sacramento rental market update: Sacramento Rental Market Update Fall 2013 - 10/25/13 03:34 AM
Vacancy rates have remained favorable to landlords for the past four months.  June checked in at 3.8%, July 2.58%, August 2.45% and Sept 2.89% for our managed properties.  These are historically low figures and should result in at least modest increases in rent from a year ago.  In an even handed market we would expect to see a 5% vacancy rate.  The combination of owner occupants coming back into the market, foreclosure activity dropping back to prerecession levels, and lack of new construction has resulted in higher rental occupancy levels.  This is good news for higher occupancy rates, less collection issues, … (0 comments)

sacramento rental market update: Rental Market Update April 2013 Sacramento, CA - 04/17/13 04:12 AM
Spring has sprung in Sacramento!  The  weather is nice and our citizens are outside more often than not.  The  Sacramento real estate market has taken quite a turn since last year.  Prices are up and the recovery is in full swing.  In January 2012 there were 2984 homes listed in the multiple listing service.  In March 2013, that number has dropped to 1378.  That is 54% less homes on the market!  Demand is growing and listed homes are not keeping up.  Values at the low end are increasing.  The question now is, can you find a home at any price?  In … (0 comments)

sacramento rental market update: Sacramento Region Rental Market Update for October 2011 - 10/10/11 04:37 PM
Not much has changed in the rental real estate market in the last six months.  Rentals are in demand, but single family rents are only inching upward.  High unemployment and foreclosure activity has reduced investor confidence as well as demand for rentals.  When it all gets better is up for speculation, but it does not seem to be getting worse, and that is good news.  We continue to see enough people renting to keep our vacancy rate at or below 4%.  

sacramento rental market update: Sacramento Region Rental Market Update - 08/12/11 11:00 AM
HomePointe current vacancy  rate is 3.5%.  This is a landlords market with some cautions.  With high unemployment, rents have not been able to rise up as one would expect with a low vacancy rate.  But it does mean that landlords can expect to rent their property quicker. 
It is also a sign of the times that applicants credit reports often have a  foreclosure or short sale on them.  This is to be expected with the mortgage crises fallout in full swing. 
Visit our website for our most current and past rent surveys covering the entire Sacramento Region at … (1 comments)

sacramento rental market update: HomePointe Rents Out 75 Properties in June 2010 - 07/07/10 03:58 AM
The Sacramento Rental Market has picked up for the summer season.  Our average deposits collected runs at about 50 per month, so with this 50% increase from that, we are busy.
It is always best for Sacramento Area Landlords to keep their rental asking prices reasonable in order to both attract additional applicants and to keep them once they move in.   Those that do that see longer occupancy periods, lower expenses, and improved cash flow.
If you have a Sacramento Area Rental, give one of our property managers a call.

sacramento rental market update: Sacramento Sales Prices Decline 10.7% From A Year Ago - 01/27/10 03:28 PM
The Wall Street Journal has reported that sales prices have declined 10.7% in the Sacramento Region from December 2008 to December 2009.  That, of course, is on top of steep declines over the previous 2 years before that. 
That puts Sacramento in 7th place nationally fo the highest percentage decline in home values.
What does this mean for rentals in the sacramento region?  I think it means that Sacramento Rental Property will be both available and affordable over the course of the next several years.  Investors that purchase Sacramento rental property will find that they are relatively inexpensive and will garner … (1 comments)

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