blogging: Direct To-the-Point Writing - 03/01/12 10:18 AM
Don’t spend 140 characters teasing a subject on Twitter and then 140 paragraphs before you get to the point when the viewer clicks your link.
I’ve been seeing a lot of links to bloated writing lately. Stop!
Don’t tell jokes, anecdotes, unrelated opinions, etc. before getting to the point. Keep it short and direct to the subject or you’ll loose your viewer.
Make your point first, then you can expand on the subject with the other stuff.
Enough said.

blogging: The First Blogs and Bloggers? - 08/16/11 03:43 AM
Blogs are considered to be a relatively new phenomenon in the last 20 years.  But are they?
In the 1500’s through the 1800’s, Ben Franklin, Samuel Sewell, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine, Adam Smith, and many others published what were called pamphlets – short small booklets with their news, ideas, and opinions (their content) about contemporary affairs.
Sounds like a blog doesn’t it?
There were thousands of these printed. In one reference they have more than 15,000 titles: Pamphlets in American History
How did a reader comment on another person’s pamphlet? They published their own as James Chalmers, a loyalist, did within weeks … (16 comments)

blogging: Marketing and PR 2.1 for Real Estate - 02/19/11 05:16 AM
I was recently asked to speak at a trade association conference held at The Breakers in the Town of Palm Beach.  I used real estate as one of the examples but the presentation works for any industry.
It was a great group and it gave me the chance to explain:
- The current state of marketing and public relations- How to integrate traditional and new media marketing and public relations- How to use content marketing to get more leads, prospects, and sales- Using Brand Journalism to reach customers, stakeholders, influencers, and the press- The new Marketing Mix 2.1- The … (3 comments)

blogging: Create a Brand Blog to Promote Your Products & Services - 02/05/11 05:10 AM
A great “Brand Journalism” strategy is to create a brand blog to promote your offerings.  You can create one for free using
A recent example is one I just launched for one of my clients in the Town of Palm Beach: The French Wine Merchant.
Maurice Amiel, the owner, decided to promote a “Wine of the Week” to help launch his new business.
Newspaper advertising wasn’t working.  Free events were barely getting him business.  So I suggested a brand blog.
It’s a way to quickly offer promotions, publish stories about his high-profile events in this … (1 comments)

blogging: My Blog Post About ActiveRain Just Got Featured on 88.1 WAY-FM Business Network - 03/05/10 08:23 AM
Here's the post:
Blog more! It's good for business!
I recently started participating on a network called ActiveRain. It's for real estate pros and has over 175,000 members. I thought I could help others understand more about marketing and PR since I have a background in that field from IBM, DiVosta Homes, and Pulte Homes.
I wrote a blog post: "How Will Technology Change Real Estate Sales & Marketing in the Future?"
Within 48 hours it took off on the network, with over 2,400 clickthrus and an astonishing 96% clickthru rate. The post was featured by ActiveRain on their homepage and was the #1 … (2 comments)

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