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Facebook Hypertargeting - A SWFL Case StudyPresented Jan 31 at PLAN! Professional Leadership Academy NetworkAdvertising’s aim is to connect with its target audience in the places they frequent most. So is it any surprise that Facebook is one of the leading “billboards” in digital advertising? Bus...
Opportunities to contribute expertise to writers for their articles arise regularly. In this case some of my thoughts were selected for an article published at about best practices for researching and selecting a website designer.  You can read the complete article "8 tips for hiring a We...
Change is constant. You often have no control of change. So why do organizations and people sometimes struggle with change management? Attend PLAN! This week to see  Erica Castner, Business Coach and iHeartRadio Host who will address this subject.Attendees will learn about: -3 ways to be more pro...
One of the benefits of attending Professional Leadership Academy Network (PLAN!) each Tuesday morning (@JoinPLANswfl) is I learn new things from other professionals.  This communal sharing of tips and strategies is selfless and helps all of us grow.One of our members is Colleen Jorgensen, mobile ...

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