broker: Lethbridge Real Estate - Promoting Calgary Mortgage Broker - 06/20/11 08:54 PM
Lethbridge Real Estate and Mortgage News
I posted a day ago about how I was making a couple of websites to target the Calgary mortgage market for my brokerage partners who live and work there.
I made the sites over the weekend and submitted them for rapid indexing using my own private techniques.
As of today I ran a check to see if they had been hit by the Google spiders yet, and to no surprize they are fully indexed now.
The websites are now live and can be viewed at:  - Calgary Mortgage Broker

broker: Lethbridge Real Estate - $248,000 - 06/18/11 08:41 PM
Lethbridge Real Estate

Recently there has been lots of news coverage about the various real estate markets in Canada.  Alberta continues to be the most solid and stable market in the country.  Also of note is that New Home Construction in Lethbridge continues to be hot.  Also, the average home price was the lowest of any city in Alberta in Lethbridge, coming in at $248,000 for an average home.  This just points to one more reason why Lethbridge is poised to see another influx of home buyers this coming real estate season.
Robert May

broker: Lethbridge Real Estate - Financial Market Watch - 05/25/11 07:54 AM
TSX -57.15 Fri to 13,595.12 (Reuters) as most TSX sectors backed off amid another flare-up of worry over the European debt crisis. The TSX played catch up to losses that piled up on stock markets around the globe after S+ P's lowered its outlook on Italy's A-plus sovereign-credit rating from stable to negative last Friday. But the main concern centres on whether Greece will restructure its debt, a scenario that ratings agency Moody's said would constitute a default, which could badly hit the other debt-laden euro countries. DOW -25.05 to 12,356.21 On the economic front, the U.S. Commerce Department said new-home … (0 comments)

broker: Lethbridge Real Estate Blog - 02/24/11 09:59 AM
The new home of my Lethbridge Real Estate outside blog here at Activerain is now:
I will continue to post info on real estate, mortgages, homes for sale, and about the City and activities going on around town.  The content will remain much the same, but the address is now different.  2011 is going to be a year of change and transition, moving the outside blog is just one of those things.
Thanks again to all those who read, subscribe, and comment.  It is very much appreciated.

broker: Downtown Lethbridge - 08/12/10 05:06 PM
Downtown Lethbridge
Just another short video from my random videos of the City of Lethbridge.  I have been trying to capture some various different areas of the city on video so that people thinking about moving to Lethbridge or interested in it can take a look at it from afar.  So check out the video, and if you want any info on buying a home in Lethbridge or applying for a mortgage online get in touch with me.
Here is the video.

broker: West Lethbridge Real Estate - GS Lakie Middle School - 08/12/10 02:58 PM
West Lethbridge Real Estate - GS Lakie Middle School
The newly constructed GS Lakie middle school is located in the center of newly constructed homes in west lethbridge.  The homes in this area include semi-detached duplexes, attached condos, apartment condos, and lots of single family homes.  The area is designed with the multifamily units primarily located along the busier roads and the single family units behind them in crescents and cul-de-sac areas.
Being close to a school is attractive to young Lethbridge homeowners with children.  It allows their children to play and roam close to home, and also to walk … (0 comments)

broker: Lethbridge Real Estate - Choose The Right Mortgage Options - 07/05/10 04:38 PM
Lethbridge Mortgage Broker
Do you think 'The Bank' wants you to make smart choices when it comes to your mortgage?
A mortgage broker works for YOU, and not for the bank.  Contact an educated mortgage broker before you go house shopping, before you refinance, or before you sign ANYTHING the bank mails you.
A licensed mortgage broker, such as Robert May of Verico Canada First Mortgage, can provide you with clear advice and direction on the many options available to you.  He can help to show you how small choices can result in savings of tens of thousands of dollars.  … (3 comments)

broker: Prudence Paying Off For Canadian Mortgage Borrowers - Spring 2010 - 05/10/10 10:40 AM
Lethbridge Mortgages - Alberta Mortgages
The following are some statistics relating to mortgages across Canada.  I am sharing this on my Lethbridge real estate and mortgage websites, as many local Lethbridge mortgage consumers and my fellow real estate professionals may find it enoightening.
Some of it is very interesting.
• There are approximately 9.3 million homeowners in Canada, including about 5.55 million with mortgages.
• Almost 80 per cent of young borrowers have opted for a fixed rate mortgage or a mortgage that combines fixed and variable rates.
• A small number of mortgage consumers (17 per cent) have amortization periods … (2 comments)

broker: Lethbridge Real Estate - What is being searched - 05/10/10 07:31 AM
Lethbridge Real Estate
I like to check about once a month, exactly what search terms are popular for local Lethbridge consumers.  I do this so that in my Lethbridge real estate marketing, I can stay current and keep my internet sites ranked well and present in search engines.  This helps me generate new Lethbridge real estate clients, but also close deals for my existing clients.
I usually start with the entire list of popular searches and then weed out all of the ones that are clearly not related to Lethbridge or real estate.  This typically includes a ton of job … (1 comments)

broker: Lethbridge Real Estate - Revenue Property - 02/28/10 04:01 PM
Lethbridge Real Estate - Just Listed

This great southside bungalow just listed this weekend.  Located at 2104 - 7 Ave. South Lethbridge on a great corner lot and has wonderful street appeal.  The home is directly across from a playground and school yard, and just one block away from Henderson Park.  You would be hard pressed to find a better location when shopping for Lethbridge real estate.
The interior of this home has been upgraded and so has the mechanical.  It is bright, clean, and in move in condition.
The basement is fully developed into a non-conforming suite, … (2 comments)

broker: Lethbridge Real Estate - News Release re: - 01/28/10 08:21 PM

broker: Lethbridge Real Estate - Henderson Lake Park pt2 - 01/27/10 04:27 AM
Lethbridge Real Estate Video Series - Henderson Lake Park pt2
Yet another video in my attempt to record some of the attactions, facilities, and real estate in Lethbridge and area.  This short video is part 2 taken at Henderson Lake, located in the middle of South Lethbridge.
If you have been watching any of my other videos this will make sense, if not feel free to click back a few pages and catch up on them.  You will notice that I am a rookie video maker and not entirely comfortable talking to a camera yet, but what the heck.... 

broker: Lethbridge Real Estate - Southmeadows Villas - Fairmont Park Condos - 01/19/10 12:06 PM
Lethbridge Real Estate - Southmeadows Villas Adult Condos
Once again, another quick video I made of a Lethbridge real estate development.  This compound is called Southmeadows Villas, and it is an adult living condo complex.  The units in it are all semi-detached (duplex style) condominiums.  All units feature an attached double garage and the units on the south back onto the Fairmont lake.
If you are interested in Adult Living or Seniors Condos in Lethbridge, take a look at the quick video and give me a call.

Once again, I apologise for the shaky and short … (4 comments)

broker: Lethbridge Real Estate - Fairmont Village Green - 01/14/10 06:09 PM
Lethbridge Real Estate - Fairmont Village Green
Village Green is an adult living condo complex located in Fairmont Park subdivision or south Lethbridge.  This little complex is one of the most affordable seniors housing option available and they are hard to come by.  When these units come on the Lethbridge real estate market they sell fast.
Here is a quick little video I made from the entrance to the Lethbridge condos.  It is terrible quality and was made my first day trying to figure out how to do video, so please excuse the quality and my obvious discomfort talking on … (12 comments)

broker: Lethbridge Real Estate - Manufactured Homes - 01/13/10 03:38 PM
Lethbridge Real Estate - Manufactured Homes
Another short video I made, showing a local Lethbridge manufactured home dealer.  Here in Lethbridge we are fortunate to have 2 large manufacturers of prefabricated homes and several dealers who sell them.  These manufactured homes have come a long way from the days that they were referred to as 'trailers' or 'mobile homes'.
These Lethbridge homes are now build in a climate controlled indoor factory to the same construction standards as a site built home.  Many of the floor plans resemble those of local Lethbridge new home builders, with many of them designed to … (5 comments)

broker: Lethbridge Real Estate - Coulee Creek Subdivision - 01/12/10 09:44 AM
Lethbridge real estate - Coulee Creek subdivision

In my ongoing picture and video series of various neighborhoods in Lethbridge.  This is a pic of the entrance to Coulee Creek.  For those who do not live around here, the name probably sounds pretty weird.  A "coulee" is the name given to the valley through which a river flows.  This coulee valley was formed many years ago when the rivers where hundreds of times larger and eroded a much wider and deeper path.
In Southern Alberta, the coulees provide a break from the flat prairie landscape.  They are … (0 comments)

broker: Lethbridge Real Estate - Fairmont Park South - 01/09/10 09:31 AM
Lethbridge Real Estate - Fairmont Park South
Fairmont Park, or Fairmont as it is more commonly called, is a newer subdivision on the south end of Lethbridge, Alberta.  This area was developed over 10 years ago and sold extremely well.  It is located in a great spot, close to commercial and recreational opportunities and is built around a lake.  Real Estate in Fairmont still sells extremely well and the area remains in high demand.  Homes in Fairmont range from the low $300's up to near 1 million dollars for some of the mansions backing onto the lake.
Bear with me … (1 comments)

broker: Lethbridge Real Estate Online - 12/27/09 05:17 PM
Lethbridge Real Estate Online

In addition to this blog, I have a couple of other specific destination websites.  Each serves a unique purpose for me and my clients.  The newest website that I own and operate is   This website is build on the point2 homes framework and is designed as a place for me to post and syndicate listings and for my customers to easily search through the Lethbridge MLS system for available listings.

If you are at the early stages of shopping for lethbridge real estate and do not want to be pressured or bothered by … (0 comments)

broker: Wanted: Single Women - 03/08/09 05:48 PM
According to the following article, the time to buy is now!  With spring approaching, interest rates low, and a great inventory of motivated sellers, now is a perfect time to contact a mortgage and real estate professional and explore your options. Lethbridge Mortgage Broker Lethbridge Real Estate
Single women are keen to buy and now is the perfect time, survey says Helen Morris, National Post  Published: Thursday, March 05, 2009

Among single, independent female purchasers, 35% said one of the best aspects of home ownership is having a yard or garden to enjoy.
As home prices and … (16 comments)

broker: Ticketmaster Is CRAP! They Are Worse Than Scalpers! - 03/05/09 03:58 AM
Recently this week, there was more news regarding investigation into the practices of Ticketmaster.  A company with a near monopoly on the sale of event tickets here in Canada.  Ticketmaster is currently in merger talks with LiveNation, which would effectively eliminate all competition from the event ticket market.
(try googling 'ticketmaster sucks' for some great customer feedback)
I hate ticketmaster.  Let me get that out of the way first.  Ticketmaster are, in my opinion, a bunch of crooks, the overcharge, up-charge, and take advantage of consumers in any way possible.  I have been screwed by them on at least a … (4 comments)

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