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  Mortgage by Randy monthly update to our clients, colleagues, family & friends By: Randy Mitchelson, May 2012 ====================================================================================   In Issue 50 We Touch On:   Bank Of America Sues Itself Rent Counts Toward Credit Score Fresh Help ...
  In Part 3 of this series about whether it is cheaper to rent versus purchase a home, the costs of maintaining a home are examined. Renters! We Have A Question For You   With historically low interest rates expected to continue for at least 12-18 months, how long do you need to save money to bu...
Relocating ain’t cheap. You either have to absorb the time to do it yourself or hire a professional to ensure it gets done right.   In Part 1 of Baker’s Dozen Money Sucking Homeownership Costs, you learned the first 4 budget items you must plan for and be prepared to pay at or before closing. The...
  After years of home price declines and increased demand for rentals, homeownership is now more affordable than what you can rent a house for in 98 out of 100 major metro markets. It is now cheaper to purchase a home compared to renting, according to a new report from real estate listing site T...
Here’s something you might not know about a work at home business such as a real estate or mortgage professional: There are a lot of powerful, free online tools that make running your business easier. DailyDollar Poll   Have you had a business idea on hold because it was too hard to get a small s...
"Inside Baseball - IT" - How Technology has Revolutionized America's Pastime We still cheer for the hits and boo the umps --- but we seldom think about how, behind the scenes, baseball today is driven by technologies that determine who will play and how they’re trained. Baseball fans and technolo...
Real estate and mortgage transactions only happen a handful of times in the life of most clients.  How do you stay in touch and add value to those clients inbetween transactions? There could be many years that transpire inbetween deals where you want to be top of mind with your book of business ...


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Strategic tips, news and tactics that will help you attract more quality leads for your business and protect your pocketbook.