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When a landlord buys a rental property and has a home warranty included the nightmare begins for the local property manager. Home warranties may have their place with owner occupants, but most property managers I talk to hate them when working on their rentals.  Even to the point of refusing to w...
The central valley of Sacramento has been surrounded by forest fires for over a week now.  The sky is hazy and sometimes it seems like you can see the smokey haze laying on top of the ground.  I noted that my car was getting dirtier outside and that got me thinking that my lungs are probably taki...
One of the joys of being a registered voter is the chance to be singled out for jury duty.  In the past I have been a jury foreman and after that, was excused by an attorney, possibly for having been a foreman.  I got the letter again last week and must report at 8 am Monday for possible selectio...
One of the joys of property management in Sacramento is being able to help an owner rent their property in Land Park and in McKinley Park.  Both of these Sacramento area neighborhoods have older homes that were mostly built prior to, during, and just after World War II.  I have personally lived i...
For a variety of reasons, many owner occupants decide to rent the home they live in rather than sell it.  If you decide to do this, be sure to notify your fire and liability insurance carrier as soon as you rent the property.  The type of policy for a rental is different and your insurance agent ...
The last two times I had my hair cut the barber answered their cell phone during my session.  In the first case, the call was personal and the barber began speaking in her native tongue.  As the call progressed she continued cutting my hair with the phone tucked between her cheek and shoulder.  I...
When one tenant moves out how do you really know that that past resident has given you all the keys?  They could have made a copy during their tenancy, so there is no real sure way to know they have not kept a key. If the past tenant does have a key, and you use the same old keys for the next ten...
An owner recently came to see me about their property.  They had several rentals and the portfolio was in disaray.  Vacancies, deferred maintenance, many delinquencies, poor cash flow was the result. The way to fix the problems was to implement rules and procedures and then follow through on them...
I am trying to visualize gas at $5, $6, maybe $10 a gallon.  Can you imagine having to pay $200 for a tank of gas?  We are already paying $4.75 for premium in Sacramento. As the price rises for all of us, we will have to make some tough decisions.  Less eating out, fewer trips to the store.  Food...
There are so many essential things that make up what a good property manager is, that I hesitate to pick one item as the most important.  In fact, I think it is a mistake to do so.   But, Picking Good Tenant is certainly in the top ten of essentials.  The ability to screen out the bad apples and ...

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