innovative efforts.  The park is full of creative features and some of the most beautiful art.  Many West Hollywood residents will … (1 comments)

west hollywood: Tax Lien Relief for Homeowners - 12/29/08 07:11 AM
This past year, there have been several homeowners that have been unable to sell their home or refinance it because of a Federal tax lien blocking the process.  Therefore, the IRS has recently announced a new process that will help financially distressed homeowners avoid a federal tax lien. 
Taxpayers who want to sell their home or refinance it, and find a federal tax lien on it, now have options.  Taxpayers or your mortgage lender can now request the IRS to make a tax lien secondary to the lien held by the lending institution.  This is restructuring a loan.  Taxpayers can also … (0 comments)

west hollywood: Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners - 12/22/08 02:09 AM
In the beginning, finances can be very tight for most new homeowners and many of us already know and can sympathize with new homeowners about what a financial toll buying a new home can take.  Between down payments and moving expenses your financial funds can go fast.  So buying the new homeowner the perfect housewarming gift will help them out tremendously.   
A home warranty is one of the best gifts for any homeowner to receive.  I can't begin to tell you the list of things that can and probably will go wrong with a home.  For some new homeowners, this can … (0 comments)

west hollywood: Celebrating the Holidays in Westside Los Angeles - 12/15/08 04:00 AM
This holiday season you will find several wonderful events that are sure to get you in the spirit of the holidays in Westside Los Angeles and surrounding areas.
Check these out:
·         Now - January 19th - Downtown on Ice.  Have some holiday cheer in downtown Los Angeles on the Pershing Square outdoor skating rink.  Admission is $6 and skate rental is $2.
·          Now - January 19th - Ice at Santa Monica .  New York has Rockefeller Center and Los Angeles has Pershing Square , but Santa Monica has its own chilly Winter Wonderland skating rink oasis.
·         Now - … (0 comments)

west hollywood: Secrets to Buying the Best Home for Your Money - 12/08/08 06:58 AM
Many people around the country are looking to cash in on a great deal in the current housing market.  And everyone wants to get the best home for their money, so I have some great secrets that will help you buy the best home for your money.
Five Great Home Buying Secretes:
·         The first thing you will want to do is get pre-approved.  Many people just get pre-qualified, but you actually need pre-approval.  At one time, it was recommended to get pre-qualified by lenders, but now many sellers know that this process is useless in buying a home.  When … (0 comments)

west hollywood: Visiting and Living in West Hollywood, California - 11/17/08 11:56 AM
Only in West Hollywood can the legendary Sunset Strip, the chic Beverly Center and electric Hollywood Hills be found.  Combined, they make up the 1.9 square miles of unique LA nightlife, luxurious Hollywood spas, world-class celebrity shopping and awesome Los Angeles dining.    West Hollywood real estate boasts fourteen wonderful hotels that range from architectural wonders to discreet hideaways.  And the city happily welcomes visitors and new residents into their trendy community where the stars come out to play!   You will find an abundance of dining establishments in the area with over 140 Los Angeles restaurants; ranging from trendy and chic to casual or formal.  These collections of restaurants … (0 comments)

west hollywood: Veterans Day Ceremony In West Hollywood - 11/10/08 02:40 AM
The City of West Hollywood will be celebrating Veterans Day with a Veterans Day ceremony to recognize the men and women who have served and are currently serving our military.  The ceremony will be at Holloway Park and Veterans Memorial at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Holloway Drive at 11:00 a.m.
There will be special guest speakers including members of the West Hollywood City Council, Assembly member Mike Feuer, and U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Shatynski. 
A U.S. Air Force jet fly by salute will be held.  Refreshments will also be served at the event.  The event is free and … (0 comments)

west hollywood: Some Western States Offering Good Deals - 10/20/08 02:40 AM
It's good news; recent home pending sales have gone up over seven percent from July to August across the nation. That's great news for everyone, but when you narrow the details of the report, it shows that the states with a large surge in numbers of sales were states out West.
The real estate market is slowly beginning to show signs of life again. 1st quarter sales and 2nd quarter sales were up and the trend continues.   
California's home sales are up 25.8 percent since last quarter. The state has many great communities that offer a variety of great perks. Westside … (0 comments)

west hollywood: West Hollywood - The Most Pet Friendly City - 09/22/08 04:04 AM
If you're looking for a great city to relocate to that is also pet friendly, look no further than West Hollywood, California. West Hollywood is perfect for you and your pet with a great moderate climate, pet-friendly hotels, and lots of walkable streetscape.
West Hollywood is home to over 1,000 dogs per square mile, showing how pet tolerant West Hollywood residents are. The city even has a law that states pet owners are to be called guardians and the pets are to be called companions. These pet policies reflect what awesome core values the city has.
When visiting West Hollywood, you … (0 comments)

west hollywood: Weighing the Benefits of Living Where You Work - 09/15/08 06:06 AM
When weighing the benefits of where to buy your next home, most buyers think affordable is better. So, many buyers look to the suburbs to find a more affordable home. But, now with gasoline prices soaring, the commute that was once affordable is no more.
Many buyers are discovering that moving to larger cities where they work is the more affordable way to go. It looks like this trend may be here to stay for awhile. Home offices are another new trend on the rise. Many people are buying, building or reconstructing homes with a home office.  Depending on your line … (0 comments)

west hollywood: Great Places To Eat In West Hollywood - 09/08/08 07:18 AM
West Hollywood and surrounding areas have many great restaurants for residents and visitors to enjoy. There are over 140 dining establishments between West Hollywood and Los Angeles. You can find everything from casual or formal, to chic and trendy. It's what makes West Hollywood and surrounding areas the most diverse culinary destination.
As famous chefs flock to West Hollywood in search of fame and fortune, you will find several delectable cuisines that celebrities rave about. The celebrity chef craze was started in the 1980s when Wolfgang Puck opened his famous Spago on Sunset Stip.
The West Hollywood restaurant scene is a … (0 comments)

west hollywood: West Hollywood’s Greatest Entertainment - 09/01/08 05:32 AM
Not many people know this, but West Hollywood boasts some of the greatest entertainment in the Nation. The area has long been called the Creative City of California. West Hollywood has also been the center stage for Music, Television and Film industries.
When you're in West Hollywood, and want some great entertainment, be sure to visit Sunset Strip where you will find many great activities going on year-round. Art Galleries are another hot spot to visit for entertainment. You will find some of the best dance, festivals, song, and gatherings in West Hollywood, California.
Looking for a great community to buy … (0 comments)

west hollywood: West Hollywood Wins The Green Community Award - 08/25/08 01:56 AM
The City of West Hollywood, California is being awarded the "Outstanding Innovation in Green Community Planning" award for its Green Building Program. Since West Hollywood beat out every other community in the state, it has qualified for consideration in the National American Planning Association awards program.
Now you have it. West Hollywood, California is the best community in the state to buy or build a green home, and to live in a green community. The whole city is going green.
Many other communities across the state and the nation are taking tips from West Hollywood, so we must be doing something … (1 comments)

west hollywood: Buying A New Home In West Hollywood - 08/18/08 03:13 AM
Many potential new homebuyers are so worried about high gas prices and a down real estate market, they are holding off on buying a new home. What they don't realize is now is the best time to buy. Interest rates are low and home values have dropped, so you can expect to get an awesome deal on almost any home you want to buy. And, to make the deal even sweeter, West Hollywood home builders are throwing in extras.
Many new homebuilders in West Hollywood have gone green, and now many are also offering a free green car when you buy a … (0 comments)

west hollywood: The Best Long-Term Investment - 06/02/08 04:15 AM
Real Estate remains the best investment anyone can make.  This has been a fact for a long time.  Long-term homeownership has a track record that is almost untouched by any other purchase with real benefits.  Today's homeowners have a combined $12 trillion in equity in their homes.  Homeowners can borrow against this equity to pay for medical expenses, college, and other needs.  There are also important tax incentives to make it affordable to own a home.
There aren't many challenges in today's market, so the opportunity is there.
Some may try to argue that home values will continue to decline, but … (2 comments)

west hollywood: Choose Your Neighborhood Wisely - 05/26/08 02:14 PM
In a battered housing market, it is more important than ever to choose the right neighborhood. 
Over six million people are expected to buy a home this year.  Some may be first-time home buyers looking in West Hollywood, while others are looking to relocate to Beverly Hills.   Since this may be the single most significant purchase of their lives, they all have one thing in common - they're contemplating what may be the best neighborhood for them and their family.   Those who are relocating for business reasons, most likely can't pick what region they want to move to.  But they can choose … (0 comments)


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