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We have learned what part DESIRE and DETERMINATION play in becoming the success we want to be.  We have worked on discovering what our DESIRE is and how to pursue it with DETERMINATION.  The question now is, do we stop there or is there more to achieving the true level of success we dream of? We ...
In the last blog I wrote about DESIRE and what place and importance it played in being successful.  Successful at what?  Whatever you want to be successful at.  So for here and now we will assume that you have had a thought, mulled it over and it became a DESIRE.  So now you have the DESIRE to be...
As I read the blogs that have been written I keep looking for someone to write about the steps it takes to be successful.  In Real Estate yes, but just successful in whatever it is you want to do.I have been told that if I want to accumulate points in AR I have to write something that will get th...
As I sit here writing this I think of all of the lip service we pay to the military that serve so heroically so we can sit here and write in peace and read with tongue in cheek.  Do I sound jaded?  Well in some respects I am.  You see I have lived on both sides of the fence.  I have, as stated be...

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