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Want to know more about Alberta? Want to know why we are leading the world economy and will continue to be the strongest economic powerhouse for the next decade? It is as simple as an open door...     Want information on living and investing in Alberta? Let's talk.
Lethbridge real estate - Buy Rental Property Now   Once again, I want to urge anyone who has been considering purchasing investment or Lethbridge rental real estate property in Lethbridge, to hurry up and act fast.  With the mortgage financing rules changing very soon it will become increasingly ...
Lethbridge Real Estate - Rental Properties   LAST CHANCE!!!   Just a heads up to all those Lethbridge real estate investors.  The rules regarding the financing of rental properties are changing in just over one months time.  After the rules change, it will no longer be possible to purchase revenu...
Lethbridge real estate - foreclosures and bank owned homes   While much of the current marketplace in the US is driven by bank owned and foreclosure properties, it is far less common in Canada.  In my marketplace in Lethbridge Alberta, there are rarely more then a couple bank owned or foreclosure...
Lethbridge real estate - commercial buildings I have written about some commercial buildings in Lethbridge before, and also posted some pics and video of this particular piece of Lethbridge real estate.  An aticle was just published in a commercial online publication and I thought it was great.  ...
Well, not exactly, but it sure feels like it today.   As global markets are in turmoil, the Canadian real estate market remains strong and solid.  Recent stats have all pointed to month after month increases in prices in all markets coast to coast.  Following on the heels of more positive market ...
Is it still possible to find Lethbridge real estate at bargain prices?  Are there any good deals out there?   There are questions that my Lethbridge real estate clients and friends ask me on a regular basis.  The answer is overwhelmingly YES!  There are actually lots of good deals or bargain pric...
Google Streetview is now in Lethbridge!   As of today you can log onto Google streetview and navigate around the streets of my little city, Lethbridge.  This is a pretty cool thing as formerly only large US cities were available and I thought it would never come to our part of the world.    Now h...
  In my effort to cooperate and work together with other website owners, here are several great sites which now feature links to my website. Some of these are not the greatest links, as they are not real estate specific, but they do help a little bit and I really appreciate the effort of those wh...

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