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In the state of affairs we are currently in our job has never been harder.  We educate ourselves to no end on how to deliver the best customer service and how to be as knowledgeable as possible in all the different facets of real estate.  Well if you have not added this to your repertoire of thin...
I double-dog dare you to watch a TV news show or spend more than 5 minutes on the web without hearing about the massive "robo-signing" foreclosure scandal that is rapidly encompassing the biggest banks in the country.  Here are 4 things home buyers need to know about this breaking real estate new...
For some of you the halt in foreclosure market is not good news.  Many agents have built their business around selling REO's and foreclosures; and that is great.  Everybody needs to find their "cup of tea" and it's not a bad business in some markets. Nobody could have predicted that these major f...
I was told a statistic yesterday that shocked me.   I couldn't believe it because to me I work the hardest in the 4th quarter of the year.  Buyers and sellers seem to have the most objections during this time and so I find my work a little more strenuous, as if it is not already.  Apparently 95% ...
I consider real estate growth much like childhood to adult growth.  We all start small not knowing what to expect, but we have good parents (hopefully) who show us and teach us the things we don't know.  As we get older we mature (hopefully,  again) and start making our own decisions because we k...
   According to NAR, in today's economy, many factors influence the decision to buy a home - job status, financial resources, and family considerations among them. But one of the most compelling reasons to consider becoming a homeowner in the current market is the affordability factor, which will...

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