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There is only one reason to own a business and that is to sell it to a third-party, employees or your children. Eric Gall, managing partner, Edison Avenue, covers ten strategies you can implement beginning today to maximize the value before you exit.Eric’s tips are perfect for any entrepreneur wh...
Drs. Drew and Kanema Clark will host CowBoy Up Festival in Bonita Springs, Florida on Saturday October 15 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. CowBoy Up is a Family Fun Day brought to you by Arc of Life Family Spinal Care benefiting the Naples Equestrian Challenge.Come and enjoy free food, games & fun! Everyone...
Promoting events on social media is no longer just a convenient option. It is a minimum expectation of the traditional print media and the sooner you adopt this best practice the better your chances of having your events taken seriously.Another best practice is that news releases should include l...
Facebook Advertising is not the mysterious world you may imagine it to be. Since Facebook announced its advertising platform, it has undergone shifts and swells to make it more applicable and manageable than ever before. However, many small businesses are still afraid to take the plunge into soci...
Dominating Your Niche OnlinePresented Sept 20 by PLAN! - Professional Leadership Academy NetworkWhat is content marketing and why is it so important? Learn how Ray Higdon embraced this new marketing trend to lift himself out of personal financial crisis after the real estate crash and started lea...
Just when you’re getting used to social media being a major part of a digital marketing plan, the platforms change and the trends change. Ask a centennial about Facebook and they’ll tell you Facebook ain’t cool no more. Big brands have taken notice and small businesses need to follow suit. Fresh ...

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