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New Listing in North Lethbridgejust wanted to post a quick heads up about a new listing that is hitting the real estate market in Lethbridge tomorrow, I will stay up late and get the paperwork done hopefully, and it should be available before noon. This is a great family home.  Not large, but roc...
Lethbridge Couple on Amazing Race CanadaA young local couple is going to be contestants on the television show called Amazing Race Canada.  It is always great to see someone from your own city on these shows, or someone you are related to, or even just someone who your friends know. I look forwar...
Cheapest House in Lethbridge Are you looking for an inexpensive property? Are you just searching the internet and looking of the cheapest house in Lethbridge?  Well cheapest is not always the best value, but lets look at what you can get for a cheap price. Mobile homes - a mobile home is a self c...
This was a good blog post that was poster earlier but slipped by without anyone noticing it or commenting on it.  I just wanted to reblog it and so people can catch it, read it, share it, and comment on it.   We are often asked by our clients, Ho much under the listing price should we offer?  Thi...
How to Flip a House      With the many television shows showing people who buy old houses and fix them up to sell at a profit, there are an endless number of people who wish they could do that.  It looks like easy money on tv.  Heck they buy a house that is half price because it is dirty, they hi...
Cheap Lethbridge Real Estate          An article published today in our National media discusses how the average home price across Canada has increased and is now sitting around $508,000.  That is half a million dollars.  Now this number is not a true reflection of most of Canada, as that number ...
1119 - 28 Street South - Price Reduced  This great property was originally listed at $275,000 and had substantial interest, however it is still not sold.  The sellers have asked to reduce the price to $269,000 and are serious about selling.  Lets get it sold!  Come and look, bring your buyers, br...
What To Do When You Get a Foreclosure Notice      If you are a Lethbridge homeowner and you have been served a notice of foreclosure, you are probably scared and wondering what to do.  Let me help by giving you some direction. The Bank does not want to repossess your house!      A notice of forec...
A town in Alberta named Cochrane  is discussing the idea of renovating their main street down town area to resemble an old wild western town.  They hope that the concept would attract tourists who have an interest in seeing what an authentic wild west town would be like.  Currently, the town of F...
There has been a tremendous increase in the number of real esatate scammers and criminals who have surfaced recently in Canada.  I urge every consumer to seek professional advice before entering into ANY agreement of any sort with ANY individual regarding buying or selling real estate.   Contact ...

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