cybercrime: 10 Internet Security Myths that Small Businesses Should Be Aware Of - 05/10/18 07:04 AM
Most small businesses don’t put as much focus on internet security as they probably should. If you are a small business owner or manager, not focusing on internet security could put you in a bad spot. Are you believing the myths about internet security or are you already using best practices? Here’s a few of the most common myths…take a look to see where you truly stand:
Myth – All You Need is a Good Antivirus Program
Do you have a good antivirus program on your small business network? Do you think that’s enough? Unfortunately, it’s not. Though an antivirus program is great … (6 comments)

cybercrime: How to Make $5 Million a Day in Cybercrime - 02/08/17 05:42 AM
This post isn’t exactly a “how to” but if your current employment isn’t bringing in the bacon, I’m sure your criminal mind can figure it out. In the biggest digital advertising fraud in the history of the U.S., it was recently found that a group of hackers is bringing in from $3 million to $5 million a day from media companies and brands. That’s some scratch!
White Ops, an online fraud-prevention firm, uncovered this campaign, which they have called “Methbot,” and the firm found that the campaign is generating more than 300 million video ad impressions each day.
AFT13, which is a cyber … (5 comments)

cybercrime: How to figure out Crime Statistics in a Town - 02/18/16 09:45 PM
If you want to get an idea of how safe or crime-ridden a town may be, do some casual observing including at night:
Are women walking or jogging alone at night? Are people hanging out in the evening having a good time? Are children mysteriously absent on a sunny weekend afternoon? Are there a lot of “for sale” signs among the houses? Do many houses have security signs in their yards? Are there any other tell-tale signs that the town is safe—or seedy? Like many taverns and only one recreation center? Before moving to a particular town, you should also chat … (2 comments)

cybercrime: The Impact of Ransomware on Small Businesses - 08/31/15 11:59 PM
What’s going on this September? National Preparedness Month. This will be the time to increase your awareness of the safety of your business, family, pets and community. During disasters, communication is key. National Preparedness Month concludes on September 30 with the National PrepareAthon! Day.
It would be like a science fiction movie: You go to pull up the file detailing the records of your last quarter’s profit and loss statement, and instead you get a flashing notice: “Your computer has been compromised! To see your file, you must pay money!”
This is called ransomware: a type of malware sent by criminal hackers. Welcome … (1 comments)

cybercrime: 3 Ways Criminals influence to steal - 05/21/15 11:10 PM
Criminals use six basic principles of Influence to steal. In this post we will discuss the first 3. The ability to influence boils down to science. By applying some science, anyone can learn to be more influential. It’s easy to influence sheep and cattle. It’s a bit more complicated to influence people. But many people can be influenced as easy as a cow. Criminals understand this the same way sales people do. The derivative of “confidence” is con. All influence in some way is designed to gain your confidence and in some cases to trick you. That’s where “confidence trick” comes … (2 comments)

cybercrime: What is a Remote Administration Tool (RAT)? - 02/20/15 08:43 PM
Ever felt like your computer was possessed? Or that you aren’t the only one using your tablet? I think I smell a rat. Literally, a RAT.
A RAT or remote administration tool, is software that gives a person full control a tech device, remotely. The RAT gives the user access to your system, just as if they had physical access to your device. With this access, the person can access your files, use your camera, and even turn on/off your device.
RATs can be used legitimately. For example, when you have a technical problem on your work computer, sometimes your corporate … (18 comments)

cybercrime: Background Checks aren’t as easy as you'd think - 12/28/14 09:41 PM
With seemingly more and more people being harassed, stalked and getting their identities stolen, the rate of background check requests (e.g., a small business owner hiring a private investigator) has increased quite a bit.

The background check is no longer some snoopy kind of thing for extra-curious people; it’s become a necessary tool in a world fraught with frivolous lawsuits but also cybercrime and identity theft. For example, if the “furnace guy” rapes and murders the homeowner, his company would be held accountable. We hear of cases like this all the time—another example would be a bus driver fondling a … (1 comments)

cybercrime: What’s Your Click IQ? - 10/14/14 11:33 PM
The recent celebrity photo hacks are an unfortunate reminder of how devastating or embarrassing it can be to have your data compromised.  But celebrities are not the only ones getting hacked. Cybercriminals aren’t choosy—they’ll send malicious texts, emails, and website links to Jennifer Lawrence and your grandma. And while the celebrity hacks are more publicized, the fact is, every day, hundreds of ordinary people are falling prey to phishing scams.
So how can you protect yourself from these cybercriminals? The best defense is actually you.
Many of these scams involve a similar thing—the click. So if you learn how to click … (3 comments)

cybercrime: Russian Organized Crime: Krem D'la Krem of Hackers - 08/08/14 10:27 PM
The Russians have definitely come…in the world of cybercrime. A Russian ring of hackers has amassed 1.2 billion stolen passwords and usernames involving 400,000 websites. The criminals have also garnered 542 million e-mail addresses.

And these Russians didn’t discriminate: Any website they could bust into, they did, ranging from big U.S. companies to little websites—anything. Most of these sites remain vulnerable.
Apparently, the thieves are not working for Russia’s government (which rarely goes after hackers anyways), nor have they sold the stolen information…yet. They’ve been paid by third-party entities who want to send out spam.
This gang of thieves operates … (5 comments)

cybercrime: What is an Advanced Persistent Threat? - 07/06/14 11:54 PM
If you’ve ever seen a movie where the bad guys are using ongoing, invasive hacking to spy on their “enemy,” you have some familiarity with an advanced persistent threat (APT).

This term usually refers to an attack carried out by a group that targets a specific entity using malware and other sophisticated techniques to exploit vulnerabilities in the target’s systems. It is often done for intelligence gathering with political, financial or business motives.
For example, an APT aimed at a corporation could take the form of Internet-based malware that is used to access company systems, or a physical infection, such as … (2 comments)

cybercrime: What is a Denial-of-Service Attack? - 03/30/14 04:21 AM
You may have heard news reports about popular websites such as CNN, Amazon and Yahoo! being taken down by a DoS attack, but have you ever wondered what DoS means?

This common tech term stands for “denial-of-service,” where an attacker attempts to prevent legitimate users from accessing a website entirely or slowing it down to the point of being unusable.  The most common and obvious type of DoS attack occurs when an attacker “floods” a network with useless information.
When you type a URL for a particular website into your browser, you are sending a request to that site’s computer … (4 comments)

cybercrime: Stolen identities are cheap on the darknet - 01/26/14 08:30 PM
What a steal: You can purchase a U.S. stolen identity for $25, and an overseas one for $40. Cybercrime is booming. Cybercriminals are competing even against each other. Data theft is becoming increasingly easier, with more and more people gaining entry into this realm. It’s no longer for the elite.

Hiring someone to perform a cybercrime doesn’t take technical knowledge; only the ability to pay. Even a computer isn’t necessary, and the crime can be outsourced.
The underground of cyberspace is known as the Darknet. Illegal activities of the Darknet are mighty cheap these days.
Under $300: credentials for a … (1 comments)

cybercrime: Socint: Disseminating Cybercrime Through Social Intelligence - 11/09/13 02:36 AM
People talk—A LOT. They can’t stop talking. Talking, getting something off your mind and out there feels good. Talking takes the pressure off one’s mind; our mouths are like relief valves for our heads. The problem has always been that people blurt out whatever is on their mind and say things that often get them in trouble. And yes, I’ve done it too.
But now people now post their thoughts online, which in many cases is even worse because it’s not one on one; it’s to the world. We’ve seen numerous kids, teachers, employees, officials, politicians, celebrities, and folks from just … (0 comments)

cybercrime: It’s Even Easier Now For Regular Folks To Conduct Cybercrime - 10/27/13 12:42 PM
Here’s a late night infomercial for you: How’s that burger flipping going? That cubicle working out? Anyway, I’m sure your boss is such a nice guy. Guess what! If you’re interested in a career in criminal hacking, you don’t even need a computer! This (scary) special, one-time offer comes to you right now from the Internet! Get your credit card ready!
Yes people, this is no joke. Everything you, ‘the average person,’ need to conduct cybercrime can now be purchased online—for example, you can get access to your spouse, neighbors or bosses emails, conduct research, create malware, execute an attack—all of … (0 comments)

cybercrime: Do I Need to be Concerned About Cybercrime? - 05/07/13 12:41 PM
The short answer is yes! You should be concerned. And even if you’re not concerned for yourself, with the Internet all of us are interconnected so cybercrime does not just affect one person or one group, but all of us.
Imagine your body being targeted by 100 million viruses. That is exactly what cybercriminals are doing to your networked digital devices. Laptops, desktops, Macs, iPads, iPhones, BlackBerrys, Androids and Symbian mobile phones are all at risk. Research from McAfee Labs™ reveals a variety of threats that exist “in the wild” that you need to be aware of.
Malware: For 2012, new malware sample … (0 comments)

cybercrime: What Should I Know about Mobile Cybercrime? - 05/04/13 01:19 PM
The Internet has dissolved the geographical boundaries and technological limitations that have constrained organized cybercrime in the past. We now live with cybercrime syndicates based in the US, Russia, Asia and all over the globe. When hackers in the US are sleeping, the ones in China are flexing their fingers on their keyboards, and the ones in Eastern Europe are waking up. Cybercrime never stops.
The brave—and ballooning—new world of smartphones and tablets offers tremendous scope and volume for these organizations. Mobile devices run on different operating systems and use different apps from PCs and Macs, which presents opportunities to create … (1 comments)

cybercrime: European Cybercrime Not Slowing Down - 07/18/12 11:27 AM
Device reputation authority iovation published a report revealing that the number of fraudulent transactions originating from Europe has risen dramatically over the past two years. From April 2011 to April 2012, iovation prevented approximately 15 million fraudulent online transactions in Europe. That’s an increase of 60% over the previous year. The rate of European fraud attempts jumped from 1.3% of total transactions in the first quarter of 2011 to 2.1% in the first quarter of 2012, and has risen steadily throughout the past two years.
iovation stops fraud attempts with their ReputationManager 360 solution, which has the unique ability to determine … (0 comments)

cybercrime: Banks Blame Cybercrime Victims for Hacking - 03/09/12 07:43 AM
It’s Tuesday morning after a long weekend, the bookkeeper comes in a little late but hits the books right away. She comes into your office and asks you about a series of wire transfers you made over the holiday weekend to new employees who apparently live overseas. And then your heart sinks. Because you have heard about how small business bank accounts are hacked, but didn’t think it would happen to you.
It’s happening to the tune of around 1 billion dollars a year. Small business bank accounts are being hacked and the banks are pointing the finger at their customers. … (0 comments)

cybercrime: A Sherriff Issues Holiday Crime Prevention Tips - 12/27/11 06:20 AM
A Florida County Sheriff via The Recorder issued the following tips to prevent holiday crime. I’m going to break them down and shorten them up to keep it concise.
“We are coming up on one of the most festive times of the year for families with the celebration of several holidays. However, joy and fun can quickly turn to disappointment and sorrow when someone becomes a victim of a scam, burglary or online fraudulent holiday shopping scheme.” Scams: Holiday cyber-crimes including fraudulent auction sites.
Protect: Do business with known sites. Look for high ratings and user approvals.
Scam: Resale … (0 comments)

cybercrime: Think You’re Protected? Think Again! - 10/02/11 04:14 PM
In 1990, when only the government and a number of universities were using the Internet, there were 357 unique pieces of malware. The need for security began with desktop computing when the only means of compromising data was by inserting a contaminated floppy disk into a PC or opening an infected email attachment. That was the anti-virus era.
The need for security evolved with the Internet as more companies developed internal and external networks. That was the network security era.
Now as companies leverage the power of the web, information security has evolved yet again: We are in the application security … (3 comments)

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