lethbridge real estate: Price Reduced - Lethbridge Real Estate Listing - 06/14/16 04:24 PM
1119 - 28 Street South - Price Reduced
This great property was originally listed at $275,000 and had substantial interest, however it is still not sold.  The sellers have asked to reduce the price to $269,000 and are serious about selling.  Lets get it sold!  Come and look, bring your buyers, bring your Father for father's day, bring you check book!  Come have a look at this great family home in one of the best neighborhoods in Lethbridge.  This house is priced to sell and could be your next home.

lethbridge real estate: What are Zero Lot Lines - Calgary, Alberta - 05/28/16 07:10 AM
Here is a blog that was posted by a guy who doesn't live too far away from me and helps to explain the concept of zero lot lines.  I recently had a client who came to me wanting to view  Lethbridge real estate who wrote an offer on a property like this.
What are Zero Lot Lines - Calgary, Alberta
Zero lot lines gained popularity in Calgary sometime in the late 70’s as the previously popular 50’ lots became more and more scarce and narrow lots became the order of the day. As the city grew in size and inched it’s … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: 1119 - 28 Street South - Lethbridge, AB - 04/07/16 02:21 PM
New Real Estate Listing in Lethbridge
Here is a great home that I just listed for sale.  This new listing is a great family bungalow in the perfect location.  Located in the Lakeview area of south Lethbridge, this property features 2+2 bedrooms, 2 fully renovated new bathrooms, oak kitchen, all original hardwood floors in perfect condition, new tile floor in kitchen, and a brand newly renovated basement.  Outside, this home has no maintenance vinyl siding exterior, upgraded shingles, a detached double garage leading out to a paved alley, and a fully fenced mature back yard.
You really couldn't ask for more in a … (8 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Real Estate Statistics Feb 2016 - 03/19/16 08:00 AM
Lethbridge Real Estate Statistics - February 2016
Our local real estate board keeps statistics on the listings and sales which are shared with them.  These sales which are recorded in the MLS can be used to give a rough snapshot of the Lethbridge real estate market and help to answer that questions, "what is my lethbridge house worth?".
Other than keeping these stats, the Lethbridge Real Estate Board is of no use to me.   Many years ago it was a useful and functional organization which fostered cooperation and promotion in the local real estate industry amongst the wide variety of REALTORS and other … (3 comments)

lethbridge real estate: 822 Aberdeen Place West Lethbridge - For Sale - 01/20/16 03:33 PM
New Exclusive Lethbridge Real Estate Listing
real estate listing
Don't let the snow and cold weather fool you, this listing is HOT!
This great new listing is a 1400 square foot 2 storey home that has only 1 owner.  It was custom built by Canyon Homes of Lethbridge, who is one of our smaller high quality and low volume new home builders.  This home is on probably the largest pie shaped lot in the subdivision which gives it the most remarkable back yard.  There is a full yard, a dog run, and still room to build a triple garage off of the alley.
The home … (8 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Social Engagement and SEO - 1000 Word Experiment - 10/20/15 03:32 PM
     Today I just wanted to write about something which is pretty important, social engagement and seo.  What I am referring to is how search engines give credit to and value the way your profiles on social media, your website, your facebook page, your tweets, etc, are received by other people.  The value of your content and the way people interact with your content has changed so much in the past 3 years it is amazing, so I just wanted to share my personal experience and current assessment of this issue with you.  Hopefully it gives you some ideas and encourages … (7 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Paperless Office, almost. - 07/25/12 02:17 AM
About a year ago I did an interview with REM magazine about taking an office wireless and paperless.  I have been experimenting and working towards that goal for over a decade.  My little real estate brokerage, Rainbow Realty in Lethbridge, Alberta was the first real estate brokerage in Canada to attempt to go wireless and paperless nearly a decade ago. 
At that time, it was an uphill battle to make these changes.  This was before the invention of conveniences such as cloud storage, smart phones, and modern devices.  This was before there was any history or experience making use of … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Where has time gone? - 01/24/12 05:50 PM
Wow, I have been so busy the past while helping others with their business that I have neglected to spend adequate time on my own business it seems.  Crazy that this is exactly what I tell others to avoid doing.  So what is one to do but get right back at it and to pick up where they left off.  This is a far better choice than avoiding getting back to business and using your procrastination as another excuse to continue to avoid things.
So without further delay, I am back.  I have tons of great things to share and … (4 comments)

lethbridge real estate: New Lethbridge Real Estate Video - 09/13/11 10:35 AM
Just had a professional make me a quick 50 second video for my Lethbridge real estate website - Lethbridge real estate.
Take a look at it and please feel free to leave me a comment or even better a thumbs up on the video if your able to.  Every single one helps out with the ranking and placement in search results, and I really appreciate the support of all my friends.
This video will run automatically when someone visits the Lethbridge real estate website and will hopefully encourage them to spend a bit of time there, click the LIKE or … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Real Estate - Homes In Lethbridge - 09/08/11 07:24 PM
Lethbridge Real Estate - Homes in Lethbridge
As September is upon us the prime season for selling your home in Lethbridge has come and gone.  While the weather is still decent for the most part buyers and sellers who are serious about moving have already done so.  It is a fact that our local Lethbridge real estate market revolves highly around the school year.  This is partly due to the large number of young families in Lethbridge, but also due to the large number of students who come here to attend the University of Lethbridge or the Lethbridge College.  Both … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Real Estate - Good Offers VS Bad Offers - 08/14/11 09:00 AM
Lethbridge Real Estate
Good Offers VS Bad Offers

Last night I received an offer on a Lethbridge home for sale that I have listed.  The list price on the property is about $250k and it has only been on the market since the start of the month.  This is the 2nd offer we have received, with the first one being unsuccessful as the purchasers were unable to obtain suitable financing to make it work for them.  They are still in the background, trying to hunt down financing, but for all purposes they are a lost cause on this particular deal. 

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Homes For Sale - 08/13/11 12:42 PM
Lethbridge Real Estate

Lethbridge House For Sale
-over 1100 square foot bungalow
-3 mainfloor bedrooms
-hardwood floors throughout
-well treed and fenced yard
-basement has nice 1 bedroom suite
Asking price: $248,900 which makes it one of the best deals around!
For details on this or any other Lethbridge homes for sale, feel free to contact me through this website or directly at my contact info which appears on this page.
Lethbridge Real Estate

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Real Estate - 5 Year Fixed Interest Rates 3.09% - 08/11/11 11:22 AM
Lethbridge Real Estate - 5 Year Fixed Interest Rates 3.09%
As a result of the declining and suffering economies of the world, the Canadian economic recovery will be slower than anticipated by the Bank of Canada.  With the US announcing this week that they will hold interest rates low for the next couple years (copying the statements made by Bank of Canada 2 years ago) has sent a strong sign that things will remain as is for the time being.  With that news, the market in Canada is also held back and our interest rates will also be held down … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Real Estate - Interest Rate News - 07/19/11 05:55 AM
Lethbridge Real Estate The following news regarding interest rates was released by the Bank of Canada today.  Basically, the point is that their outlook for the markets in Canada is one that is of the opinion that things are on track, or close to on track.  Adjusting the interest rate is one of the tools that the Government can use via the Bank of Canada to manipulate the economy, financial markets, and the mortgage market.  When they want to slow things down they simply raise rates slightly.
Of course right now the economic stresses of the USA and Europe are … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: 113 Jerry Potts Blvd W. Lethbridge - Real Estate - 07/08/11 09:55 AM
Lethbridge Real Estate - 113 Jerry Potts Blvd West

Just listed MLS this nice bi-level home.  Check out some of the details.
-over 1100 square feet
-3 mainfloor bedrooms
-big bright windows
-basement fully developed, 2 berooms, bath, livingroom
-basement features kitchenette
-basement previously rented for $900/month
-large fenced yard
-backs onto large treed green strip
Priced Aggressively at $254,700.00
There are several lethbridge homes listed down around the $249,000 price range that just do not compare.  When we have our rush of summer home buying, it is common to start at the low end of the … (3 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Real Estate Blog Moving! - 02/10/11 12:58 PM
It is official, as of today I have moved my Activerain outside blog to a new domain.
I have taken the old domain that it was previously hosted on and converted that domain to a traditional website and now have created a new domain to host the outside blog. 
The new domain is
So now I will set about getting that new domain ranked back up where my other blog had previously ranked on the first page of google for Lethbridge Real Estate.

lethbridge real estate: 2011 Changes Coming to My Activerain Blog - 02/09/11 05:56 PM
2011 Changes Coming to My Activerain Blog
I have to apologise for falling off the blogging bus for these past few months.  For a couple of years I did not go a day without writing or reading on Activerain.  It was a bit of a habit, but it also helped generate business.  Another side effect of all of the blogging and marketing I had been doing was that it launched another business here in my city helping others do the same sort of thing.
Myself and a partner opened a business marketing office and have helped many other local … (6 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Real Estate - Welcome to 2011, Are You Prepared? - 01/02/11 04:12 PM
Lethbridge Real Estate - Welcome to 2011
Are you thinking about buying or selling real estate in Lethbridge or area in 2011?  Can I help you?
If you are looking to buy or sell a home or an investment property this year, it is important that you have the strongest assets available working on your side.  This includes surrounding yourself with individuals who can make the process easier, more efficient, and most of all more profitable for you.
A skilled and experienced real estate broker is one of the most important assets you can have at your disposal.  I … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge SEO and Your Home - 11/16/10 10:52 AM
Lethbridge SEO and Your Home
So what on earth does SEO (search engine optimization) and your Lethbridge real estate have in common?  Well for many of you, NOTHING.

However, the reality is that more and more buyers and sellers are turning to the internet for information regarding buying, selling, renting, leasing, and listing their Lethbridge real estate.  When they turn to Google (as about 80% or more in our region do) and they start searching, can they find your real estate agent?  Can they find your property listing?  Can they find information that they want that makes them want to … (3 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Real Estate - November Market Watch - 10/31/10 04:22 PM
Lethbridge Real Estate - November Market Watch
As the winter sets in on southern Alberta, the local real estate market prepares for the weather to start to play a more dominant role.  Typically, when the snow and cold comes the traffic to open houses, the number of showings on listed homes, and the number of home buyers who want to go out shopping always dwindles to smaller numbers.  As a result of this weather dependant behavior, home owners who are hoping to sell their properties need to be prepared for these changes.  Be a smart seller, gather real estate info.

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