fun stuff: Sometimes it is hard to concentrate... - 04/30/14 11:47 PM

Bill Feela has come up with a great exercise.  His blog talks about concentrating and being successful.
While his exercise doesn't quite fit his blog it still is fun to do.
Try it.  Then let Bill know if you are able to do this.
Then take and check a few more of Bill's blogs out.
It has been said that concentration is key to success.
I can not dispute that.
I just sometimes have a problem achieving it.
Do you have that problem?
Have you ever tried to find out if you did.
Sometimes concentration is hard because of stress.
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fun stuff: Tomato Juice anyone? - 04/26/12 06:01 AM
I was sent this photo.  I don't know where it came from but it is very cure.
First off, the kids most likely had no idea of what they had.
Can you imagine them calling out...

Ahhh, yes.  To be young and innocent.