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Folks in Riverside may have seen this Fox News segment on Reverse Mortgages. Watch the latest video at   It's worth listening to... Apparently, Fox got it wrong the first go around - good for them to correct their report. Here is a link to the organization that they refer to at ...
Riverside Reverse Mortgage Question?  Why is HUD taking over my reverse mortgage? Over time, the loan balance on a reverse mortgage increases.  This is due to accrued interest and may also be due to line of credit withdrawals, or payments (loan advances) made to the borrower.  A part of the secur...
Corona Reverse Mortgage Question - Who Gets My Home When I Die?Your heirs do!  Contrary to the very common myth, the bank does not own your home - you do. A reverse mortgage is just a loan against the home like any other mortgage.  The major difference is that usually on a reverse mortgage the p...
I heard a story last week from a friend of mine who just flew home from vacation. She had a great conversation with her seat mate on the plane and shared with me this story. The fellow sitting next to her talked about how his 93 year old mother had recently sold an investment property in order to...
    I find one of the most intriguing aspects of the reverse mortgage loan is the line of credit option and it’s growth feature. If a homeowner has a HECM Adjustable Rate Loan, either Standard or Saver, and they choose the line of credit option there are some cool features that could come in ver...
One of my resolutions was to get into better shape and work on flexibility and balance so, I chose Yoga. Took my 4th Yoga class tonite at "Just Yoga" in Corona, and it kicked by butt!  My legs are trashed.  It was most excellent.  I brought my son with me cause he wanted to try it.  I told him he...
  Everyone knows the basics by now - “Senior homeowners and home-buyers over the age of 62 may qualify for a government insured reverse mortgage.  Call now for our free video.”  But what are the nuances and how are they helpful or hurtful?  I’d like to point out some of the fine print that you wi...

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