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Well it occurred to me that I have been a member of this site for 10 days now and was impressed to see that as of today I reached 10,000 points in total.  Not only that, but I had one of my blog posts featured this week, which wasnt something which I had even yet aspired to.  Even greater still i...
  lethbridge mortgage broker lethbridge real estate           Robert May is the broker and owner of Rainbow Realty of Lethbridge Alberta. He is also a licensed mortgage associate and financing expert with Canada First Mortgage of Calgary Alberta. He has been in the real estate industry since 1993...
Well about a year ago a friend of mine was braggin how he had bought a bbq using his airmiles.  I didn't give it much thought at all as I already have an amazing bbq and carry a wallet in my back pocket so full of plastic cards that I have to walk like a cowboy to keep from splitting the ass out ...
Well as i sat here writing my last blog, my girlfriend was looking over my shoulder and asked my why I was the only blog on the featured page that had my logo in the picture box instead of a personal picture of myself.   Now i used to advertise my picture everywhere.  Back in the day, we had our ...
Well i have made a few more steps towards saving energy.  This week i bought a case of them squirly compact flourescent mercury poison bulbs (i am not entirely convinced i love or hate them).  I replaced all of the bulbs in my house that took standard bulbs, which ended up being 12 bulbs.  A quic...
While I am no expert in the field, I have bought, sold, and installed several thousand square feet in the past few years.  At the request of some others I thought i would make a brief guide to the variety of hardwood flooring products that are available in my marketplace.   Laminate flooring - th...
Tonight i attended yet another hardwood floor auction.  These auctions seem to roll through our city every 3 months and I seem to attend and purchase from every one of them.  As a result, i have hauled, stored, and installed several thousand square feet of laminate, floating floor, engineered flo...
Some people would say that I am cheap, lol, but I prefer to think of it as frugal or smart with my money.  I have serveral 'bargain shopping' websites bookmarked and often turn to them when i am shopping for a bargain.  Today while i was browsing them i came across a deal that is far too good to ...
Today we booked another trip to Cuba for Christmas.  This will be our 5th trip to Cuba in the past 3 years, we try to go every 6 months.  Our vacation is a little different then most people's, and most are suprized to discover how exactly we spend our time there.  The truth of the matter is that ...
Well thanks to Susan Hilton ( a lovely lady who tagged me, a total stranger, much appreciated!) I now get to participate in my first meme.   I've been tagged by Susan Hilton.... Time for a Bookworm MEME... The instructions are pretty simple Grab the nearest book. Don't dig for your favorite book,...

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