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 This is a picture of myself and my client Rick.  Rick is a crusty old bugger, a client, and a good friend of mine.  He has referred business to me over the years, including the sale of his mother's estate house.  So one day I was thinking I would like to show him my appreciation for all the supp...
 A friend of mine is putting his home up for sale in the next few months.  He is old and retired and wanting to move to something that offers him time to relax.  He might go to a seniors condo, but he is thinking he would like to stay in his own home right until he figures that he will need to hi...
Here is an article published on the AAP real estate news today about Canadian real estate investors who are selling their US properties.  As our currency has declined, the trend of Canadians liquidating US real estate is likely to continue in the short term.   If you are thinking of selling your...
Lethbridge Senior's' CondosI get a lot of calls from seniors wanting information on listings and availability of Lethbridge Senior's Condos.  Normally, I work with a ton of seniors in my business anyways, helping to manage and settle estates, helping in downsizing, even moving familes from off th...
Searching For Lethbridge Real EstateWhen you do a search on Google you can choose to do a regular search, or to do a video or image search instead.  Tonight i was looking for an old image of my previous real estate signs and so I did an image search for the phrase "Lethbridge Real Estate" and was...
Lethbridge Real Estate livestream     Hosting livestream events is sort of new and evolving.  As this technology is embraced it is going to become more and more common, so I have decided to give it a try.  The great thing about livestream is that you have an opportunity to interact directly with ...
This is a great blog post from a brand new member here at AR.  I really should follow this advice and use more images and tag them all properly in the future. When it comes to real estate, seo or search engine optimization has gone mainstream. There are over 7,000 posts dealing with the topic on ...
Lethbridge Real Estate Statistics - February 2016Our local real estate board keeps statistics on the listings and sales which are shared with them.  These sales which are recorded in the MLS can be used to give a rough snapshot of the Lethbridge real estate market and help to answer that question...
The weather in Lethbridge has been unusually rainy the past month.  This had had a an impact on the local Lethbridge real estate market.  It has caused problems for some homeowners and kept some others from being able to put their home on the market.   This past week I was out showing lethbridge...
Here is another of my old videos that I made about 6 years ago.  This one was a feature that google rolled out that you could do custom searches and make your own commercial.  They debuted it during the superbowl 6 years ago and I made this one about a week afterwards.  It was just a novelty vide...

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