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Lethbridge Real Estate - November Market Watch   As the winter sets in on southern Alberta, the local real estate market prepares for the weather to start to play a more dominant role.  Typically, when the snow and cold comes the traffic to open houses, the number of showings on listed homes, and...
Lethbridge Real Estate Recent statistics on the local real estate market in Lethbridge seem to give somewhat conflicting evidence in comparison to what many of my fellow industry members have been telling me lately about the status of many of their property listings.  For the past month the numbe...
Today the Bank of Canada lowered the 5 year mortgage qualifying rate to 5.29% and at the same time many banks and lenders lowered their 5 year rate to record lows.  I have 5 year fixed interest rates that are as low as 3.39% On approved credit.   Even for those with rough credit or who have had b...
Recently I seen that a Calgary mortgage broker or a Lender had designed and released a program called the 'buyer protection plan'.  From what I can tell the plan is a gimmick designed by either a company or individual who has lots of skills in selling but possibly not much experience in real esta...
Lethbridge Real Estate - Financing Modular and Mobile Homes:   Some details about financing for mobile homes include: ·         All financing for mobile homes is done through an insurer. ·         Financing is at posted rates, no discounts are available. ·         Maximum age of the mobile is 20 ...
Retire to Lethbridge   Many years ago it was quite customary for southern Albertans to retire to the Okanogan or to Vancouver Island.  Heck, last time I was out in Nanimo I happened to run across 2 real estate people who I knew from back when they sold houses in Lethbridge.  BC attracted a lot of...
Lethbridge Real Estate - Where are Prices Headed?   I get asked at least once a week from a curious friend or past client to predict where prices are going in this crazy market.  Most often they are simply curious and not actually interested in buying real estate or selling real estate, but they ...
Many of my clients whom I encounter doing transactions in lethbridge real estate or mortgage financing do not have an existing relationship with a lawyer.  While this is often not a problem, I do find it remarkable that so many people have their first encounter with Lethbridge Lawyers at the time...
Just taking a quick look at the interest rates available out there today.  My current best available rate for a 5 year fixed rate mortgage is 3.49%   Of course this rate is dependant upon strong credit and income and for the purchase of typical residential real estate.   I also have several mortg...
Canada Leads the World Economy   I have been blogging about it for 2 years now and telling people that if they want to invest their money into real estate in an area that has weathered the recession far better than any other, and to purchase property in an area that is strong and vibrant, they ne...

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