child identity theft: Child Identity Theft: Protecting Your Child’s Identity - 07/29/20 05:54 AM
Do you have a kid who has gotten a pre-approved credit card offer in the mail? If so, their identity might have been stolen. Child ID theft is when a person uses a minor’s Social Security number to commit some type of fraud, which can include opening credit cards, taking out a loan, or even applying for government benefits.
Something like this can go on for years, and you might not even know it. But there are things you can do to protect your child’s identity, so keep reading.
How Does Child Identity Theft Occur and What are the Warning Signs?
In general, child … (2 comments)

child identity theft: The Smart Parent Guide to Digital Literacy - 11/27/19 06:43 AM
If you are the parent of a child or teen who uses the internet, here are some stats you need to know:
Stats About Teens and the Internet
Teens think that the internet is mostly private They also think that they can make the best decisions for their life online They believe they are safe online and that people are who they say they are They don’t feel at risk if “friending” perfect strangers They feel like since they are probably better at understanding technology, they can make better decisions than their parents about what’s best practice for online behavior These are … (17 comments)

child identity theft: Young Kids Getting Sexually Exploited Online More Than Ever Before - 06/18/19 06:13 AM
An alarming new study is out, and if you are a parent, you should take note…children as young as 8-years old are being sexually exploited via social media. This is a definite downturn from past research, and it seems like one thing is to blame: live streaming.
YouTube serves up videos of kids, in clothing, that pedophiles consume and share as if it is child porn. It’s gotten so bad that YouTube has had to disable the comments sections of videos with kids in them.
Apps like TikTok are very popular with younger kids, and they are also becoming more popular for the … (1 comments)

child identity theft: How to Use your Mobile as a Child Locator - 08/10/16 11:32 PM
How many times have you read, or at least caught a headline, of the latest high profile missing child case? How many stories have we heard about the kid who got lost on a hike? His body was found several miles from where he’d been last seen, concluding a several-day search.
What if he had had an iPhone on his person at the time he wandered off in the middle of some vast woods? Sure he could call, but then what? Android and iPhones have a “find my phone” feature that a parent can track down a lost child with—provided that this … (4 comments)

child identity theft: Prevent Child Identity Theft - 03/16/16 11:49 PM
Here’s one for the know-it-alls: Kids are 35 percent more likely to become victims of identity theft than are adults. Betcha didn’t know that! This startling news comes from a 2015 Javelin Strategy & Release study.
Needless to say, the bulk of parents aren’t on top of this problem, unaware that thieves go after children’s SSNs like two-year-olds grabbing at candy. Thieves know that kids (and their parents) don’t monitor their credit reports. Thieves know that they can get away with their crime all throughout the victim’s childhood until they start applying for college, credit cards, etc., at age 18 or so. That’s … (11 comments)

child identity theft: Is your Daughter chatting with a Pedophile? - 12/21/15 09:57 PM
That’s a horrible question to ask. There is a very alarming report on, about a dad who regularly checked on his kids in the middle of the night, and one night at 2 a.m., upon checking his 12-year-old daughter’s room, saw that she was gone. The window was open.
He fled down the street where he saw her just about to get into an SUV, which turned out to be driven by a 27-year-old man the girl had met online a month prior. The predator’s name is Scott Stilwell, and he insisted to dad Tim LeBlanc that he was 16.
A fight … (5 comments)

child identity theft: Child Identity theft is becoming Solvable - 10/19/15 11:06 PM
You’ve seen TV commercials and print ads about identity theft, and the “victim” is always an adult. That’s not realistic. The actor-portrayal should be that of a child. Yes, a kid.
Children are 51 times more likely than adults to have their identity stolen, says research from Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab.
Crooks want kids’ Social Security numbers. And crooks like the fact that kids are debt-free. Wow, with no debt to the child’s name, the thief could easily open up a line of credit in that victim’s name and have a field day. Or, they can file a fraudulent income tax return.
The thief … (1 comments)

child identity theft: The Sweet Sixteen Rule - 09/04/14 10:53 PM
Your child is turning 16! As a parent in the US, your mind is occupied with planning the big sweet 16 party and preparing for a new driver on the road (and the crazy high insurance that goes with it). During this exciting time, there’s something else you should be thinking about—your child’s credit score.

Child identity theft is more common than we want to think it is. According to a study by Identity Theft Assistance, 1 in every 40 households with minor children has been affected by child identity theft. Thieves love this kind of identity theft because1) it gives … (3 comments)

child identity theft: Family Identity Theft is Ugly - 08/28/14 10:29 PM
Identity theft isn’t just the stuff of exciting movie and TV dramas; this happens in real life—and often. In fact, that Target breach that made headlines, Neiman Marcus, those 1. 2 Billion records the Russian cyber gang hacked: all identity theft.

In 2012, according to one research firm, 12.6 million people in the U.S. alone were victims of ID fraud. This translates to this crime occurring every three seconds. If that isn’t bad enough, it’s estimated that one-third of ID theft is committed against the thieves’ own family members.
Sometimes a person learns this when requesting a copy of their … (4 comments)

child identity theft: Enacted Maryland Child Identity Lock Bill, is Useless - 01/07/13 12:13 PM
This week the Maryland Child Identity Lock bill, went into effect. CBS Baltimore reports “Maryland State DelegateCraig Zucker is behind a new state law that just went into effect designed to protect a child from identity theft. “It will be the first time parents or guardians can proactively contact any of the three credit agencies and freeze their child or dependent information to protect against identity theft,” Zucker said. By freezing a child’s credit, crooks are out of luck.
Not quite Craig, but A for effort.  I mean that, and I hope you follow through and finish what you started.
The Huffington Post reported back in April “Under current … (0 comments)

child identity theft: Child Identity Theft Protection - 12/14/09 11:13 AM
Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert
In a blog I guest contribute to called “NextAdvisor” they offer the following advice on child identity theft protection:
The following post in our Reader Question series is an actual user submitted question.
“Q: I found out that someone used my grandson’s Social Security number to get phone service. How can I stop this? He’s only 11 years old.
A: If someone has used or is using a child’s Social Security number to secure a service, the child is a victim of identity theft. You should file a report with a local police department immediately. … (0 comments)

child identity theft: Child Identity Theft Victims - 07/28/09 09:52 AM
Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert
Jason Truxel was denied a mortgage because of bad credit. He had no idea that his credit scores were low, so he pulled his credit reports. He discovered a tremendous amount of debt, and accounts he had never opened. One such account showed that a credit card had been opened in his name when he was 13 years old. Jason found out the hard way that he was a victim of child identity theft. When Jason was a child, his father was convicted of credit card fraud. So he went to his father’s house and found … (36 comments)

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