public relations: Are You Using Brand Journalism in Your Marketing Mix? How? - 06/04/13 02:13 AM
Real estate related companies are behind the times in using Brand Journalism even though it's a perfect fit for the marketing effort. 
Character driven stories are the root of not only great stories in any fiction and non-fiction genre; but, they are great to tell the market about people making big life choices - like buying a house.
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public relations: Does Email and Social Media Marketing Work? - 01/22/12 08:42 AM
Launching a major good event announcement on a Friday evening, one week before Christmas, is one of the worst times and I would never recommend it.  That’s normally when you announce bad news.
However, when an executive committee says do it, there is no choice.  The proposed event keynote speaker just said yes.  It was a major “Get” and the committee didn’t want to wait.
What to do?
The press was barely at work. The public was occupied with other things – office parties, family gatherings, holiday shopping and preparations.
There was no point in sending out a news release.  Email … (5 comments)

public relations: Are You Using Marketing and PR 2.1? - 02/24/11 02:56 AM
Realtors are in the content marketing and publishing business already but may not know it. You can learn more about the current e-marketing & PR landscape and how to do it more efficiently by checking out this Marketing and PR 2.1 presentation.
- The current state of marketing and public relations- How to integrate traditional and new media marketing and public relations- How to use content marketing to get more leads, prospects, and sales- Using Brand Journalism to reach customers, stakeholders, influencers, and the press- The new Marketing Mix 2.1- The importance of measurement and analytics- Customer Relationship Management and … (3 comments)

public relations: BRAND JOURNALISM for Real Estate - 12/11/10 03:52 AM
Have you used Brand Journalism to get attention to your business or attract stakeholders or buyers to the homes you sell or your company?
Brand journalism works for corporate brands, non-profits, products, services, etc.
What is it?
People want information, both good and bad, and they remember it if it’s told to them as a story. 
Using journalism style and story format: straight news, feature stories, or editorial - in any media: web, print, photographs, video (think TV news), animation, audio (think radio news) helps the reader, viewer, and listener learn more about a brand than advertising copy, copywriter driven brochures, … (2 comments)

public relations: Art vs. Results - 05/27/10 02:46 AM
My recent article about "How to Find and Hire a Professional Writer" is directed at copywriting and commercial writing, where the goals are to increase traffic, leads, prospects, brand perception, and sales.  The goal isn't art.  Although we use similar techniques that artist's use, the content that copywriters create must focus on driving results. It may in fact be quite artful, but it may not. A couple of examples:
One of my productions, "Everyday Heroes and Leaders" brings tears to the eyes of the audience quite often - especially the police, fire, and military crowd.  It has an "art" feel to … (4 comments)

public relations: How do you find and hire a professional writer? - 05/20/10 04:59 AM
More and more "writers" are appearing in the market.  They blog, write email, use Twitter, and are rabid Facebook users.  There is no shortage of channels for them to express themselves.  Are these the people you should hire?
According to Technorati, currently there are 133 million blogs indexed since 2002. An average 900 thousand posts on blogs happen every 24 hours. As printed newspapers get skinnier or disappear, more web channels are opening up from publishers, businesses, organizations, and others.
More than 72% of bloggers are classified as hobbyists, meaning that they report no income related to blogging.  Some actually write … (7 comments)

public relations: Active Adult Real Estate Marketing & Sales Is More than Location, Location, Location - 05/18/10 05:20 PM
When I was marketing all the Del Webb [the #1 Age-Restricted Active Adult Brand in the U.S.] communities in Florida, our research showed that 50% of the 55+ crowd want to move to the Sun-Belt States and 50% want to retire in-place because of a variety of reasons: local family, friends, part-time work, current medical care, established lifestyle, roots... There is a lot of opportunity to attract the "retire-in-place" buyer if you have the right mix of community, product, price, and amenities.        
Del Webb Dancing Couple in Ocala                           … (2 comments)

public relations: Shoemaker's kids finally have shoes. What do you think? - 04/14/10 02:44 AM
OK. I have to admit it.  For the last couple of weeks I've been somewhat neglecting some of my clients.  Two new ones wanted me to show samples of my work and I usually just send them files. 
But that's time consuming because I have to figure out which files, get them ready and make sure they can fit through the narrow pipe of various email and network systems. 
In the real estate world, everyday you post content about your products.  It's a lot of work for you but it's necessary.
So I stopped long enough to build a portfolio site that includes some … (2 comments)

public relations: Use Interesting Places, People, and Situations to Attract Attention to a Product or Service - 03/17/10 07:59 AM
A great way to get attention to your business and service is by writing and producing feature stories for the web, print, and TV that show your products or services in a unique place or situation, or used by a unique person or organization. The uniqueness attracts attention and the payoff is showing how the product or brand would work for anyone.
Uniqueness also helps with pitching the story to the media and makes them more likely to pick it up or run with it.  The media usually won't run a story on a house for sale, a mortgage product, or a real estate business unless … (0 comments)

public relations: 3 Sources to Help You Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing & Advertising - 02/25/10 10:30 AM
I'll bet you want to find out how to get more qualified leads, prospects, clients, and sales? 
I've received a lot of questions in the last couple of weeks about what are the best sources for practical information on marketing - especially online. 
ActiveRain is a good source, especially for real estate.
One of my specialties is to look across industries, find best practices, and test to see if what I learned applies to a particular industry.  This method has helped me introduce new marketing methods and systems for real estate.
There is NO magic bullet for marketing real estate, especially … (3 comments)

public relations: Writing that Works for You - 02/06/10 03:49 PM
Writing to market your products, services, and relationships is not as easy as you would think.  To be successful, you must answer, by quantitative measurement, these questions honestly:
Is anyone listening?  Are they acting on your words?  Do you get more qualified leads, traffic, sales, or relationships that matter?
I've always written to engage people as simply and personally as possible with the idea that a personal, helpful approach leads to a relationship.
Add ValueThe point is to add value to someone else. Adding value in relationships leads to two-way influence. A sale can come from that relationship - or not. You might get … (7 comments)

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