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I am an innovative real estate Broker looking to provide useful and practical services for real estate professionals, buyers and sellers alike. The Internet has changed the way we do business and my hope is to be a trailblazer in bringing forth the next wave of change that will empower brokers and agents to raise the bar in the level service they provide to their customers, while simultaneously enabling buyers and sellers to get the most out of working with real estate professionals.
If you mention the words 'short sale' to most home buyers you better get ready to start hearing horror stories. Short sales really get a bad rap, but in reality create a great investment opportunity for home buyers, if thier willing to take advantage of what I like to call "patience equity". 
As the Real Estate Market continues to heat up, Dorchester is beginning to see the emergence of new construction condos and quality housing opportunities. Two of the more recent developments areHarrison View and The Lofts at Lower Mills.  While Dorchester may have a reputation for being “a rough ...
Dorchester Real Estate Market Continues to perform well through the end of the third quater in 2013. 2 vs 2013. Median Values are up 10%, Average values are up 1% and the volume is up 10%. Things are looking up! Robert Nichols | Boston Trust Realty Group | | 617-674-2077
The Boston Condo Market is HOT! For September 2013 The Median value is up 10%, Average Value is up 15% and sales volume is up 18%. As a buyer, now is the time to start looking. 
The Roxbury Real Estate Market is Hot thanks to a $115 Million dollar investment from the City of Boston. Private investors have begun to follow suit and values have begun to skyrocket.
Did you know that Generation X and Y will acoount for nearly 60% of home buyers in 2013? According to the NAR ( National Association of Realtors) Generation X accounted for 31% of home buyers while Generation Y accounted for 28%.  Together, these two groups currently account for the largest perce...
According to a recent study, text messages (SMS) have over a 99% open rate. What's even more shocking is that over 90% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes of being received. When I read this data, I was floored! Now compare this with email. Based on the best estimates, email mark...
Over the years, numerous clients have told me that they enjoy working me because of my approach when working with them. Simply put, they like that fact that I don't push them, and spend time educating them about the buying the process and market conditions. Clients have said things like, "I enjoy...
The Boston Real Estate Market is really heating up and and the tide has shifted from a from a buyers market to a sellers market. If you want to purchase a home this spring you have to move swiftly and commit to making strong offers. Otherwise you may end up missing out this spring!
If you are looking to purchase a home this Spring, be prepared to act quickly and have all your financials in order. With inventories near historic lows around the country, the competition will be fierce and there will be bidding wars! Successful buyers will be defined by speed and preparation. ...

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