search engine optimization: Effective Digital Marketing TechTalks Scheduled - March 14 & 21 - 03/06/19 12:04 PM
     The Southwest Florida Regional Technology Partnership (SWFRTP) will present a free, two-part TechTalk, “Effective Digital Marketing” that will cover best practices and the latest trends in search engine optimization and search engine marketing. 
The seminars will be conducted by Ed Moore, owner of Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing and Communications and Albert Arguelles and Randy Mitchelson, APR from iPartnerMedia, a certified Google Partner.
Part one of the two-part series will be on Thursday, March 14, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. and part two will be on Thursday, March 21, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m., both at Two39 Work located at 24301 Walden Center … (0 comments)

search engine optimization: Double Down with these Google My Business tips - 02/07/19 09:50 PM
Our team at iPartnerMedia recommends that businesses double down on building out and analyzing their Google My Business directory listing.
Here are a few tips for businesses to ensure they're doing:
1) Download and use the free Google My Business mobile app to monitor analytics such as click to call volume, driving directions, customer reviews and impression count.
For example, one of our clients noticed a pattern in their call volume being higher on Tuesdays which prompted them to have a little extra staffing that day to help with phones.
2) Adding fresh photos, videos, new product and service information and … (3 comments)

search engine optimization: Google Accelerates Death of Google+ - 01/22/19 08:15 AM
In October 2018 Google announced it will be sunsetting Google+. The decision has likely been in the works for a long time.
But the specific timing of the announcement is a response to a Wall Street Journal story detailing a security vulnerability that would have allowed hundreds of apps to access the personal account information of Google+ users.
Recently, Google revised their plan to accelerate the shut down.
The sunset is now scheduled to take place in April 2019, and over the coming months Google will provide users with information to help them migrate off of G+. Here's one of Google's announcements:

Many business … (11 comments)

search engine optimization: iPM Launches New Website - What do you Think? - 09/22/18 01:30 PM
     We are always building websites for our customers here at iPM but we always remind ourselves that we must be our own best customer.  This week we unveiled our new website and logo, our first change in more than four years. We make it easy for customers to do business with us and our website resembles that value.
     A major addition to our logo is the word "design."  One thing that we have learned from our customers over the years is that we excel at graphic design - both for digital and print purposes. Design is arguable an … (0 comments)

search engine optimization: Reach Customers Online with Google - 05/14/18 11:23 AM
In partnership with the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce, Google and iPartnerMedia invites you to attend this digital marketing workshop to help your business get found online.
Date: 6/7/2018
Time: 8:00 a.m. TO 10:00 a.m.
Location: Crowne Plaza Fort Myers at
The Bell Tower Shops 13051 Bell Tower Dr. Fort Myers, FL 33907
Registration Options:
By Phone: (239) 332-3624
Online: Click Here to Register
Your paid admission includes your breakfast
In today’s digital world, businesses who aren’t online are getting left behind. Take advantage of this helpful workshop presented by Pamela Starr from Google and Albert Arguelles and Randy Mitchelson, APR, both from … (0 comments)

search engine optimization: Best Behaviors to Boost Your Google Ranking - 05/07/18 07:55 PM
SCORE Naples and iPartnerMedia, a Google Partner,  have joined forces to deliver digital marketing expertise to southwest Florida.
In this installment of our live, interactive, hands-on Google workshop series, we will break through the smoke and mirrors behind search engine optimization.
SEO is a set of ongoing behaviors and tactics which build website credibility and traffic over time.
During Best Behaviors to Boost Your Google Ranking, participants will learn about free tools that Google and other services make available to help research and monitor useful data.
Also, get tips on subscription services that are available to gain insights on … (1 comments)

search engine optimization: 24 Valuable SEO Statistics & Case Studies - See Mine #22 - 12/21/17 08:57 AM
Digital marketing services company Inet Solutions recently published their roundup of 24  Valuable SEO Statistics & Case Studies, organized by Anastas Chobanov.  I was fortunate enough to be included among their experts who provided real world examples (no theory here) of businesses who have realized significant change in their search engine optimization and the tactics and data to prove it.
Search engine optimization is not black magic. It used to be sold that way.  Anyone who still sells it as such is in a dwindling breed and not a smart choice for your company. Rather, SEO has evolved to be an ongoing data … (1 comments)

search engine optimization: GOOGLE CRACKS DOWN ON MISSING SSL CERTIFICATES - 12/04/17 01:56 PM
Even the largest of companies are subject to Google's process for warning the public about visiting websites that are “NOT SECURE.” 
I participate in an advisory panel organized through Bank of America where we get online surveys and provide our opinions on banking products and services.  The latest survey link I received generated the following message:

Oops.  Even a large company who you'd expect to be on top of things has some cracks. In this case it is likely that Bank of America is outsourcing their survey platform and their vendor has not secured the platform.
Let us give you a piece of … (0 comments)

search engine optimization: 2 NEW FEATURES FOR YOUR GOOGLE BUSINESS LISTING - 11/30/17 11:31 AM
By now you should know that a Google My Business page is essential to most companies and storefronts. This simple but influential tool is the Yellow Pages of today, generating new business through the world’s most used search engine.
Putting your pin drop on Google’s map places you in front of numerous potential customers as they search for solutions relevant to your product or service. But did you know that Google My Business is far more than just a general listing?
This powerhouse of a tool is capable of so much more! From helping you promote time sensitive deals to allowing … (0 comments)

search engine optimization: Look at the Award our Team Just Won! - 10/13/17 06:37 PM
iPartnerMedia was named 2017 Startup of the Year by the Lee County (Fla.) Economic Development Office, Horizon Council and Horizon Foundation. The honor is awarded to a company founded in Lee County in the last 3-5 years that has demonstrated continued growth both financially and staffing since start-up while leading and overcoming challenges. See more celebratory pictures on our Facebook page and be sure to Like our page to receive marketing tips and creative ideas to help you grow your business.


search engine optimization: How to Find the Right SEO Partner - 09/23/17 01:02 PM
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is about having more than the right strategy.
It’s about choosing the right partner. Is your SEO company practicing what they preach?
Are you having trouble narrowing down companies to partner with? iPartnerMedia is helping you sift through the imposters so you can find true solutions. Partnering with another business can be a gamble. Protect your business as well as your employees by choosing a reputable agency that gets results.
In order to find these diamonds in the rough, you should look for a few things. Below, we have identified questions that every business should ask … (0 comments)

search engine optimization: 9 major factors to compare website design companies - 08/03/17 07:35 AM
Although the cost of a website is an important factor for a business to decide which website company to work with, there are other major factors to compare website design companies including:
1.Development platform: Open source or proprietary?  If open source, how many other developers are available in your market to switch to in the event you need to make a change?
2.Online reviews: Review the testimonials a website company has earned online from their customers. Check Google, Facebook at least.
3.Portfolio: Review at least a portion of the design portfolio of the website design company. Are their designs and features/functionality inline with the expectations you have or your own website?
4.Ranking: … (2 comments)

search engine optimization: My Advice For Businesses Frustrated by their Presence on Yelp! - 07/14/17 07:40 PM
In this latest expert round up, my advice for businesses about beating Yelp's filters is included alongside great tips from 110 other experts.
The post was just published by Minuca Elena on NEXT LEVEL WEB  - ARTICLES ACTUALLY WORTH READING.
if you’re reading this article, you’ve probably experienced the difficulties of getting your best clients to follow through and write you a review. Getting those reviews to remain unfiltered by Yelp often proves difficult on its own. This can be a point of frustration for … (0 comments)

search engine optimization: See our web design tip in an article published by RackSpace - 05/11/17 11:09 PM
Members of our team at iPartnerMedia are regularly quoted in articles about marketing, website design and public relations.  
Our voice of authority in these areas of expertise enhances our digital footprint, contributes toward our search engine optimization and builds trust with our current and future clients.
(Contact me if you would like to establish your voice of authority within real estate or related area of expertise)

In this article published by RackSpace, my colleague, Janyer Dominguez, who leads our website projects, helped me compose comments about immersive website design to assist the writer of the article.
Rackspace is a popular cloud computing and hosting … (2 comments)

search engine optimization: 31 Press Release Distribution Tips From The Pros - 12/28/16 09:14 PM
This is a great resource for gathering tips on increasing the chances of news releases being published, especially in local media.  
For new hire announcements, awards, certifications and other honors, sending a news release is a cost effective component to an overall content marketing strategy.
When done properly, it is also an effective component to your search engine optimization strategy.
In this article, I was fortunate enough to have my contribution included by the author in the final published piece. Scroll through and see if you can find me and enjoy the tips along the way!
31 Press Release Distribution Tips From The … (3 comments)

search engine optimization: One SEO Mistake we see all the time - 11/28/16 10:59 AM
There are a lot of old wives' tales on the street about search engine optimization
and understandably so.
It used to be an industry all to itself.  But like many things in digital marketing, change is inevitable.
If you don't keep up with the facts, you are by default, behind the learning curve.
SEO is no longer an industry unto itself. It is simply a set of behaviors that a website owner must follow if ranking organically for specific keyword phrases is important to their business and website traffic.
What may have been gospel 8 years ago could be a recipe for disaster today.
SEO Mistake … (3 comments)

search engine optimization: The Power of your Pin Drop - Presented by PLAN! - April 12 - 04/05/16 02:08 PM

Google My Business is arguably the most powerful business directory in the digital world yet many businesses have yet to claim their pin drop on the Google map. In this “how-to” presentation, digital marketing consultant Randy Mitchelson, APR from iPartnerMedia, Inc. will demonstrate the power of the pin drop and how you can ensure your business is taking advantage of the free marketing platform offered by Google. Bill Ballew with Audiology & Hearing Care of SWFL will serve as event host.
Guests always welcome. Complimentary admission.
Learn more at:
Session perfect for: marketing professionals, sales and business development personnel, consultants, small business owners, entrepreneurs, … (4 comments)

search engine optimization: The 5 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes You Can Make - 02/24/16 07:32 AM
Curb appeal is a hot button for real estate agents, both on the buy side and the sell side.
At iPartnerMedia, we like to say that first impressions are made at first click.
In the reas estate world, homebuyers make first impressions on a property the moment they pull up and see the condition of the exterior, including the landscaping.
In that light, iPartnerMedia recently published the 5 biggest landscaping mistakes you can make on behalf of our website and search engine optimization client Blue Landscaping.
Real estate agents can share this with their clients to help them prepare their property for sale and ensure … (3 comments)

search engine optimization: 5 Things All First Time Home Buyers Should Consider - 02/24/16 06:57 AM
One of the services our team at iPartnerMedia offers its clients is content marketing which is a key strategy to an overall search engine optimization campaign.  Once content is created it needs to be syndicated (e.g., shared, distributed) and we do that in a number of ways include email newsletters, social media posts and of course, using industry specific platfoms like Active Rain. Here's a recent example of a blog post we published on behalf of Select Real Estate located in the booming Village of Estero (Florida).
5 Things All First Time Home Buyers Should Consider
For first time home buyers, purchasing a … (0 comments)

search engine optimization: The Statistically Proven Effect of Narrative Marketing - 08/06/15 04:46 AM
Check out this new blog post from the iPartnerMedia website authored by my colleague Elizabeth Carlton!

Narratives are one of the most influential and persuasive approaches to marketing. It is all about selling yourself, your business or your product through a story. As years go by, marketing strategies change, yet the impact of this age-old method continues to work across industries large and small.
Why is that?
As humans we think in terms of narratives and metaphors. Professor of Marketing at Stanford University, Jennifer Aaker, disclosed a recent study in a video called Persuasion and the Power of Story where students had to win their class … (4 comments)

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