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Picnik has announced that Google is going to be closing this popular website on April 19, and moving its editing tools over to Google+. If you have a Premium account, you should receive a full refund, and their premium features are available to everyone from now until the day they close. Picnik u...
After I published my post about choosing a WordPress theme, a few people asked me if I had any recommendations for themes for their websites. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of WordPress themes available for your real estate website. From my own experience, and after reviewing a numbe...
Ok, I installed WordPress. Now how do I work with it? You now need to login to your WordPress Dashboard.  The URL should be , and use the username and password you established when you installed WordPress. The picture below will show you what the Dashboard looks like....
Is it difficult to install? No, not at all. It's probably already "installed" on your web host, so all you really need to do is activate it. How do I do it? Login to your web hosting account control panel. You will have received the login instructions in your welcome email when you signed up for ...
In addition to being a hugely successful novelist and short story writer, Stephen King also had what is my favorite quote about being successful. He was asked about the secret to success, and his answer was "The secret is to be in the right place at the right time. Since we can never know what th...
What is a Theme, and why do I need one? A WordPress Theme is the collection of files that provide structure to your website. It will define the colors, layout and more. When you set WordPress up, it does come with a basic default theme, but for a professional website you will want one with a more...
Ok, I registered a domain name, and signed up for a web hosting account. What do I do next? Now, you have to connect the two. Otherwise, when someone types in, they won't be able to access your site. You do this by adding your web hosting nameservers to your domain name ac...
What is a web host, and why do I need one? A web host is a company that runs the servers where your website files will be stored, and provides access to them to people surfing the web. The WordPress software, databases, and other associated files run on those servers. Is it expensive? It shouldn'...
What is a domain name? It's just the website address for your site, like You'll need to buy one, but they are inexpensive, usually under $15 per year for a .com address. Where do I get a domain name? There are many domain name registrars out there. I personally use GoDa...
Really, I need my own personal website? Isn't it enough that I have my pages on my company site, plus that profile on (Trulia, Zillow,, my Facebook page, and my blog? No, it's not! Consider these possibilities. What if you change companies? What if that outside site that is workin...

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