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You may have noticed a new type of notification is popping up on Facebook, saying: “_____ is now live.”“Someone is live?” You squint, your face scrunched in confusion as you try to decipher what, why, and how.That’s right! Facebook has added an exciting new feature called Facebook Live that allow...
Print marketing and media may have given up some of its space in the ring to digital media, but it’s still one of the most powerful mediums. The digital sphere has carved a new path into business, but instead of forgetting all about print; let it grow your business for you. Businesses of every si...
Curb appeal is a hot button for real estate agents, both on the buy side and the sell side.At iPartnerMedia, we like to say that first impressions are made at first click.In the reas estate world, homebuyers make first impressions on a property the moment they pull up and see the condition of the...
One of the services our team at iPartnerMedia offers its clients is content marketing which is a key strategy to an overall search engine optimization campaign.  Once content is created it needs to be syndicated (e.g., shared, distributed) and we do that in a number of ways include email newslett...
I am proud to share with you that iPartnerMedia has committed to supporting athletics and the construction of the Suncoast Credit Union Arena at Florida SouthWestern State College (FSW) with a gift of $50,000.  The gift provides $25,000 in assistance for getting athletics and the arena off the gr...
Follow along with this video tutorial that my colleague Albert Arguelles put together where he reviews 3 crucial reasons behind the importance of aggregating customer testimonials within your digital footprint.  2016 has been declared the year of the customer reviews.              At iPartnerMedi...
Follow along with this video tutorial that my colleague Albert Arguelles put together where he reviews the quick, easy verification process that will increase your business' credibility and visibility on Facebook.Follow iParterMedia on social media to get our free news and tips via our iMpact vid...

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