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Strategic tips, news and tactics that will help you attract more quality leads for your business and protect your pocketbook.



The Southwest Florida Chapter of FPRA invites you to the 2016 Annual Media Breakfast "How Mobile Technology is Revolutionizing the Media" on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. This event is perfect for communications, public relations, marketing professionals and anyone wanting to...
 Secret Ingredient to anExperience of a LifetimePresented by PLAN! - Professional Leadership Academy Network - May 31 Do you like to travel?  Does your business attract tourists seeking unique experiences? Virtuoso travel advisor Theresa Tyo, owner, Camelot Journeys, will point out a few key reas...
What would you do if you could recover $300 or more per month of your expenses? Add to your retirement? Build a vacation fund? Enhance your wardrobe?No matter what your money vice may be, the first step is evaluating all the financial leaks in your life. Mark Cangiano, president, Lane Financial G...
Facebook has grown to over 1.5 Billion (with a B) users worldwide and their platform is being continually enhanced to create more fun and engaging experiences for users to connect and share their life with family, friends, the world. The critical mass that is Facebook must not be ignored by busi...
You’ve likely heard that people buy from people they trust. But is there scientific data to back this statement up? Carolie Burroughs, CFA and founder, West End Avenue Advisors will explore the psychological effects of trust and how salespeople can trigger the neurochemical messengers in customer...
Do you think modern web designs aren’t a priority? Think again! We’re making more impressions through a computer or mobile screen than we are in person these days. This dramatic shift toward digital browsing has pinned your website as one of your company’s primary first impressions, which means t...
Power of Relationships:Building a Referral Based BusinessPresented by PLAN!(Professional Leadership Academy Network)May 10, 2016The lifeblood of any sales system is referrals and leads. Who can’t use more? If you do not, then take a week off from PLAN! and enjoy a morning at the beach.For the res...
Safe. Secure. They are both key words individuals look for when seeking website security, but what does that even look like on the Internet today? In America, most businesses have a website that serves as the hub of their marketing ventures. It’s the digital billboard and brochure that allows the...


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Strategic tips, news and tactics that will help you attract more quality leads for your business and protect your pocketbook.