facebook: Google Accelerates Death of Google+ - 01/22/19 08:15 AM
In October 2018 Google announced it will be sunsetting Google+. The decision has likely been in the works for a long time.
But the specific timing of the announcement is a response to a Wall Street Journal story detailing a security vulnerability that would have allowed hundreds of apps to access the personal account information of Google+ users.
Recently, Google revised their plan to accelerate the shut down.
The sunset is now scheduled to take place in April 2019, and over the coming months Google will provide users with information to help them migrate off of G+. Here's one of Google's announcements:

Many business … (11 comments)

facebook: Describe Your Golf Game in a Movie Title - 06/22/18 12:20 PM
My golf community where I live, Bonita National, recently asked their Facebook followers to describe their golf game in a movie title. The social media post earned a good amount of engagement and several creative responses.
From a marketing perspective this post is a good example of how to drive engagement on a social media platform.  
You will likely get a chuckle from some of these and I think some respondents did a play on words to get their movie title to fit.  You're welcome to share them any golf community you have a connection with.  

If you have your own movie title … (2 comments)

facebook: Look at the Award our Team Just Won! - 10/13/17 06:37 PM
iPartnerMedia was named 2017 Startup of the Year by the Lee County (Fla.) Economic Development Office, Horizon Council and Horizon Foundation. The honor is awarded to a company founded in Lee County in the last 3-5 years that has demonstrated continued growth both financially and staffing since start-up while leading and overcoming challenges. See more celebratory pictures on our Facebook page and be sure to Like our page to receive marketing tips and creative ideas to help you grow your business.


facebook: Don't Waste Your Money on Facebook - Here's Why - 06/26/17 09:03 PM
One important trend that businesses should be aware of has to do with marketing on the Facebook platform.
For years, businesses have been investing time and money diligentyl posting lots of content through either in-house marketing or other staff or outsourcing to a professional digital marketing company like iPartnerMedia.
Believe it or not we are advising our clients to stop wasting their money only doing posts.
Although that was a viable tactic for many years, there are new rules at play in this game to capture the attention of your audience.
Facebook has adjusted its newsfeed algorithm to … (2 comments)

facebook: My Remarks from Get Connected Chamber Event - 06/20/17 10:20 AM
As a sponsor of the annual Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce Get Connected luncheon, I had the opportunity to address the audience.  Following are my remarks including a short personal story and one thing that makes me most proud of the work we do at iPartnerMedia.  
If you are in southwest Florida and have not experienced an event with the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce, you are welcome to be my guest at an upcoming breakfast, lunch or after hours social.
My Remarks from Get Connected Chamber Event
Raise your hand if this is your first chamber event.
This is my 4th … (0 comments)

facebook: Tips on Posting Social Media Content that Drives Engagement - 04/11/17 08:59 PM
I am lucky to be surrounded by a lot of creative talent everyday.
An important part foundation to our culture at iPartnerMedia is to be educators on marketing topics and be available to help business professionals on an individual basis or conduct workshops for groups.  
Recently, I asked my colleague Rachel Perez, social media strategist, to share some tips for posting social media content that drives engagement.

1. How do you curate content for social media pages? What are your favorite sources and tactics to finding the best content?
Social media is all about here and now. When creating posts on social media, … (7 comments)

iPartnerMedia Selected to Produce a Digital Marketing Workshop
Recently, iPartnerMedia was selected to produce a digital marketing workshop for Kinetico Water Systems dealers at their national conference in Reno, Nevada, February 6th-8th.
iPartnerMedia said yes, and Vice Presidents Albert Arguelles and Randy Mitchelson, APR packed their bags, rolled up our marketing materials, and took to the skies in order to share their expertise.
The workshop brought together Kinetico Water Systems dealers from all across the country to participate in a five-hour workshop about Digital Marketing and various platforms that can be used to generate new leads.
Topics included the ins and outs of … (2 comments)

facebook: Facebook Hypertargeting - A SWFL Case Study - 01/27/17 11:35 AM
Facebook Hypertargeting - A SWFL Case Study
Presented Jan 31 at PLAN!
Professional Leadership Academy Network
Advertising’s aim is to connect with its target audience in the places they frequent most. So is it any surprise that Facebook is one of the leading “billboards” in digital advertising?
Businesses are realizing strong ROI on their Facebook ads thanks to the social media platform’s remarkably accurate targeting tools.  
In this case study review, Randy Mitchelson, APR, vice president at iPartnerMedia will share how one southwest Florida home services company has lowered their cost per acquisition and shifted ad dollars from television to Facebook.
The event host … (2 comments)

facebook: Is Your Business Card Breaking the Law? - 10/28/16 04:50 AM
There is no shotage of laws and regulations that mortgage, real estate and  related professionals must follow. However, some rules may not be so obvious.
For example, did you know it's possible that your business card is breaking the law?
A business card is considered by federal mortgage law to be a form of advertising. As such there are rules that must be followed to stay compliant.
1. Your name on your business card must match EXACTLY as how it is listed on your license. For example, my nortgage license says Randall Mitchelson but most people know me by Randy which is on my … (4 comments)

facebook: How to Promote an Event On Social Media - 09/25/16 01:22 PM
Promoting events on social media is no longer just a convenient option.
It is a minimum expectation of the traditional print media and the sooner you adopt this best practice the better your chances of having your events taken seriously.
Another best practice is that news releases should include links to related social media pages and images.
In this session, master networker Steve Bray, sales and marketing manager, DryZone/H2O911, will demonstrate how to quickly promote events across multiple social media channels using the PLAN! model.
             Steve Bray                   … (0 comments)

facebook: Understanding Facebook Advertising for your Small Business - 09/25/16 12:24 PM
Facebook Advertising is not the mysterious world you may imagine it to be. Since Facebook announced its advertising platform, it has undergone shifts and swells to make it more applicable and manageable than ever before. However, many small businesses are still afraid to take the plunge into social media advertising.
Now is the time to find your courage.
You may have noticed a decline in activity on your company’s Facebook page. This decline is the result of a new algorithm change that is affecting your audience reach. Since January, business pages have seen the exposure of their posts reduced by an average … (0 comments)

facebook: Eye-Popping Social Media Trends - Presented Sept 13 by PLAN! - 09/01/16 02:46 PM
Just when you’re getting used to social media being a major part of a digital marketing plan, the platforms change and the trends change.
Ask a centennial about Facebook and they’ll tell you Facebook ain’t cool no more.
Big brands have taken notice and small businesses need to follow suit.
Fresh off his attendance at the annual Florida Public Relations Association state conference, Randy Mitchelson, APR, and vice president, iPartnerMedia will share some surprising revelations about how advertisers are shifting their social media activity.

Kristi Willems, health coach and owner, Beyond the Plate, will serve as event host while Colleen Jorgensen, Mobile … (3 comments)

facebook: Alert! Facebook Algorithm Changes are Limiting Audience Reach - 07/20/16 02:21 AM
Recent changes to Facebook's algorithm in 2016 (the software code that decisions what posts you get to see in your newsfeed) are limiting the ability for a business to get their posts consumed organically by their audience.

As a result, businesses are seeing the exposure of their posts reduced by an average of 42%.  If you are paying someone to post to your Facebook page, the value of their activity has gone way down.
But there is a solution.

And although you may not like the solution, read this article where iPartnerMedia explores this in more detail so that you are armed with the … (4 comments)

facebook: How to Generate Leads Using Social Media - 06/26/16 02:45 PM
Advertise where there are eyes by generating leads on the platforms where they spend the most time. Social media is changing the way businesses are connecting with their customers.
With enhanced audience targeting and an exponentially expanded reach, there is no reason why businesses should not be using this powerful medium to grow their client base. Become the voice of authority in your industry, promote strong call-to-action’s, and find your niche with the platform that has the best return on your investment.
The Power of Facebook
Facebook is perhaps the most powerful personal and professional platform. Thanks to its enormous user-base, Facebook is … (5 comments)

facebook: Another Reason Businesses Must Not Ignore Facebook - 05/14/16 06:49 AM
Facebook has grown to over 1.5 Billion (with a B) users worldwide and their platform is being continually enhanced to create more fun and engaging experiences for users to connect and share their life with family, friends, the world.

The critical mass that is Facebook must not be ignored by businesses. Owners of SMBs I speak with tend to have a myopic view of the Facebook platform and how they can use it as part of their sales, marketing and public relations program.  Here's a fresh way to view Facebook and why it must be on the business RADAR.  

The … (6 comments)

facebook: The Secret to Facebook Live Every Advertiser Needs to Know - 02/28/16 09:32 AM
You may have noticed a new type of notification is popping up on Facebook, saying: “_____ is now live.”
“Someone is live?” You squint, your face scrunched in confusion as you try to decipher what, why, and how.
That’s right! Facebook has added an exciting new feature called Facebook Live that allows users to broadcast live on Facebook, and consumers are loving it. For those of you that have been lucky enough to have a sneak peek at Facebook Live, you’re sitting on the highest peak of social media. This new live streaming function is gradually rolling out to users in the United States as today’s … (3 comments)

facebook: How to Verify Your Facebook Business Page - 02/04/16 12:05 PM
Follow along with this video tutorial that my colleague Albert Arguelles put together where he reviews the quick, easy verification process that will increase your business' credibility and visibility on Facebook.
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facebook: Did You Know Your Facebook Feed Is Now Searchable? - 05/25/15 02:36 AM
Our Facebook newsfeeds are chock full of photos, videos, jokes, links and statements by our friends that we've chosen to Like and Follow. Have you ever remembered seeing something useful or important in your Facebook news feed but couldn't find it again? Scrolling through years and years of posts can be a time consuming pain. But now there's an easy way to find and filter through Facebook posts.
Keyword Search Available on Facebook
Facebook has introduced a keyword search tool which allows users to search their news feed for specific posts their friends have made. This feature makes it easier to get more … (3 comments)

facebook: Facebook Announces Video Advertising - 04/22/15 01:30 PM

Earlier this month Facebook announced that advertisers will now have the opportunity to create and post video ads. People around the world are posting 75% more videos to Facebook than they did a year ago, the company said in January.
“Our audience, gamers, regularly consume videos across desktop, tablets and smartphones, and Facebook allows us to get our videos in front of them wherever they are … And with the new capabilities Facebook has launched to its video ads product over the past several months, we’ve seen ROI improve dramatically,” says Tony Key, SVP of Sales and Marketing, North America Marketing, Ubisoft.
Why Use Video Ads?
Video … (10 comments)

facebook: Online Webinar - Your Facebook ad Google Business Page - 01/20/15 01:39 AM
Calling all do-it-yourselfers!
The Small Business Development Center in Southwest Florida is offering a
2-part webinar series to help customers find your business. 
Participants will learn why and how to establish their business page on both Facebook and Google.
Instruction will include "how-to's" for maintaining a fresh and engaging presence on these business directory listings.
Dates: Tuesday, Feb 3, 2015 and Feb 10, 2015
Time: 9:00am to 10:00am est
Cost: No Cost
Click here to register.
If you are unable to participate in … (4 comments)

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