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Lethbridge Real Estate - Hot Rods   Lethbridge is known as a hot rod town.  There is an unusually large number of collecible automobiles tucked away in garages, sheds, and barns around southern Alberta.  Many of these cars only see the sunlight one or two weekends a year.  I look so forward to th...
This pic is my daughter jumping at her school trackmeet. Lethbridge Real Estate - Look Before You Leap   Many homebuyers in Lethbridge get caught up in the excitement of buying their property and take many important things for granted.  Sometimes these things are just overlooked and other times t...
Lethbridge MLS real estate   Are you shopping for a home on the Lethbridge MLS?  Or wanting your home sold on the Lethbridge MLS?  Or just curious what MLS is? What is the MLS®?   When you want to buy a car, the pressure’s on to make the deal with that salesperson at that car dealership. You won’...
Mark Switzer is currently running for election as the Nominee for the Conservative Party of Canada - Lethbridge riding.         You can find the Mark Switzer campaign website at:  Mark Switzer or connect directly to our daily updated Facebook page at:  Mark Switzer Facebook               Here is ...
Lethbridge Mortgages - Alberta Mortgages The following are some statistics relating to mortgages across Canada.  I am sharing this on my Lethbridge real estate and mortgage websites, as many local Lethbridge mortgage consumers and my fellow real estate professionals may find it enoightening.   So...
Lethbridge Real Estate I like to check about once a month, exactly what search terms are popular for local Lethbridge consumers.  I do this so that in my Lethbridge real estate marketing, I can stay current and keep my internet sites ranked well and present in search engines.  This helps me gener...
Recently Facebook has become the largest social powerhouse on the internet. Even Google is amazed at the power and growth Facebook has achieved. As it is now such a huge part of so many people's internet experience, it is important that we embrace it and make use of it if we wish to do business o...
Lethbridge Marketing - Real Estate Edition   I market Lethbridge real estate.  I market Lethbridge mortgages.  More importantly, I market myself.   Through many many years of experience in real estate, successfully marketing my Lethbridge mortgage and real estate businesses, I have learned a ton ...
Where is the best place to live in Canada?  Well if you are not interested in living in the declining economies of the East, the answer is Lethbridge, Alberta.  According to Moneysense Magazine, here are their results from recent surveying across Canada.   Ranked 11th out of all cities in Canada,...
Homebuyers e-Valuate Mortgage Options OTTAWA, ON, April 26, 2010 — The 2010 Mortgage Consumer Survey , released today by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), shows that the Internet has become an important resource for first-time homebuyers with 89 per cent indicating that they looked...

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