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  Mortgage by Randy monthly update to our clients, colleagues, family & friends By: Randy Mitchelson, August 2012 ====================================================================================   In Issue 53 We Touch On:   Uncle Sam Seeks Your Comments Get Your Free Credit Score Good News Ab...
As a licensed mortgage broker, one of the most important questions I get to ask my clients is “how long do you plan on owning this property?”. Sounds innocent enough, but there are huge implications to what I recommend to clients based on their answer. Renters! We Have A Question For You…   With ...
7 Tips To Reduce Home Business Insurance Costs Yesterday’s DailyDollar was about having the right insurance protection if you do anything to earn extra income from home. For example, if you have customers come to your home for massage or acupuncture therapy, there are affordable insurance options...
Unbelievably, mortgage interest rates continue to trickle lower in recent weeks. Stability concerns in Europe, notably Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal, continue to cause investors to invest in “safer” U.S. backed securities. So why aren’t for people flooding the housing and mortgage market to b...
Most people are familiar with Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) coverage for their personal bank accounts. If not, read the brief DailyDollar post What Does FDIC Insurance Mean? and you’ll be an expert in less than a minute. What if you have your own business (either full time or part ...
Marriage makes you think about big decisions. I recently traveled to Upstate New York to participate in my younger brother’s wedding ceremony. No matter how long or short, the exchange of marriage vows is a significant moment that reminds everyone present about commitment. One of the biggest lif...
I am asking my fellow ActiveRainers to VOTE both Saturday and Sunday for my latest article "Why The American Dream Became A Nightmare"  The article is a Finalist in a competition called the Personal Finance Olympics and it is currently ranking #3 and trending strong. Bronze is nice but I am going...
Are all the golden rules of personal finance valid anymore? Americans still feel the lingering effects of the economic crisis that began in 2008. Millions of homes have been lost to foreclosure, consumers have defaulted on credit card, line of credit and other types of debt, credit scores have p...


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Strategic tips, news and tactics that will help you attract more quality leads for your business and protect your pocketbook.