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Ever thought of selling Real Estate in a different State ? How about a different country ? Did you know that you can know do it without having a Real Estate License in different states ? All you need is your license in your own state



Many " Failures " have been around the last 2000 years, and not many people will ever strive to be a Failure - but then who ever wanted to be a Biggest Loser ?* This person was dismissed from Drama School, as was told by her instructor as he said " She's too shy to put her best foot forard " - Th...
When was the last time you wished people knew about you ? Now you can have a website called ABOUT ME - what a great way to promote who you are and what you do - check it out - This site will also track how many visitors came to your site * how many visitors c...
When I think of Christmas day meal I can't help but think of the meals that they average American has; Turkey, Ham, Sweet Potatoes, String Bean Casserole, Dressing and Cranberry Sauce. At our house, we decided that the traditional boring Turkey meal was enough for Thanksgiving so our family decid...
Your driving during 5:00 traffic and of course your in a hurry and all of a sudden the traffic slows down to a screaching 4 miles per hour. And yes - you are in a hurry, your now driving 4 miles an hour which is 70 miles an hour slower than your used to driving when suddenly after one hour of thi...
 Looking for a Home in Flower Mound Texas ? Click here! Sort by:   Price (high to low)  Price (low to high)  Bedrooms (high to low)  Bedrooms (low to high)  Sq. ft. (high to low)  Sq. ft. (low to high)  Date Listed (new to old)  Date Listed (old to new)  10 photos $9,750,0006 bed, 7.5 bath17618 s...
We proudly offer our visitors access to 30+ discount dental plans, an affordable alternative to dental insurance. Save 10% to 60% on most dental procedures, including checkups, cleanings, braces, and cosmetic dentistry on select plans. Call 972-679-9029 to learn more! Save 10% to 60% on most dent...
The era of Social Media is exploding and now comes a New Twist to Social Media with a Website called ABOUT.ME. This new Social Media Page is designed to provide information about you, what you do, who you are and who you know - I think it could one day challenge Facebook. To find out more about t...
I am so amazed when I look at the comments people make to blogs just to rack up their points. But now the question becomes - do you really know how to get points ? Here is a breakdown from your Home Page of how points are calculated ( did you know that this info was available ? )    Profile Point...
Every 6 months or so you can feel the hairs of your back as you get that renewal notice that your health insurance rates have just gone up. We have contracts with every MAJOR health insurance company in the state of Texas! Click on the link below to compare quotes and even APPLY online: https://w...
Have you ever wondered how to double your income and wanted a formula for success ? It's really quite simple - write down the following: 1. How many contacts do I have ? 2. How many listing appointments did I go on this month ? 3. How many buyers did I work with this month ? 4. How many calls did...

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