bellingham real estate: Remember Who it is We Really Work For!! - 04/20/11 09:07 AM
Thank you to the "too busy" listing agent for not answering your phone, returning your messages and for not taking care of your client!!  Yeesh!
I had a gentleman contact me who wanted information and to see one of your listings.  He found your ad on craigslist and tried calling you, but could not reach you.  He found me via my website and called me.  I even tried calling you to get information but I only got a recording that lead me back to your closed office since it was the weekend.  The number on the listing said it was … (3 comments)

bellingham real estate: The Facts about Short Sales, Foreclosures and HUD Homes - 04/19/11 06:43 AM
Hot deals. Rock bottom prices.  Make your money stretch farther.
Most buyers these days are looking for a deal/steal in real estate.                                                                                         Whether you are an investor or first time home buyer, it's hard to pass up some of these prices.  With prices low, rates low and inventory high, this is the Perfect Storm for real estate.  Short … (0 comments)

bellingham real estate: Carpe Diem and Door to Door Sales in Bellingham, WA - 04/11/11 05:52 AM
I relearned a valuable lesson this morning.  I was confronted with a door to door salesgirl.  She was all of 8 or 9 years old selling chocolates in our neighborhood for a school fundraising. 
I was impressed with her vigor and motivation.  She was across the street when I first noticed her, I was out on my porch talking with a neighbor.  She heard us talking as she was walking up the walkway to another home. Without any further thought, she came running towards us.  First words were, " Would you like to buy some chocolates?  She immediately saw an … (2 comments)

bellingham real estate: Vacation Homes in Bellingham, WA - 02/17/11 08:28 AM
If you have been considering a vacation home or 2nd home, look no further than south of  the border, south of the Canadian border that is. Bellingham ,WA and its’suburbs offer many options from the historical district of Fairhaven and its many boutiques and restaurants to Sudden Valley or Birch Bay and Semiahmoo, waterfront to water view , single family residence to Condo,  there is a vast array to choose from. Take the Birch Bay community, within minutes to the border, a few of the local activities include the beaches, shopping outlets, golf courses as well as bicycling and kayaking.  Birch Bay has … (2 comments)

bellingham real estate: The Purchase Process: Seek Representation- Step 2 - 12/16/10 05:34 PM
Ok, armed and ready with your pre-approval on your financing, it’s now time to tackle house hunting.   But first, your next step should be to hire your own Realtor, one who will be working solely for you and have your best interest at heart. Here are a few qualities to look for in an agent: Comfort Zone - You want an agent that you feel comfortable around and can easily talk to Reliable - You want an agent that is there for you when you call and is accessible Experienced -  It speaks for itself Educated -  You want an agent who is knowledgeable about … (0 comments)

bellingham real estate: The Purchase Process: Financing - Step 1 - 11/26/10 12:57 PM
Purchasing a home can seem daunting whether you are a first time home buyer or have purchased a home before.  It is something we all dream about and desire, but don’t always know where to begin .  The purchase process includes many stages and phases from the actual viewing of homes and finding the right one to making an offer to closing the transaction.  It is so much more involved than this and it takes being informed and educated about the process and hiring a good Realtor to represent you.
This series is designed to help inform and educate you about the  “ the … (3 comments)

bellingham real estate: Bellingham Homes for Sale - 11/17/10 08:32 AM
A great site for viewing Whatcom county real estate, advertising Whatcom County Real Estate, discussing and sharing of information on this page:
Feel free to contact me for more information at 360-303-3898 or via email at

bellingham real estate: Center Stage - 11/11/10 07:54 AM
Think of it as Interior Curb appeal. STAGING.  How a house is presented to potential buyers  and those first few impressions can make all the difference when selling a home. How you market your home and DISPLAY it does have an effect on a buyers perception and how they see themselves in your house.
I use the word display because as Webster describes it you do want  " to exhibit to advantage".  Just like dressing up a mannequin, your home now needs to be "dressed", but let's put it another way, " dressed down" if you will.  If your house looks lived in, i.e. dishes piled up in the sink, … (1 comments)

bellingham real estate: The Teacher is the Student….. - 11/02/10 05:35 PM
When I decided to become a Realtor 5 years ago, I was coming off of a long career in medical management (19 years) and wanted something less structured , more independent, was lucrative  and would enable me to grow my own business.  The independence really enticed me.  In my 19 years of medical management I had trained a boatload of employees,  and had dealt with my fair share of corporate office psychology and politics.  I was ready to work on my own by myself, no staff, no more training,  no more setting up of policies and procedures.  In the real estate … (3 comments)

bellingham real estate: FSBO or Realtor: What's a Seller To Do - 10/30/10 10:26 AM

Suffice it to say, this is one of the toughest markets to be in if you are a home seller.  A gluttonous inventory inundated with Short Sales and Foreclosure that are driving home values down, and a lack of buyers is prompting home sellers to choose self- representation rather than hiring a Realtor in an effort to maximize as much  profit as is possible in this highly competitive market. By  choosing “ For Sale by Owner” vs.  a Realtor’s representation,knowledge, and skill , sellers are ultimately setting themselves up to lose much more than just commission’s.   You could lose … (6 comments)

bellingham real estate: A "Non-Techy" Realtor's perspective in a Virtual World (Brokerage) - 09/27/10 12:52 PM
If we all did the things we are capable of,  we would astound ourselves.~ Thomas Edison
I wanted to share with all of you, my fellow Realtors, why this Non-Techy Realtor chose to hang her license with eXp Realty, a Virtual office.
When I began my career in real estate 5 years ago, I started with a traditional brokerage, a storefront.  I worked the market for two years from 2006-2008 learning the ropes and had relative success as a new agent.  We did get the occasional customer/client who walked in but it was becoming fewer and far less and that's that … (0 comments)

bellingham real estate: The Standoff: An Epic Real Estate Tale - 08/25/10 01:08 PM
Just wanted to share an experience I had recently.  It involved an offer I had written for a buyer.  This transaction was the heaviest negotiating I've encountered in my 5 years in this business.  I had backbone, I had stamina, I have a great Broker who guided me and supported me, and it still took its toll.  I also may have lost clients but have gained invaluable experience and knowledge and above all, kept my integrity.
Here is the shortened condensed version.
To give you some background on this client, I've been working with him and his wife for about … (2 comments)

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