lethbridge real estate: Canada Mortgage Bonds Predict Interest Rates - 09/26/09 06:07 PM

CMB Spreads Back to Normal At the height of last fall’s credit panic, Canada Mortgage Bonds traded over 65 basis points above their regular government bond counterparts.
That’s significant because, like government of Canada (GoC) bonds, CMBs are supposed to be backed by the government and risk-free.
Things are much better now.  Investors are no longer jittery about Canada’s real estate and credit markets like they were 11-12 months ago. In turn, CMB spreads have shrunk back to a 21-basis point GoC premium (much more normal).
That, of course, is welcome news to the mortgage market. Not only are … (1 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Relocation Package - 09/21/09 09:25 PM
For the past 15 years, I have had many real estate clients who arrive to live and work or retire to Lethbridge from various locations across Canada and the world.  In the past, I used to provide these clients with a package in advance of their arrival to the area.  This bundle was referred to as a 'relocation package'.
Stuffed into this package of info was always a map, lists of schools and recreational activities, economic projections, housing stats, and lots of other dry stuff that really was just in there to make the pack look much more extensive and … (7 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Moving To Lethbridge - 09/18/09 06:30 AM
If you are lucky enough to be moving to Lethbridge, here is some links to some great information to help make your move smoother.  Of course, if you do not find the info you need here, feel free to contact me.  Often is helps to have someone who is local providing you with some insight and guidance so that you make smart choices and your move goes well.  While my business is Lethbridge real estate and Lethbridge mortgage financing, I do have substantial experience with many other aspects which may be of benefit to you.
I have lived in and … (3 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Things to do in Lethbridge - 09/12/09 05:20 PM
There are many things to do when you are visiting or living in Lethbridge.  We are mere minutes away from so many activities and hours away from others.  An hour north of the US border and an hour east of the Rocky Mountains.  Included in the things you may be interested in are many historic sites.  Here is some info on historic things in the area.
Southern Alberta Historic Sites
Experience Southern Alberta’s Amazing Natural And Cultural Heritage
Southern Alberta is known for its UNESCO World Heritage sites, aboriginal culture, cowboy heritage, breathtaking mountain scenery and rich history. Discover Alberta … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Beware of Bears in Alberta - 09/12/09 04:58 PM
It's that time of year again.  People are making their last few camping trips to the mountains before the trees change colors and the leaves fall.  One important thing to remember is that this is also a time when bear presence and activity is increased.  Please beware of bears. 
Here is some info provided by the Gov't of Alberta on the Alberta BearSmart Program.  The links are very good information for anyone who spends time camping.
Alberta BearSmart Program Last Review/Updated: August 7, 2008
Alberta BearSmart Brochures Bears and Hunters Bears and Residents Bears and Outdoor Recreation Bears … (2 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Foodbank Charity Dinner and Auction - 09/12/09 04:53 PM

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Airport Set to Expand and Grow - 09/12/09 04:46 PM
County of Lethbridge and City of Lethbridge partner to create new Airport Enhancement and Marketing Initiative. <!-- Main Content Start -->
September 8, 2009
Lethbridge - The County of Lethbridge and the City of Lethbridge are pleased to announce a joint effort to enhance air service and promote airside land development at the Lethbridge County Airport. The two Councils held a special joint meeting today where a Memorandum of Understanding was signed. The new Airport Enhancement and Marketing Initiative (AEMI) will be led by a joint Steering Committee of the two councils and will focus on activities that promote the airport. … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: More Jobs Coming to Lethbridge - 09/12/09 04:44 PM
American Firm Expands its Lethbridge-based Operation <!-- Main Content Start -->
September 9, 2009
Lethbridge - Ring Container Technologies Inc. (Ring), an Oakland, Tennessee-based company, announced in January 2007 that it was choosing Lethbridge for its first Canadian plastics manufacturing plant. Since beginning production in Fall 2007, the plant has more than doubled production and significantly increased the space it occupies in the in the Shackleford Industrial Park. Bill Halley, General Manager for the Lethbridge operation, says, “Not only has the strong demand for plastic bottles for our Canadian food processing customers continued, in just 18 months we have been able … (2 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Condos - 09/10/09 02:13 PM
Lethbridge Condos

Many consumers, and some real estate professionals even, do not fully understand what exactly a condo is.  For many, when they hear the word 'Condo' they automatically think of rows of crappy old townhouses like these ones shown here. These are actually townhouses and not Lethbridge condos.
These townhouse units may or may not be condos.
Others, when they think of 'Condos', quickly imagine converted apartment buildings.
Many older apartment building have been converted, but not all of them are condos.  Lethbridge has many old apartments which have now been converted into … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: All About Lethbridge Alberta - 09/10/09 01:35 PM

Real Estate
Real estate prices in Lethbridge are affordable.  In fact, it is the most affordable city in the entire province.  With small starter homes prices under $200k and traditional single family homes under $300k, there are lots of options.  Plenty of new construction is available on all sides of the City, and there are many new home builders to choose from.  Contact Robert May of Rainbow Realty at 403-330-3039 for specific information on homes and investments properties in Lethbridge.
LifestyleResidents of Lethbridge enjoy a high quality of life.  An affordable cost of living, due in part … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Alberta Real Estate, Back On Track - 09/09/09 08:41 PM
Alberta Real Estate Prices Back On Track Two years ago, the economics within the Province of Alberta were solid as a rock.  Business was growing at a nice steady pace.  Major corporations were shifting their head offices from Eastern Canada out west to either Calgary or Edmonton.  The price of commodities was fairly stable.  Home prices were moving up at a consistent 3 to 6% a year.  Things were great!
Then the price of oil started to climb rapidly.  The market in Alberta seen a huge influx of foreign investment and immigration.  The housing and employment sector could not keep … (3 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Gaining Technorati Authority - 09/08/09 03:59 PM
Hours ago I signed up my Lethbridge Real Estate and Mortgage blog for inclusion in Technorati.  (if you are reading this some place other than directly on my blog website, the url is: LethbridgeRealEstateBlog.com
Technorati is sort of like a directory or search engine for blogs.  Being included in there can be important for gaining exposure to your real estate blog and also to your google rankings.  Of course, one I join something such as this, I spend the next few hours learning how to maximize my efforts there and how to gain as much exposure as possible.
Technorati … (6 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Rental Property - 09/06/09 06:58 PM

Lethbridge Rental Property
The Lethbridge rental market is always toughest the end of August and the beginning of September.  This is primarily due to the large number of students who arrive in Lethbridge to attend Lethbridge College or the University of Lethbridge. Between these 2 post secondary institutions there are over 20,000 students!
For a little city with a population of just over 80,000 this is a huge influx of people needing rental accomodations in Lethbridge.
The vacancy rate this time of year is 0.  In fact, it is usually below zero, with some students commuting from neighboring … (2 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Parade in Pics - 09/05/09 06:08 PM


lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Real Estate Now Distributed by RSS - 09/05/09 09:42 AM
Lethbridge Real Estate  Welcome to my Lethbridge real estate and mortgage blog providing direct access to local Lethbridge Realtor and mortgage broker.  If you are shopping for a forclosure, bank owned, repossession, fixer upper, distress sale, or court ordered sale, you need to be in my direct call list.  If you are interested in selling, you need to make your home available to my cash money investors who are actively seeking houses and land in Lethbridge.  Give me a call via the contact info in this blog and lets have a chat.
No obligation, just solid advice you can take … (2 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Blogs - 09/03/09 07:33 PM
Lethbridge blogs are one tool I use to stay current on information on Lethbridge.  I try to keep an eye on my community Lethbridge Alberta.  Partially because it is good for business, but also because it is great to be the sort of guy who knows what is going on in the Lethbridge business community.  Often it is the sort of information that can help a client make a smart move based upon future developments.  So despite being focused upon Lethbridge real estate, I follow everything pertaining to the city.
One of the things that I utilize to keep up … (2 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Search Lethbridge MLS Listings - 09/02/09 02:44 PM
Want to do a quick search of Lethbridge MLS real estate listings on your own time? Try this out: … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: House Flipping, Is It Over? - 09/02/09 01:08 PM
Courtesy my Verico Canada First newletter, which I will be sending out to interested people this week, comes the following reprinted article.
Having been involved in several reno projects of my own and for friends, family, and clients, I can offer first hand advice on this subject matter that is a little bit more market specific to your area.  Give me a call if you want to talk a little bit of real estate.
Flipping houses is a hot topic these days. Here are 10 tips to help you find the perfect flip from HGTV’s The Big … (2 comments)

lethbridge real estate: The 10 Commandments of Active Rain - 09/01/09 12:36 PM
The 10 Commandments of Active Rain
1. Become a Rainmaker
2. Set up an Outside blog
3. Fill out your profile completely
4. Blog weekly, daily if you can.  10 a week is fantastic.
5. Comment daily, at least 10 a day for maximum results
6. Subscribe to interesting blogs, Add insteresting Associates
7. Blog about relevant subject material
8. Use linked keywords and phrases in your blogs
9. Utilize a well written signature with linked keywords and phrases
10.  Post your blogs to proper channels, groups, and localism

lethbridge real estate: Canadian Real Estate Association Revises Forecast Upwards! - 08/28/09 06:33 AM
Much stronger than expected MLS sales throughout the country in the second quarter of this year has forced the Canadian Real Estate Association to revise its home sales forecast for this year and 2010.
The national organization of realtors said activity has climbed throughout the quarter and into July and the “remarkable recovery of resale housing” has prompted the change to its forecast.
“The speed and magnitude of the rebound in sales activity to date has lifted CREA’s national forecast for the number of transactions to 432,600 units. This represents an annual decline in activity of 0.4 per cent compared to … (0 comments)

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