credit card safety: Should You Worry About Contactless Credit Card NFC Skimming - 01/09/19 07:17 AM
If you have a contactless card, you might have worries about skimming. A contactless card or “frictionless” or “tap and go” is a card that has technology in it that allows payment over secure wireless like Apple Pay, Android Pay etc. Basically, this is where a criminal literally digitally pickpockets you by scanning things like your debit card or passport. What’s scary about this is that anyone can get an app for their phone that will allow them to skim. Is there protection for this? Maybe.
But before you freak out, you probably don’t even have a contactless card. Very few cards … (2 comments)

credit card safety: A “Credit Profile Number” is a fake SSN, and it Works - 09/11/18 07:25 AM
Cyber criminals are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of the good guys, and there is now another scam out there that you should know about: synthetic identity theft. Basically, the criminals take information from someone, and then make up the rest. They also often use fake Social Security numbers, called CPNs, or “credit profile numbers,” or names.
This type of identity theft shows us that our credit system is more vulnerable than we might think. Basically, it is easy to create a credit file on these identities, and once they have that, they can get a credit card or loan.
Of … (4 comments)

credit card safety: Never put these Docs in your Wallet - 05/16/16 11:47 PM
Yes, believe it or not, you CAN get by in life with a wallet that just has a little cash, a store card or two, one to two credit cards and your ID. Unless you absolutely need your insurance card or Social Security card, leave those items at home.
For years now, wallets have been on the market that you can stuff everything into, save for the kitchen sink. This doesn’t mean you must carry a ridiculous bulging wallet everywhere you go.
Now you may not mind having to dig through your wallet for five minutes to retrieve things because there’s so much … (15 comments)

credit card safety: Gemaltos’ “EMV For a Week Challenge,” starts now! - 02/10/16 02:39 AM
As part of Gemalto’s #ChipAwayAtFraud campaign, I’m being tasked with numerous tasks, some tacky, some essential to living. Gemalto, one of the world’s leaders in digital security, wants a real-world take on the EMV card experience. Which includes the security benefits EMV cards presents. You know EMV; it’s the “chip” credit card that by now, you should have. EMV by the way stands for Euro/MasterCard/Visa. The Euro part essentially means that’s where the card was first deployed.
If you don’t have a chip card by now get on the phone, call your bank and in your loudest, angriest voice scream at them … (1 comments)

credit card safety: How to Remove Fraudulent Lines of Credit - 01/21/16 10:14 PM
You just learned you have a new credit card account by checking your credit or because a bill collector called you. Problem is that you don’t remember ever applying for it. You must find out what’s behind this new account and how it got there.
Call the corresponding phone number listed with the account seen on your credit report. Begin the process for disputing the entire account. Get the name (and employee ID number) of every person you speak to and a transaction or reference number for every phone call. Speak to the fraud specialist for the issuer of this new … (1 comments)

credit card safety: 20 Security Tips For Overseas Travelers With Credit Cards - 12/15/15 10:02 PM
Thinking of bringing a credit card with you on your travels? You can end up in a jam: You just treated your extended family to fine dining in France. Time to pay; your credit card is declined.
If you try to make a purchase overseas, your credit card company might think it’s fraudulent, since it would appear anomalous, relative to your usual, U.S. purchases.
So before you leave for your trip:
Back up credit card data. It’s always important to have a backup of your card data, both online and in print. Photocopy each card and carry with you or store in your … (1 comments)

credit card safety: Card Company's boosting Payment Security with Mobile - 12/17/14 09:02 PM
Whoever thought that one day, paying with green paper would be viewed as primitive as a horse and buggy? We seem to be getting closer to that time, especially since the security of making payments via smartphone is always being improved.

One way is with fingerprint scanning. Some smartphones already have this biometric feature. But what about credit cards and biometrics? Visa is currently experimenting with biometrics, but nothing yet has been deployed to the public. Nevertheless, a credit card company trying to develop something with biometrics will likely need to get involved in the smartphone arena.
There will always … (0 comments)

credit card safety: The Credit Card Fraud Mob Boss - 11/25/14 09:00 PM
There once was a guy named Albert Gonzalez who dressed like a woman—but not because he got off on this, but because he wanted to conceal his actual appearance while he used a ream of phony cards to steal money from an ATM in 2003. A cop noticed the activity and didn’t quite buy the disguise.

The police officer nabbed the thin, disheveled Gonzalez, and it turned out he possessed a computer at his New Jersey home loaded with stolen card data. He was also a moderator for, a site for cybercriminals on how to hone their skills.
Gonzalez … (0 comments)

credit card safety: 8 Tips to Credit Card Security - 10/02/14 11:08 PM
Despite the fact that tens of millions of consumers were hit by the numerous big breaches, and tens of millions more by less sensationalized breaches, you can still take the reins and yield some protection for your credit cards.

Make online payments with single-use or prepaid cards. What a great idea! If you have multiple recurring payments for ongoing services, use only one credit card for those. For shopping, use a one-time or prepaid card. Though the single-use credit card number is linked to your real card number, it will prevent the real number from becoming exposed should the site … (3 comments)

credit card safety: 4 Identity Protection Habits Every College Student Should Have - 09/07/14 12:09 AM
For some of us, fall is about to begin and the graduates of the class of 2014 are heading off to colleges across the country. It’s an exciting time—there’s a reason so many people call college the best four years of their lives. You learn so much about the world and yourself. You make lifelong friends. You are an adult without the full responsibility of being an adult.

credit card safety
It’s pretty easy to believe that because you are young and not in the “real world” yet that you are immune to identity theft or credit card fraud. But … (22 comments)

credit card safety: Credit Card Fraud booming - 09/02/14 10:41 PM
Online credit card fraud is flourishing, according to the U.S. Retail Fraud Survey 2014. One of the reasons is because online sales are ever on the increase, currently accounting for 6 percent of total sales, says the report, the most extensive of its kind. The projection is that within three years, retailers will be getting 15 percent of their sales online.

The survey was carried out between April and May of 2014, and dealt with primary research into the processes, systems and strategies that were used by 100 of the U.S.’s leading retailers, representing 126,000 stores in the U.S.
The … (3 comments)

credit card safety: 10 simple Ways Identity Thieves steal your Credit Card - 05/06/14 11:06 PM
There are 10 basic ways a crook can easily rob your identity by getting at your credit card or open a new credit card in your name, but there are also ways you can prevent this from occurring.

Simple Thievery
Leave a window open and a thief can slide through, then steal your stuff. He can even slide an arm through your car’s open window while you’re filling the tank at a gas station. To prevent this, keep house windows closed as much as sensibly possible; keep important documents locked up; keep car windows rolled up and doors locked when … (4 comments)

credit card safety: 13 ways Protect your Credit Cards from Fraud - 05/01/14 10:55 PM
Here are a number of ways you can protect your credit cards from fraud.

1. Keep a sharp eye on your credit card accounts. Read through the purchases for every monthly statement to see if any unfamiliar or odd items show up. Don’t just skip past small purchases; a charge for $9.95 could still be fraudulent. A crook knows you’re less likely to pay attention to small numbers. Consider checking your statements online weekly or even better, download your banks mobile app and check them daily.
2. Immediately contact your bank. By law, credit card companies have to give you … (2 comments)

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