marketing: Are You Using Brand Journalism in Your Marketing Mix? How? - 06/04/13 02:13 AM
Real estate related companies are behind the times in using Brand Journalism even though it's a perfect fit for the marketing effort. 
Character driven stories are the root of not only great stories in any fiction and non-fiction genre; but, they are great to tell the market about people making big life choices - like buying a house.
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marketing: Wealth Gravitates to Wealth. Palm Beach Ranked as Nation’s Top Zip Code - 12/11/11 05:09 AM
Rich people like living around other rich people. The Town of Palm Beach is the top zip code according to the Gadberry Group. The study ranked average income and household net worth.
See the latest news about real estate in the Town of Palm Beach and international buyers in Florida. An example:
> Midtown Palm Beach Home Sells for $4.25 Million
> International Buyers Driving Billion Dollar Real Estate Boom in Miami
> Brazilians Lead Florida Real Estate Boom
> Town of Palm Beach’s Brand in a Digital Age
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marketing: Using News as a Marketing Strategy. Does it Work? - 11/04/11 02:30 AM
Home purchases in the Town of Palm Beach have always had an international flair. It’s a world-class destination.  Town of Palm Beach Property [] is a news and marketing site for sellers in town and for international buyers throughout the world.
It’s no secret that international buyers are purchasing real estate in the United States. [Read Wall Street Journal Report] The trend is continuing. Of the approximately $1.07 trillion in existing-home sales between March 2010 and March 2011, approximate $41 billion dollars-worth were purchased by foreign buyers.
This site has two purposes:
1. Establish as the leading source of information … (0 comments)

marketing: Are You Using Marketing and PR 2.1? - 02/24/11 02:56 AM
Realtors are in the content marketing and publishing business already but may not know it. You can learn more about the current e-marketing & PR landscape and how to do it more efficiently by checking out this Marketing and PR 2.1 presentation.
- The current state of marketing and public relations- How to integrate traditional and new media marketing and public relations- How to use content marketing to get more leads, prospects, and sales- Using Brand Journalism to reach customers, stakeholders, influencers, and the press- The new Marketing Mix 2.1- The importance of measurement and analytics- Customer Relationship Management and … (3 comments)

marketing: BRAND JOURNALISM for Real Estate - 12/11/10 03:52 AM
Have you used Brand Journalism to get attention to your business or attract stakeholders or buyers to the homes you sell or your company?
Brand journalism works for corporate brands, non-profits, products, services, etc.
What is it?
People want information, both good and bad, and they remember it if it’s told to them as a story. 
Using journalism style and story format: straight news, feature stories, or editorial - in any media: web, print, photographs, video (think TV news), animation, audio (think radio news) helps the reader, viewer, and listener learn more about a brand than advertising copy, copywriter driven brochures, … (2 comments)

marketing: Re-Branding & Brand Extension of Your Business - 10/05/10 07:02 AM
I received a question recently from a Realtor friend of mine that owns a successful real estate office.  He wanted to know how he can expand his business by re-branding it outside of his location.  He sent me some new logo examples.
I had to explain to him that branding is more than a logo and/or tagline.  Here's what I sent him so he could better understand re-branding or extending the brand for his business.
There is a process to do branding right.  You can't do this in a vacuum without info.
It includes an analysis (research) phase, creative development phase (logos, … (0 comments)

marketing: Even Old School Homes Can Get a New Face Lift. Old Spice Did! - 07/21/10 03:20 PM
Ever wonder what that old school brand of a home can do on the market today?  That's when you need "hot" home stagers for your real estate.  One contractor in Florida has a program called "Refresh to Sell."  It works!  Fresh marketing style can do it too.
There isn't a brand more old school than Old Spice.  Some fresh creative has made this really old icon, an aftershave my Dad used, become hip.  New packaging, new names, new campaign... is all it took to go VIRAL!
You probably don't remember the lame commercials that Old Spice produced to try and boost their brand … (3 comments)

marketing: Would you turn down free publicity for your website? - 06/14/10 12:21 PM
I'm amazed.  I use a lot of measured channels for marketing and I'm trying out a new one. Recently I asked for quotes from 5 website owners whose sites I was going to feature in a local article called "5 Killer Local Websites Worth Taking a Look."
Only two of the five responded when I asked for quotes about their sites and business. Would you miss out on a chance like that?  I was offering a link to their sites, a quote with their main brand message, name of the person, and their location. One that didn't respond was a real … (7 comments)

marketing: Video Advertising Is About To Change - 05/27/10 02:09 PM
Apple has just surpassed Microsoft as the #1 tech company. Yea!  Some things a real estate marketer should know.  Video is going to change.
Most video on the web is Flash Video.  I like what Flash (from Adobe) has done for the web.  However, Apple doesn’t support Flash.  They only support HTML5 on the iPad.  That means what you produce to market real estate will change – for the better!
The future will not have mom and dad riding around with the newspaper in their lap looking at properties.  They'll have an iPad like device!
To see a cool explanation of the … (9 comments)

marketing: Active Adult Real Estate Marketing & Sales Is More than Location, Location, Location - 05/18/10 05:20 PM
When I was marketing all the Del Webb [the #1 Age-Restricted Active Adult Brand in the U.S.] communities in Florida, our research showed that 50% of the 55+ crowd want to move to the Sun-Belt States and 50% want to retire in-place because of a variety of reasons: local family, friends, part-time work, current medical care, established lifestyle, roots... There is a lot of opportunity to attract the "retire-in-place" buyer if you have the right mix of community, product, price, and amenities.        
Del Webb Dancing Couple in Ocala                           … (2 comments)

marketing: Shoemaker's kids finally have shoes. What do you think? - 04/14/10 02:44 AM
OK. I have to admit it.  For the last couple of weeks I've been somewhat neglecting some of my clients.  Two new ones wanted me to show samples of my work and I usually just send them files. 
But that's time consuming because I have to figure out which files, get them ready and make sure they can fit through the narrow pipe of various email and network systems. 
In the real estate world, everyday you post content about your products.  It's a lot of work for you but it's necessary.
So I stopped long enough to build a portfolio site that includes some … (2 comments)

marketing: My Blog Post About ActiveRain Just Got Featured on 88.1 WAY-FM Business Network - 03/05/10 08:23 AM
Here's the post:
Blog more! It's good for business!
I recently started participating on a network called ActiveRain. It's for real estate pros and has over 175,000 members. I thought I could help others understand more about marketing and PR since I have a background in that field from IBM, DiVosta Homes, and Pulte Homes.
I wrote a blog post: "How Will Technology Change Real Estate Sales & Marketing in the Future?"
Within 48 hours it took off on the network, with over 2,400 clickthrus and an astonishing 96% clickthru rate. The post was featured by ActiveRain on their homepage and was the #1 … (2 comments)

marketing: Newspaper Advertising for Real Estate Over With? - 02/26/10 08:19 AM
I was talking to one of my former employees today and they are using an analytics and measurement system I put in place to measure traffic via 800#, web, and email for all advertising components. 
He said they were getting less than 5% of their traffic from local newspaper.I had already cut 40% of the newspaper advertising before I left.  It was only that high because my boss, the President, came to the dance with newspaper in the 1970's and he was planning on leaving with her. 
So after he got the boot, newspapers tucked under his arm as he left, they cut a … (3 comments)

marketing: 3 Sources to Help You Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing & Advertising - 02/25/10 10:30 AM
I'll bet you want to find out how to get more qualified leads, prospects, clients, and sales? 
I've received a lot of questions in the last couple of weeks about what are the best sources for practical information on marketing - especially online. 
ActiveRain is a good source, especially for real estate.
One of my specialties is to look across industries, find best practices, and test to see if what I learned applies to a particular industry.  This method has helped me introduce new marketing methods and systems for real estate.
There is NO magic bullet for marketing real estate, especially … (3 comments)

marketing: How Will Technology Change Real Estate Sales & Marketing in the Future? - 02/18/10 11:03 AM
My last job in the tech world of IBM (wired) and Motorola (wireless) was future vision marketing manager before I "got off the plane" and applied what I learned about digital marketing and PR in real estate.
We looked out 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years to try and imagine what is possible with wired and wireless technology. Then we would go tell customers about it.
My method involved interviewing patent holding engineers, scientists, marketing gurus, and futurists. 
But one of the most valuable sources I had was from the sales force. They told me what was working and would not work, … (76 comments)

marketing: Super Bowl Commercials Show You Don’t Have to Work on Madison Avenue to Create Ads - 02/16/10 02:40 PM
The best Super Bowl Ads this year were done in-house.
According to the NY Times, "Among those commercials consistently deemed most effective, memorable and talked-about, many were created or suggested by consumers - or produced internally by the sponsors - rather than the work of agency professionals."
How does this relate to you and your real estate marketing efforts?  Stick with me and I'll show you.
I'll never forget having lunch with George Lucas in the 1980's and listening to him tell us that "everyone was going to become a producer" because of desktop multimedia.  He was right.
Desktop media systems … (0 comments)

marketing: The Brand Called "Me" - 02/10/10 01:40 AM
You've been laid-off, down-sized, right-sized, or capsized. Maybe all-of-the-above multiple times.
Your "personal brand" is old, worn, and beaten. So is theirs.
All brands go through tough times. American Airlines has fallen out of favor. Nike took it on the chin. IBM got a big-blue butt whipping for over 10 years. GE and NBC, well - you know.
And your friends, neighbors, and colleagues have been through it too. Will they adapt and move to the next big thing? More importantly, will you?
In a down market, in an economy that is spiraling to the bottom, now is the time … (0 comments)

marketing: 15 Minutes. That’s Your Response Time-Frame for Web Leads - 02/07/10 07:28 AM
When I first joined DiVosta Homes in Florida, they had a rudimentary website. They gathered webleads for their 15 new communities around Florida via email, through the headquarters office, then sent the lead to the sales center, and the VP of Sales had a policy that a person from each sales center had 24 hours to answer each lead.
It sounded reasonable, for last century policy; but, they got poor results in converting those leads to sales.
If the lead happened on a Friday after 5 p.m., the sales person wouldn't get the lead until Monday morning, and then had until Tuesday … (2 comments)

marketing: Writing that Works for You - 02/06/10 03:49 PM
Writing to market your products, services, and relationships is not as easy as you would think.  To be successful, you must answer, by quantitative measurement, these questions honestly:
Is anyone listening?  Are they acting on your words?  Do you get more qualified leads, traffic, sales, or relationships that matter?
I've always written to engage people as simply and personally as possible with the idea that a personal, helpful approach leads to a relationship.
Add ValueThe point is to add value to someone else. Adding value in relationships leads to two-way influence. A sale can come from that relationship - or not. You might get … (7 comments)

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