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Bill has brought up an important point.  Illness is very common with poor water.  If you have small children that always seam to have a stomach ache...don't blow it off if you have a well.  TEST IT!This is something that many people don't think of doing, especially those with a shallow well.   Co...
For those that do pump their systems like you are supposed to...consider this information...Many people don't realize that if you have a private septic, that you need to pump the tank every2-3 years.  In fact, many counties here in Minnesota now require proof that you did. Spring is one of the be...
Morning everyone...It is the 16th of april and I can breath now that the tax deadline is done.  I always wonder why so many people wait to come to me to do their taxes until the last week. Here is a cute story that one of my clients shared...hope you enjoy... Two old Jewish men, Sid and Al, we si...
This is a new venture for our State.  We all need to check this out a bit closer.  Thanks for the heads up BillPlastic Recovery Technologies...REMEMBER THAT NAME !!  Located in Wyoming Minnesota, they are the only place in Minnesota that recycles vinyl siding.  This firm worked for over 5 years d...

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