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Effective today, Wednesday, May 27, 2009 … A Reverse Mortgage for as low as … 6.75%!!*   See attached CHIP Fact Sheet for full details and new rates effective May 27, 2009:   1 Year Term = 6.95% 5 Year Term = 7.95% A new report by the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada (CGA-Canad...
Adjustable rate mortgages are becoming very popular with clients who seek to have low rate and flexibility in their real estate financing.  One of the lenders that I use, Merix, has been very aggressive in chasing these clients and offering the best rates around.   If you are looking for lethbrdg...
Just received an update from several lenders indicating possible changes coming up ASAP to interest rates.  While this blog is specific to Lethbridge real estate and mortgage market, this information is valid all across Canada and affects the entire Canadian mortgage marketplace. First, there is ...
Okay, now I know you are pretty excited to get 101 FREE marketing tips right?  Afterall the price is right.  However, I am going to need a little help from you to make this list up.  I would like each of you to take a second, read the list of tips and marketing ideas, and add one or more of your ...
                                    A credit score of 680 or better is becoming a necessity for applying for virtually any type of financing.  Of course the higher the score the better, but a minimum of 680 is becoming the cut off point for many financing and insurance products.  The credit score...
For the third month in a row single-family housing starts have increased in Lethbridge and surrounding area.Just don’t read too much into it or assume the recession is coming to an end, at least not yet.“We always see movement at this time of year,” says Jean Greer McCarthy, president of the Cana...
If you have been around Active Rain for a while, you certainly have come across a post or a comment by 'Vegas Bob'.  Just who is the guy?  What's his deal?  What is he all about?  I thought I would take a moment and throw the member spotlight upon him.     Of course, first place we all go for inf...
Recent interest rate specials have presented existing homeowners and new home buyers with historically low interest rate opportunities.  There have been signs this week of an end to these ultra low rates.  Just last week the bond rate yield INCREASED which puts pressure upon the banks to increase...
Not with my business and not with my clients, but with taking time for myself and to get back to basics.   Activerain has been very good to me.  I write a little about my community, a lot about the mortgage and real estate market, and a little bit about myself and what I do for people to help ful...

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