lethbridge real estate: Bing Lethbridge or Bing Active Rain? How is your Bing Ranking? - 07/14/09 07:24 PM
Bing is a new search engine which may point to some ways that we need to evolve our web activities and presence if we intend to continue to stay relevant and on the top of consumers search results.  The following is an artical which I just read which I think everyone with a website should read.  I am reposting it with full credit to the author, Rene LeMerle, leaving all of his original links completely intact.  Feel free to follow them back to his SEO website and read more great content.
Bing SEO - How to Get Top 10 … (2 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Canadians Having Trouble Paying The Bills - 07/06/09 05:15 AM
More Canadians miss payments
Half-million consumers fall more than 90 days behind on credit bills
Record news services
More than half a million Canadians have fallen behind on their various credit payments, fuelling a 19 per cent rise in the average national delinquency rate in the one-year period ending May 31, says a new report from Equifax Canada.
The credit bureau called the double-digit jump "alarming," noting the average delinquency rate for Canada hit 1.52 per cent at the end of May.
Much of the trouble stemmed from missed payments on credit card bills and for sales finance purchases of … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Home Renovation Tax Credit - 06/29/09 07:34 AM
A new poll suggests more than one in three Canadians plan to take advantage of the federal government's home-renovation tax credit.
More than eight in 10 questioned in the Harris-Decima/Canadian Press survey said they were aware of the program, under which eligible applicants can receive a tax rebate of as much as $1,350 if they invest up to $10,000 in renovations on their home.
"Unlike many new tax policies, which only get noticed by accountants and actuaries, the government of Canada has successfully communicated the introduction of the home-renovation tax credit to Canadians," said Harris-Decima's senior vice-president, Jeff Walker.
"This program … (1 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Interest Rates - 06/26/09 04:43 AM
MERIX has launched an 18 month Fixed Rate term at the rate of 2.75% for your clients:
    Deal must close by August 28th 2009
    New Deals Only, No pre-approvals
    Switches and transfers are not permitted
    The 18-month term is convertible at any time with no penalty to a 5 year fixed rate mortgage, at published rates available at time of conversion
    Available on both conventional and high ratio (CMHC)
    Commission will be paid based on a 2 year term, which means after 2 years, you will start to earn 20bps each year upon renewal

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Mortgage Market - 06/25/09 04:59 AM
At our annual conference this week, John Bordignon, EVP of Strategic Development with Paradigm Quest, gave an extremely informative presentation on bond yields and interest rates. Here are the main points he shared:
·         Expect to see 12-18 months of yo-yo markets (the TSX, Dow, and subsequently, the Bond Market) in which we will see surges and retreats (as we have seen over the past month)
·         The US will take longer to recover than initial estimates
·         The economies to watch as the fastest growing nations are from BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China)
·         Rates will stay relatively low … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Mortgage Pre-Approvals - 06/19/09 03:13 PM
June 18, 2009
Pre-Approvals: A Dying Breed?
Pre-approvals are something many lenders could do without.  The problem (from a lender’s perspective) is that people get pre-approved and then frequently don’t close.
One bank that recently did away with pre-approvals in the broker channel was rumoured to be losing $20 million a year on them.
Pre-approvals are pretty expensive, and the return for lenders is debateable.  In most cases, less than one-third of pre-approvals actually close.  Meanwhile, the lender is tying up human resources to process the applications, as well as capital to hedge the rates (if rates move adversely, the lender … (2 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Mortgage Brokers - 06/10/09 06:46 PM

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Real Estate - 06/10/09 06:34 PM
I have had my blog running on Active rain for about 8 months now.  Initially, I started an Active Rain profile hoping that it would increase the profile and google rankings of my LethbridgeLoans.com website.  I wrote a few articles about Lethbridge, about Lethbridge Real Estate, Lethbridge mortgage information, etc.  I figured that it was important to have a mix of business, personal, and community content on the blog.  My main website, apart from being a great tool for accepting online mortgage applications, is an online business card.  It is how Lethbridge consumers find me.
Recently, I started an outside … (4 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Online Open House Marketing - 06/09/09 06:27 PM
   This past weekend I did an open house.
I did no newspaper marketing at all.  I didn't print flyers.  I didn't even put directional signs up directing stray traffic to my property.  None of that traditional stuff that seems like we do simply because everyone else does it.
What I did do was put a for sale sign on the property.  I also had a big yellow sign made that says "open house saturday 2-4pm" and placed that on the property several days in advance.  I then proceeded to post the news of the open house through … (15 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Open House - Best Deal in the City - 06/03/09 01:02 PM
Just listed a great property in South Lethbridge.  Location, location location, right? 
1020 Fern Cres. South
Well if you are smart and following that advice, then this is the property you have been waiting for to appear on the market.  Large square footage, 4 level split, nice big yard, beautifully treed and landscaped, hardwood through the entire top 2 levels, 3rd level walk out to back yard.
The home is an estate sale, and as a result the property is in much of its original condition, but it is solid as a rock and priced extremely aggressively at only $259,900.00

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Rental Properties - 06/02/09 08:17 PM
Basement Suites in the Lethbridge Real Estate Market lethbridge mortgage broker lethbridge real estate
 This is a repost of a blog I made in January of this year, however as I have been receiving several questions this past week from potential home buyers regarding Lethbridge real estate containing basement suites, I thought I would dig this up and repost it.  Enjoy.....
For many years, illegal and non-conforming basement suites have been the bane of many real estate transactions and mortgage applications.  The City of Lethbridge has tried to deal with the situation several times in the past few decades, at one … (0 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Reverse Mortgages - 05/27/09 10:46 AM
Effective today, Wednesday, May 27, 2009 … A Reverse Mortgage for as low as … 6.75%!!*
See attached CHIP Fact Sheet for full details and new rates effective May 27, 2009:
1 Year Term = 6.95%
5 Year Term = 7.95%
A new report by the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada (CGA-Canada) reveals that household debt has reached an all-time high of $1.3 trillion in 2008.  According to the report, Canadian families are financing consumption activity with unearned money as they increasingly reach for credit to finance day-to-day living expenses.
The report, … (3 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Mortgage Rates - 05/27/09 07:24 AM
Adjustable rate mortgages are becoming very popular with clients who seek to have low rate and flexibility in their real estate financing.  One of the lenders that I use, Merix, has been very aggressive in chasing these clients and offering the best rates around.
If you are looking for lethbrdge real estate financing or looking to access some of the equity in your existing real estate, take a read and feel free to call me.
Merix’s new ARM rate is PRIME + 40!!!
With Prime at 2.25% today, that is 2.65% !
How long is … (1 comments)

lethbridge real estate: 101 FREE Real Estate Marketing Tips - 05/21/09 08:10 AM
Okay, now I know you are pretty excited to get 101 FREE marketing tips right?  Afterall the price is right.  However, I am going to need a little help from you to make this list up.  I would like each of you to take a second, read the list of tips and marketing ideas, and add one or more of your own to the list.
In the interest of making the list easy for the next person to read and avoid duplicates, I ask that you cut and paste the list and then add your own to the bottom.

lethbridge real estate: Lethbridge Housing Starts Increase - 05/13/09 05:03 AM
For the third month in a row single-family housing starts have increased in Lethbridge and surrounding area.Just don’t read too much into it or assume the recession is coming to an end, at least not yet.“We always see movement at this time of year,” says Jean Greer McCarthy, president of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, Lethbridge region.
McCarthy says new-home starts normally increase in the spring as the weather grows warmer and more people visit showhomes. But it’s still a good sign the home-building industry is doing well, she adds.“The market is getting  better.”
There were 35 housing starts in the … (2 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Interest Rates At Bottom and Reversing - 05/12/09 10:09 AM
Recent interest rate specials have presented existing homeowners and new home buyers with historically low interest rate opportunities.  There have been signs this week of an end to these ultra low rates.  Just last week the bond rate yield INCREASED which puts pressure upon the banks to increase the mortgage rates.  This upward pressure may put an end to rate decreases and reverse rates back up slightly.
This ominous email arrived today from one of my preferred lenders regarding a couple of their rate specials which are now scheduled to come to an end by the end of the month.  … (3 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Have I ever been slacking! - 05/07/09 07:34 PM
Not with my business and not with my clients, but with taking time for myself and to get back to basics.
Activerain has been very good to me.  I write a little about my community, a lot about the mortgage and real estate market, and a little bit about myself and what I do for people to help fulfill their real estate needs.  However, the month of April was remarkably busy.
Normally, I have a fairly relaxed schedule and am able to meet clients on fairly short notice and quite conveniently.  For the past month, my client list has … (10 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Want a Low Rate on your Mortgage? Think Twice! - 04/01/09 12:22 PM

Fishing for Suckers?  The Rate is the Bait
As rates decline lower and lower over recent months, many lenders and banks want to be the first to market that they are fractions of a percent lower than their competition.  Also, since we as mortgage brokers have access to all of these low rates, there is a tendency to get sucked into the hype and to do the same.
This week there has been several lenders offering to further discount their rates from their already low level.  Yes you can get a 5 year fixed term rate in … (2 comments)

lethbridge real estate: The Trickle Down of a Slow Economy - 03/29/09 03:39 PM
Here in Alberta, our recent economic boom was spurred by commodity prices increasing, especially oil.  The oil boom brought a lot of corporate money into the province, lots of exploration, lots of production, and lots of employees.
Now that corporations are feeling the financial crunch of a slowing global economy.  Many of them are cutting back on any excessive spending and cutting corners where they can.  As a result, lots of them are giving up expansion plans and instead consolidating and shrinking down their physical size.  As they get smaller, their footprint on the economy of Alberta also shrinks.
They lease … (1 comments)

lethbridge real estate: Using the Smith Manouver to Payoff Your Mortgage Faster - 03/25/09 03:53 PM

Several years ago Ellen Roseman of the Toronto Star wrote an article about "The Smith Manouver".  Still to this day the book continues to be popular and clients ask questions about the effectiveness of the strategy.  Here is a bit of informaion about it.
Fraser Smith has written a bestselling book on personal finance by telling Canadians not to pay off their mortgages.
He wants people to convert bad debt (a mortgage) to good debt (an investment loan) by swapping one for the other.
By using something called a "readvanceable mortgage," you can get a tax deduction for … (4 comments)

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