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With so many financial advisors, insurance specialists, stock pickers, retirement planners, estate planners, bank professionals, mortgage brokers and other personal finance experts in the marketplace, how can one person possibly piece together a cohesive strategy that makes all these pieces work ...
Saw this article in the South Florida Business Journal and wanted to share you since millennials are the largest segment of the U.S. population and are the key driver of all home sales for the foreseeable future.SunTrust survey finds surprising trends in millennial home-buying preferences.It is n...
Mastering the Art of Agreement -  Presented Aug 30 by PLAN! - Professional Leadership Academy Network Do opposites really attract?  Research says NO!  People gravitate to like-minded people.  They surround themselves with those that agree with them.  Without agreement, nothing would ever get acco...
When you sit at your desk with your first (or second!) cup of coffee in the morning, the first tab you open is most likely your email. While you blink the last remnants of sleep from your eyes, stretch, and get ready for the day, you scroll through work, personal, and promotional emails. You can ...

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