rose marinaccio: Third Quarter Home Sales Prove Again- Scarsdale and Edgemont On Top - 10/11/10 10:15 AM
Did the recession hit Scarsdale residents? Believe it or not, this question is making its way around town, and it certainly seems to be a popular topic to discuss at dinners and parties. Undoubtedly, the answer is yes- but probably just in a different way.
While real estate did take a hit, and sales slowed down the past couple of years, it’s certainly on the rise again. Many residents have even joked, “The recession changed our habits, not our wallet.”
Scarsdale and Edgemont real estate is its own little world. Proving that are the third quarter home sales results.
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rose marinaccio: Economy Killed the Real Estate Star - 09/03/10 04:41 AM
It's hard to read the headlines and not be confused.
Last week, the National Association of Realtors announced that existing-home sales in July had fallen an astounding 25.5 percent from the previous year. Then, just a few days later, some communities like Scarsdale and Edgemont were reporting that sales and prices had actually increased. A few days after that, Yahoo reported that sales prices nationwide had actually increased.
If this doesn’t make your head spin…
Even Time Magazine seems to be getting in on the fun. Their most recent issue, dated September 6, 2010, showcases an article about the pessimism of … (3 comments)

rose marinaccio: War of the Signs - 08/31/10 04:43 AM
There’s been a lot of talk about signage lately. There are towns in my County that don’t let Brokerages put up any For Sale signs. There are some towns where you cannot state the name of the Brokerage; instead it needs to say FOR SALE BY BROKER. And, there are some towns that regulate how large the sign can be- in one instance, there is a town that will allow the sign to be 1 sq.ft., so many Brokerages end up with a sign that is 12 inches by 12 inches. This same town also has many streets that are considered … (6 comments)

rose marinaccio: Why Waiting To Sell Your Home Might Cost You - 08/19/10 04:19 AM
The last couple of years have been difficult for businesses, homeowners and financial markets, to say the very least. Limited credit, economic uncertainty among businesses and consumers, and poor financial performance across industry sectors make people wonder what their long-term strategy should entail.
As homeowners know, the real estate market took a hit in 2008 and 2009. While signs show the Scarsdale real estate market is improving, including Edgemont, many owners are still hesitant to list their homes for sale and would prefer to wait for some unknown future moment when the market will have improved more greatly.
The remainder of … (3 comments)

rose marinaccio: Double Dip in Real Estate? Scarsdale Begs To Differ - 07/20/10 10:36 AM
It feels like July has barely started, and yet the month is halfway over. Despite the fact that summer is here, and it’s usually a slow time of year, the real estate market continues to impress many.
Already, 5 homes have gone into Conditional Contract since July 1st, while 5 properties are Pending and waiting to close. Looking at the Sold listings, a whopping 22 homes have closed in the first half of July alone. That beats the 13 homes which were sold during the same period of time in 2009.
Double dip? All signs point to “Not in Scarsdale.”
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rose marinaccio: How Soccer Helped My Real Estate Career - 07/20/10 08:52 AM
When I was younger, soccer was one of the most popular sports to play. I loved it, and played throughout high school and college.
It’s funny how popular the sport is among little kids, yet it is one of the least watched and followed sports in the United States.
Soccer is a team sport, and players must successfully work well with each other in order to win the game. The best teams have come up with a stellar game plan. The team practices and works hard, both together and individually.
There is the goalie, whose job it is to protect the … (5 comments)

rose marinaccio: 2010 FIRST HALF YEAR REAL ESTATE MARKET REPORT - 07/07/10 08:40 AM
The number of homes sold in Scarsdale in 2010 has increased dramatically versus the same period in 2009. There were 76 homes which had Title pass to new owners in the first six months of this year. That number is up from the 52 homes which sold in 2009, for an increase of over 46%.
The most homes sold, 24 of them, were in the $1,000,000- $1,499,000 price range.
Homes went into contract at a faster pace, however the “Average Days On Market” has increased from 173 days to 209 days.
“I think there is a little confusion in looking … (0 comments)

rose marinaccio: Free Summer Concerts in Chase Park - 07/02/10 09:01 AM
Celebrating their 41st anniversary playing in Scarsdale, The Westchester Band performed their second concert last evening in Chase Park in the downtown village.
The Westchester Band is conducted by Alan Hollander, a professional musician since the age of eighteen. He has also conducted the American Wind Ensemble, Larchmont Symphony, and Westchester Pops. Mr. Hollander is also an adjunct professor of Oboe and Music Education for Lehman College, and the band Director.
The free concerts will continue through August 5th. Last night’s show included a performance by Hudson Voices, a 12-voice ensemble. Featured songs included “Memories” and “Phantom of the Opera.”
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rose marinaccio: New York Real Estate Tax Increases- Will It Kill Our Market? - 06/22/10 08:55 AM
The government knows that improving the real estate market is a big step toward improving the economy. As part of their action plan, they had implemented the First-time Homebuyer Tax Credit, which just expired at the end of April.
National statistics released today by the National Association of Realtors reports that existing home sales dipped 2.2% last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.66 million units, down from the upwardly revised rate of 5.79 million in April. Sales year-over-year were up 19.2%.
Despite a gloomy outlook on Real Estate, the state of New York is seriously considering raising real … (2 comments)

rose marinaccio: Senate OKs New Tax Credit Closing Deadline- Will it Become Official? - 06/21/10 11:53 AM
The Senate, with a vote of 60-37, accepted an amendment by Democratic Leader Harry Reid that extends the closing deadline to September 30 for buyers who met the April 30 deadline to have a signed contract.
Backers of the amendment cite a backlog of 180,000 homebuyers as the reason for extending the deadline.
The Senate’s decision is step one in helping future homeowners to obtain the upt to $8,000 credit. Originally, any buyers had to have been in contract by April 30th, and close on their home by June 30, which is just a little over one week away.
“Extending the … (0 comments)

rose marinaccio: Hartsdale Farmers Market - 06/21/10 02:46 AM

The Hartsdale Farmers Market is back! Founded in 1993, and sponsored by the Town of Greenburgh, June 19th is the official start to their season. Every Saturday, you can expect to see stands loaded with fresh fruits, vegetables, breads and pastries.
The market will run every Saturday through November 20.
“We’re about creating clusters of people who are passionate about getting good food,” says Miriam Haas, founder and manager of Community Markets, the small consulting company behind about twenty of the farmers’ markets in the region.
Her endeavor in food organizing began in 1991 in Ossining, New York. Haas and … (1 comments)

rose marinaccio: Scarsdale Fine Arts Festival - 06/19/10 09:32 AM

Chase Road and Spencer Place were closed down early Saturday morning, June 19th for the arrival of no less than 95 artisans from around the world who were showcasing and selling their creations.
Publicized for weeks, and with the help of sunny blue skies, the event was packed. Artists were able to show off much of their best work, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, jewelry and more.
The town was transformed. Streets usually filled with cars were now filled with people perusing, and some purchasing, the stellar art.
“This is amazing. All of the art is so breathtaking. The amount of … (4 comments)

rose marinaccio: Should I Stay or Should I Go?- Part 2 - 06/14/10 10:59 AM
What is the effect on Real Estate when you have high property taxes?
There are lots of buyers looking to break into the Scarsdale and Edgemont markets. They've heard of the great school systems and family friendly communities.
But the taxes are high…really high. Even for Westchester County, which has the highest taxes in the nation.
And while many buyers find that they can afford the purchase prices in the area, they have been having difficulty finding taxes they can afford.
"I'd love to move to Scarsdale. I love the community, how close it is to the city and the tree-lined … (0 comments)

rose marinaccio: Should I Stay or Should I Go? - 06/01/10 09:16 AM
It’s almost June, a time when High School Seniors are getting ready to graduate. The caps and gowns are being sized, and excitement is in the air! High School is almost over for them, and college is on its way. So why are parents so worried?
It’s been said time and time again, people move here because of the school systems. Scarsdale High School and Edgemont High School both had 100 percent graduation rates last year, topping all high schools in central Westchester, according to data from the New York State Education Department.
Edgemont Union Free School “is a culturally … (1 comments)

rose marinaccio: To Grieve OR Not To Grieve - 05/21/10 04:36 AM
It's almost that time of year again, the day all Scarsdale and Edgemont homeowners have been waiting for...GRIEVANCE DAY at the Tax Assessor's office!
June 1st is officially the first day in the tax grievance process.  In Scarsdale, this process lasts until the third Tuesday of the month, which this year falls on June 15th. That officially gives all property owners exactly 15 days to file their applications, with completed paperwork.
If you think you might be over assessed, it might be well worth your time to investigate the possibility in having a case, and you have only two weeks left to … (0 comments)

rose marinaccio: Living in Suburbia - 05/04/10 08:04 AM

Springtime in Scarsdale, yeah it's finally here! The beautiful weather is out which means that it's time to think about Landscaping.
Homes that are coming onto the market are especially concerned with making sure they have great curb appeal. Nothing can dazzle and attract a buyer like colorful flowers.
Who can turn away the idea of buying a house with perfect tulips, bushy hydrangea's, and a blossoming Cherry Tree?
Newcomers who have recently moved to Scarsdale and Edgemont from the more urban areas, like New York City, might be surprised by the amount work and expense it takes to maintain a … (0 comments)

rose marinaccio: Solar Power in Scarsdale? Going Green and Saving Green- Part 2 - 04/27/10 07:34 AM
Most people are aware that solar panels can produce electricity for homes, but there is still a great deal of confusion about how it works.
There is also a lack of education regarding the tremendous government incentives which are now available to homeowners.
When solar panels are installed on a home, you are not "off the grid." Your home is still connected to the power company; you are just drawing less power from the grid and replacing the conventional electricity with power produced at home.
Think of it as a system of debits and credits. On a bright sunny day, the … (0 comments)

rose marinaccio: Scarsdale High School Carnival - 04/20/10 04:25 AM

The annual Scarsdale High School carnival included fun, rides and lots of great food! There were great adventures for the whole family. And it was certainly one of the best ways to donate to charity.
Mr. Neil Ginsberg, a teacher at Scarsdale High School, has ten years of overseeing the carnival. While it's the much-anticipated opening day of the carnival his students look forward to, he most enjoys the roller-coaster of work in the weeks beforehand.
"I love how the kids get so involved in their club stuff and their class stuff, they really work hard to make their booths … (0 comments)

rose marinaccio: Are Bidding Wars Back? - 04/16/10 09:33 AM

Bidding wars -two words that are music to a seller's ears. Once thought to be a relic of the real estate boom, "bidding wars" have started reappearing, especially in the Scarsdale area.
In the past, these bidding battles were knock-em-dead-punches made by buyers who had barely made it into the driveway of a home before they were on the phone calling their attorney to draw up the contracts.
Once the recession hit, and banks forgot where their pockets were, bidding wars disappeared faster than magic brownies at a Rolling Stones concert.
Until recently, bidding wars were thought extinct- limited to … (2 comments)

rose marinaccio: The Home Inspection Process for Buyers- What You Should Know - 04/13/10 03:48 AM
You've made an offer on a home you'd like to buy, and it's been accepted. Now what?
Time to schedule a home inspection!
Every buyer wants to make sure the home they purchase doesn't fall down around them the day after they buy it.
A home inspection is an excellent tool for a buyer to help determine not only the condition of the home, but to also foresee any major additional costs that might have otherwise gone unnoticed without the help of a home inspection. Although inspections are not a prediction of future performance, they can pinpoint existing problem areas.
What … (0 comments)

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