taxes: 4 days left. - 04/11/14 03:08 AM
I am working 18+ hours a day trying to keep up with doing taxes before the deadline.
Callers are getting upset because I tell them I can't be sure I can get them done at this point.
I know I am not the only one at this point like that.
4 more days and I will take a break for at least a couple of days.
On the 15th, I will be doing extensions, but only if I have your information by the 14th.

taxes: Tax day is close by... - 04/07/14 07:11 AM
Said it before, but tax day is only 8 days away.
It has been a busy year.
Many people have taken my advice and filed extensions early.
Time is running out and myself and others only have so much time to work.
If you have not called for an it NOW!
Penalties and interest will kill you.

taxes: One Month to file your taxes... - 03/13/14 03:59 AM
You have just a month to file your taxes.
Accountants get real busy this time of the year.
But, there is a whole group that will wait until the end to file an extension.
If you know you are going to  need an it now! Get it out of the way while we have enough time to work on them.
Postman is coming down the road is NOT enough time to get the extension ready.

taxes: Get a jump on your refund. - 01/23/14 02:35 AM
If you need or want your refund fast, it is time to get your taxes made out.
Calls are coming in fastand I have been busy already.
Also, the more refunds that get filed the slower it will be for you to receive your refund.
Don't wait!  Make your appointment now!

taxes: When should you think abouut your 2013 taxes? - 03/22/13 03:49 AM
I see people all the time that say...I wish I woulda...
When you are prepareing this years taxes...start thinking about next years.
Capital improvments are a big one.  Which ones are needed and which ones are just right for the timing.
The best time to save on your tax Bill for next year is TODAY!!!

taxes: Less than 30 days to file your taxes. - 03/19/13 12:34 AM
As always, I am starting to see a rush of people working on filing their taxes.
There are two busy times.  The first are those who know they will get money back and file ASAP.
The second will be right after April 1st.  Not many opening in my schedule for the late comers and it is like that for most tax preparer's.
Do yourself a favor and file early.
Even if you think you need to file an extension...get it done early!  You can wait to send in the check and the forms until the last day, but don't wait … (4 comments)

taxes: Is a Family member giving you a gift to use for your Business? - 11/26/12 07:24 AM
This can be a good thing, but remember..all business items that YOU buy for your everyday business needs are deductible.
So, you may want to consider getting the receipt (if the person will part with it).  The deduction is always a good thing to have.
Also...having the receipt is a good thing if something goes wrong in a short time.
Either way...this is something to consider!  It is sorta like double dipping.

taxes: The Time is coming... - 07/26/12 04:30 AM
It has been a really nice year in many areas. 
Although we have been plagued by drought and wild fires, it has been a nice summer.
But, the time is coming for those who filed extensions for their taxes.  Every year, I get several that wait until the last couple of days to come to me.
For those who filed extensions with me in April, they will be getting a card in the mail in the next few days.
Don't become a statistic.  File your returns now!

taxes: Can you Post Date my extension? - 04/19/12 08:11 AM
I got this question asked me and I nearly fell on the floor.
"I forgot to file for an extension and now I am late.  Can you back date one for me?"
"NO".  The IRS goes by POST MARK.
With all the warnings the news had opn this, (You would have thought they were covering a disaster)  This person Forgot.
Well, after the possible penalty they get, they will remember next year.


taxes: A Day Off! - 04/18/12 02:22 AM
After working for 4 weeks 7 days a week, on tax returns...I am taking a day off.
But, it will only be for one day.  There are some last minute people who have refunds coming that want their returns done now!
I am not is Job security. 
But for today...the day belongs to me!  Now, just to find a place to hide where no one will find me.

taxes: Tax Deadling is fast approaching. - 04/09/12 11:48 PM
It is the same every year.  I will have someone walk into my office and want their returns done in a day.
Right now I am almost 4 days behind. If you have a longer return, I am already planning on the extensions. 
Extensions cost money to do  It is good for my business, but harder on my clients pocket books.  Still looking to file on time.  Call me or call you current preparer and make an appointment.
Tomorrow may be to late!

taxes: April 16th...Tax Day, is approaching fast! - 03/20/12 02:21 AM
Time is flying by.  many people here in Minnesota are preoccupied with the great weather.
Time to get ourselves back on track.  In about a week or so, I will be so busy, like most accountants, that I will not be able to get your taxes done before the due date.
If you don't have a date to get your taxes prepared, make one NOW!   It will also give you some motivation to get on it before it is the night before.


taxes: Tax Tips for lost Receipts. - 02/23/12 09:04 AM
For some of the lost receipts that you can't find, try this.
Call the vendor and ask for a copy.
The phone companies will give you the info right over the phone.
So will Cell phone providers.
Medical and pharmacies will give you a printout for the year.
Credit card interest will be on your last statement. 
Banks will give you the amount of your mortgage interest if you just ask.
Many receipts can be reproduced if you ask the vendor. 
You could always just guess, but you could be wrong and guess low.  A few quick phone calls … (5 comments)

taxes: Avoid the Rush and Avoid the Mistakes. - 01/16/12 04:06 AM
Now it the best time to get on your tax return.  Tax prepares like myself are not busy yet and so have plenty of time to go over your return.
Most of you also are not overly busy so it is a great way to fill the slack time productively.
I know, many of you are saying that you don't want to pay in before you have to.  But, having your taxes prepared now does not mean you have to send them in until the April 15th deadline.
Save yourself the stress and possible mistakes by getting this unpopular task done … (10 comments)

taxes: ASK Your Accountant!!! - 03/02/11 07:59 AM
If you are like many other people, you  are working on your taxes. 
The one thing that people fail to do when meeting with the preparer is ASK QUESTIONS!
The 'Legal' deductions change all the time and you need to know about what to expect in the coming year as to what is deductible and at what rate ect.
Failing to do this could cause you to buy Uncle Sam a nice night out!