lead generation: 9 major factors to compare website design companies - 08/03/17 07:35 AM
Although the cost of a website is an important factor for a business to decide which website company to work with, there are other major factors to compare website design companies including:
1.Development platform: Open source or proprietary?  If open source, how many other developers are available in your market to switch to in the event you need to make a change?
2.Online reviews: Review the testimonials a website company has earned online from their customers. Check Google, Facebook at least.
3.Portfolio: Review at least a portion of the design portfolio of the website design company. Are their designs and features/functionality inline with the expectations you have or your own website?
4.Ranking: … (2 comments)

lead generation: 5 Ways to Build Influence in Your Industry - 04/07/17 07:18 PM
Influence. Authority. Expert-Status. If you’re in business, you probably strive to embody these words. Sadly, many entrepreneurs and business owners get lost in the crowd. If you would like to learn simple tips on how to "stand out" in your field...
Join us for PLAN!: "5 Ways to Build Influence in Your Industry" on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 from 8 to 9 a.m. at The Brooks Executive Suites, 9900 Coconut Road, Bonita Springs.RSVP TODAY: by clicking "going" to this invitationIn this final session of a four-part series, Erica Castner will reveal the top five ways to build “influence” in your industry and community!
Featured Speaker: Erica … (6 comments)

lead generation: First Steps to Build a Profitable Business - 02/26/17 06:20 PM
Would you love to be more efficient in building a profitable business?

Building a business is a process.

Identifying your mission and vision is the beginning.

The magic happens when other people know what you stand for and help you spread the word.
Join us for PLAN: “First Steps to Build a Profitable Business” on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 from 8 to 9 a.m. at Brooks Executive Suites, 9900 Coconut Road, Bonita Springs.
You will learn simple steps to lay the path to a more profitable business.
Event Host: Colleen Jorgensen of Sprint
Education Flash: Adam Dalton of AmeriSpec SWFL
Featured … (3 comments)

lead generation: My Marketing Career Do Over - 3 Lessons from Failing - 12/28/16 09:59 PM
My "do over" story began in 2005 when I started an internet marketing company, National Web Leads, as a favor for some friends.  But it quickly turned into something much bigger. College friends encouraged me to start the company and license the cutting edge software they were creating to generate sales leads for financial services firms.
National Web Leads created hundreds of websites that would invite users to submit applications for home mortgages, auto loans and cash advances, selling that information to financial services providers. The company also sold advertising on those websites.
Unfortunately, after 8 years and growing revenue to more than $1.5 … (4 comments)

lead generation: Preparation for Change - Presented Nov 15 by PLAN! - 11/10/16 08:13 AM

At this inspirational event you will be surprised, no, amazed at how one man has overcome adversity and channeled his experience into “high-octane” advice and tools you can use.
Do not miss Thomas Bruzessi, a unique motivational speaker and performance consultant who will entertain you, inspire you and persuade you to supercharge your performance and always be prepared for change and success.
The event host is Randy Mitchelson, APR, vice president at iPartnerMedia and Mark Cangiano, president, Lane Financial Group delivers the educational flash.
PLAN! is an open group. Guests always welcome. Complimentary admission.
RSVP Now: https://www.facebook.com/events/1449750295054035
PLAN! Weekly Agenda
Call To Order & Welcome … (0 comments)

lead generation: 10 Value Creation Maxims Every Entrepreneur Must Know - 09/29/16 12:17 PM
There is only one reason to own a business and that is to sell it to a third-party, employees or your children. Eric Gall, managing partner, Edison Avenue, covers ten strategies you can implement beginning today to maximize the value before you exit.
Eric’s tips are perfect for any entrepreneur who to improve his or her company in preparation to sell, but are also helpful even if you never plan on exiting.
Adam Dalton, owner, AmeriSpec SWFL will serve as event host while Steve Bray, sales and marketing manager, DryZone/H2O911 delivers the educational flash.

               Eric Gall
PLAN! is … (0 comments)

lead generation: Understanding Facebook Advertising for your Small Business - 09/25/16 12:24 PM
Facebook Advertising is not the mysterious world you may imagine it to be. Since Facebook announced its advertising platform, it has undergone shifts and swells to make it more applicable and manageable than ever before. However, many small businesses are still afraid to take the plunge into social media advertising.
Now is the time to find your courage.
You may have noticed a decline in activity on your company’s Facebook page. This decline is the result of a new algorithm change that is affecting your audience reach. Since January, business pages have seen the exposure of their posts reduced by an average … (0 comments)

lead generation: 5 Tricks for e-Newsletter Marketing Magic - 08/06/16 01:04 AM
When you sit at your desk with your first (or second!) cup of coffee in the morning, the first tab you open is most likely your email. While you blink the last remnants of sleep from your eyes, stretch, and get ready for the day, you scroll through work, personal, and promotional emails.
You can capitalize on what’s essentially a universal morning routine with the marketing magic of an e-newsletter. It’s not the flashy, cheap promotional product-like pitch that you may associate it with. In fact, it’s a way to showcase your business culture, inform, educate, and entertain clients and prospects.

lead generation: Alert! Facebook Algorithm Changes are Limiting Audience Reach - 07/20/16 02:21 AM
Recent changes to Facebook's algorithm in 2016 (the software code that decisions what posts you get to see in your newsfeed) are limiting the ability for a business to get their posts consumed organically by their audience.

As a result, businesses are seeing the exposure of their posts reduced by an average of 42%.  If you are paying someone to post to your Facebook page, the value of their activity has gone way down.
But there is a solution.

And although you may not like the solution, read this article where iPartnerMedia explores this in more detail so that you are armed with the … (4 comments)

lead generation: How to Generate Leads Using Social Media - 06/26/16 02:45 PM
Advertise where there are eyes by generating leads on the platforms where they spend the most time. Social media is changing the way businesses are connecting with their customers.
With enhanced audience targeting and an exponentially expanded reach, there is no reason why businesses should not be using this powerful medium to grow their client base. Become the voice of authority in your industry, promote strong call-to-action’s, and find your niche with the platform that has the best return on your investment.
The Power of Facebook
Facebook is perhaps the most powerful personal and professional platform. Thanks to its enormous user-base, Facebook is … (5 comments)

lead generation: How to Let Your Business Cards Work for You - 03/13/16 10:56 AM
My business cards is hands down one of the most productive marketing tools I use.  It makes a great first impression and in some cases generates immediate sales because people want their cards to feel like mine. Yes, I said feel.  Design isn't the only element in a business card. The stock type and finishes that are available also play a huge role in how you make that first impression. 
Here is our recent article about business card design that can give you some things to think about in differentiating your card from the competition and creating a memorable item that isn't … (0 comments)

lead generation: Lead Generation Tips from a Serial Networker - 11/27/15 08:26 AM

Lead Generation Tips from a Serial Networker
Presented by PLAN! - Professional Leadership Academy Network
December 1, 2015
Generating enough quality leads for your sales pipeline requires knowledge of both online and offline strategies. If you haven’t met Steve Bray, Sales and Marketing Manager, DryZone, Inc., you need to get out of the office more!  Now’s your chance to get tips from a master networker who has helped grow his company into one of the leading fire, mold and water emergency clean-up companies in southwest Florida. Learn about the various channels Steven has tapped to generate a reliable and sustainable flow of leads for … (5 comments)

lead generation: The Statistically Proven Effect of Narrative Marketing - 08/06/15 04:46 AM
Check out this new blog post from the iPartnerMedia website authored by my colleague Elizabeth Carlton!

Narratives are one of the most influential and persuasive approaches to marketing. It is all about selling yourself, your business or your product through a story. As years go by, marketing strategies change, yet the impact of this age-old method continues to work across industries large and small.
Why is that?
As humans we think in terms of narratives and metaphors. Professor of Marketing at Stanford University, Jennifer Aaker, disclosed a recent study in a video called Persuasion and the Power of Story where students had to win their class … (4 comments)

lead generation: Build Your Own WordPress Website & Blog for Low to No-Cost - 07/13/15 05:35 AM
  If you build it, they will come.
Does your website need a fresh start? Do you need a website in general? Thanks to open-source platforms like WordPress, building a website can be done for little to no cost. Having an engaging, functional website is more important than ever. In a competitive and growing industry like real estate, your first impression can make or break a customer’s experience. Walk the walk and talk the talk with a website that looks and feels professional.
Learn more about WordPress design, functions and features on the online Webinar: Build Your Own WordPress.com Website & … (6 comments)

lead generation: 4 Reasons Direct Mail is Still a Relevant Marketing Strategy - 05/25/15 03:22 AM
Direct mail marketing gets a bad reputation from real estate professionals and other business services because they have a hard time quantifying the return on investment from the campaign.
Is this the fault of direct mail or is there a deeper problem at hand?
4 Reasons Direct Mail is Still a Relevant Marketing Strategy
First, let's agree on the facts:
1)Going to the mailbox is still a daily event. Rarely do people let mail stack up in their box.
2)The daily ritual of grabbing what's in the mailbox is a treasure hunt that releases endorphins. Many people look forward to their daily delivery.
3)People examine each piece … (12 comments)

lead generation: How LinkedIn Helped Me Land An International Client - 03/28/15 01:18 PM
In baseball, the most successful hitters focus on singles and doubles but every player enjoys a home run.
Recently, our team hit a home run when we landed a website project for arguably the largest supplier of nuclear cabling products in the world.  Instead of a baseball bat, our equipment was the free professional social media platform LinkedIn.
Am I surprised? No.
As an early adopter of LinkedIn, I have generated hundreds of thousands in revenue from this tool since creating my profile in 2007. Rarely does a day pass that I do not spend at least a … (12 comments)

lead generation: How I Got Another Web Site Client From Facebook - 01/08/14 12:36 PM
Is your web site dusty? 
I have researched hundreds of real estate domains. It is surprising to see how many web sites lack social media integration. In fact most sites look very dated and do not take advantage of the visual display advances that have been introduced in recent years.
A web site is like a car. You need a new one every 5-10 years. You need to put on new tires and change the filters and belts once in a while. Web sites no longer need to cost $10-$15k unless you ask for some serious functionality that requires a lot … (7 comments)

lead generation: Holiday Season Email Newsletters – Check Your List Twice - 12/06/13 01:25 PM
‘Tis the season for holiday email campaigns. When you deck the halls, remember to dress up your email designs with holiday appropriate imagery and messaging. “In 2012, e-tailers sent an average of 210 promotional emails over the holidays, up from 177 a year earlier”, according to Listrak.
Are You Collecting Email Addresses? If not, start now so that you can build a proper list, begin the process of mailing in 2014 and be ready for next year’s holiday season campaign. Why? Because your competitors are coming to town and winning customers away from you. If you are collecting email … (4 comments)

lead generation: Leads: To Buy Or Not To Buy - That Is the Question - 05/11/13 08:35 AM
Any fan of the movie Glengarry Glen Ross knows that lead buying in the real estate and mortgage industry is big business. There are thousands of websites designed to capture prospective customer information in hopes that the website operator can sell those leads for a profit. I should know, my company generates thousands of leads per day for a variety of advertisers including debt relief counselors, auto loan companies, payday loan and installment lenders and small business financing companies. 

Blake: You got leads. Mitch & Murray paid good money. Get their names to sell them. You can't close the leads you're given, … (5 comments)

lead generation: Who Went To LeadsCon In NYC This Week? - 08/25/11 07:14 PM
Just wrapped 5 days of back to back online advertising tradeshows in New York City. First was Affiliate Summit and then LeadsCon immediately thereafter, both at the Hilton in midtown Manhattan. If you attended one or both of these Performance Marketing shows I would like to hear from you and get your feedback on what the highlights and lowlights were.
As the mortgage industry begins to come back to life under the new rules of engagement set forth by federal and state regulators, the online marketing industry represents a low-cost, highly efficient means of acquiring new loan applicants. If you are … (1 comments)

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