direct mail: Is Direct Mail Effective? If I Had a Dime For every Time I was Asked - 01/24/19 01:44 PM
Is direct mail effective? If I had a dime for every time I was asked, I could enjoy a nice dinner out with my wife.  
Despite the proliferation of digital marketing, people still adhere to their daily ritual of walking to their mailbox, examining every single piece of mail before decisioning whether to keep or toss.
Either way, your message is guaranteed to be seen.
Direct mail is most effective when it is a consistent part of an overall ongoing marketing program.  This way you are getting your brand and message into the mailbox 6-12 times per year.
One-off mailers are ok … (3 comments)

direct mail: iPartnerMedia Acquires Bonita Print Shop - 11/07/18 07:41 AM
iPartnerMedia Acquires Bonita Print Shop
Combined firms offer expanded integrated digital and print marketing solutions
Bonita Springs, Fla. (November 5, 2018) - iPartnerMedia (iPM), a digital marketing agency and Google Partner has acquired Bonita Print Shop, an award winning printing company that has been serving Southwest Florida for more than 35 years. Operations of both firms have been consolidated at 28200 Old 41 Rd, Unit 206 in Bonita Springs. The combined firms offer professional graphic design and development of websites and execution of strategies to boost website traffic such as pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, business printing and direct mail … (0 comments)

direct mail: My Remarks from Get Connected Chamber Event - 06/20/17 10:20 AM
As a sponsor of the annual Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce Get Connected luncheon, I had the opportunity to address the audience.  Following are my remarks including a short personal story and one thing that makes me most proud of the work we do at iPartnerMedia.  
If you are in southwest Florida and have not experienced an event with the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce, you are welcome to be my guest at an upcoming breakfast, lunch or after hours social.
My Remarks from Get Connected Chamber Event
Raise your hand if this is your first chamber event.
This is my 4th … (0 comments)

direct mail: 2 direct mail best practices we always advise our clients - 06/04/17 07:48 PM
When it comes to direct mail marketing, there are two best practices we always advise our clients of:
1. Be Consistent
To be effective, direct mail requires consistency. One and done campaigns have a high failure rate. Businesses should commit to at least monthly drops targeted either via a data list they purchase or already own or via the U.S. Postal Service's Every Door Direct Mail routes which allow for targeting by specific postal route.
2. Design Strategically
When running an ongoing direct mail campaign, businesses can save money on design and print and postage costs by mailing oversized postcards that have consistent branding … (2 comments)

direct mail: Value-Added Service You Should Offer Your Clients Now - 03/22/16 01:08 PM

They may not realize it but your clients have the option of reducing the amount of direct mailadvertisements they receive. In addition, there is a process for registering the deceased to stop direct mail from being sent to them.  As a trusted advisor, real estate, mortage, credit and title professionals can provide this information as a value-added service.
Here's what to do...
1) Contact the Direct Marketing Association
2) Tell them you do not want to receive unsolicited mail at your address. List all names that apply to the request including names of people who may be deceased.
The DMA website also will offer a way for caretakers … (3 comments)

direct mail: 3 Tips to Give Your Print Marketing More Punch - 02/24/16 11:32 PM
Print marketing and media may have given up some of its space in the ring to digital media, but it’s still one of the most powerful mediums. The digital sphere has carved a new path into business, but instead of forgetting all about print; let it grow your business for you. Businesses of every size is turning to traditional print media to get creative and ease past the competition. Water your economic garden and let the vines extend and grow your business.
1. Time to Bulk UpPrint is the most tangible and trustworthy sources of media. While it may not seem as … (2 comments)

direct mail: 4 Reasons Direct Mail is Still a Relevant Marketing Strategy - 05/25/15 03:22 AM
Direct mail marketing gets a bad reputation from real estate professionals and other business services because they have a hard time quantifying the return on investment from the campaign.
Is this the fault of direct mail or is there a deeper problem at hand?
4 Reasons Direct Mail is Still a Relevant Marketing Strategy
First, let's agree on the facts:
1)Going to the mailbox is still a daily event. Rarely do people let mail stack up in their box.
2)The daily ritual of grabbing what's in the mailbox is a treasure hunt that releases endorphins. Many people look forward to their daily delivery.
3)People examine each piece … (12 comments)

direct mail: What Do People Do When They Learn About You? The Answer Lies Within - 06/08/14 04:56 AM

Your business cards are being distributed. You run ads in newspapers and local or industry related magazines. You mail postcards to a targeted list or via Every Door Direct Mail. You send thank you notes to people you have good conversations with at networking events. Yes, your name is getting out there. Great job! 

What Do People Do When They Learn About You?
Don't think too hard on this one! People use Google or the search engine of their choice to look you up. An internet search is the modern day background check. You get one shot to make an impression when … (10 comments)

direct mail: 5 Things Your Real Estate Website Must Have To Be Competitive in 2014 - 03/18/14 02:55 PM
Most real estate professionals have a website. However, many were built several years ago and have not been overhauled in a while. If you find yourself in this category Google may be penalizing you from achieving better organic search rankings. Here are 5 must-haves for your website in 2014 to be competitive:
1.Mobile Responsiveness
Your website must automatically adjust to fit different screen sizes for tablets and smart phones. Click to call is a must. Thumb friendly drop down menus too. Just because your site shows up on a mobile devices does NOT mean it is responsive. Google has publicly stated that … (4 comments)

direct mail: Realtors - Please Share Your Opinion and Input - It Is Important To Me - 03/10/14 09:17 PM
I have been asked by a Real Estate investment Group to put together an affordable "bundle" of website design and monthly online marketing services that can be offered to real estate agents.
I know I can hit a home run with this but I am not so vain that I won't ask for your input. 
The bundle will include:
-custom website design and hosting
We will design and host a website that the agent can be proud of. In the case of a broker house, we will design the agency website and then provide for individual websites for each Realtor within the group. The … (5 comments)

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