hacker: Protecting Your Company and Yourself from COVID-19 Hackers - 05/20/20 05:14 AM
Many people are asking how they can not only protect themselves, but also their organizations, from all of these COVID-19 hacks that are currently popping up.
As with any other phishing scam, vigilance is extremely important. We are certainly going to have to keep on our toes for months, or even years, as this fallout from the pandemic could be around for a long time.
You have to be suspicious of each and every unsolicited email, phone call, or text, especially if someone is looking for account or contact details, or they ask to share personal information. If you feel like information seekers … (5 comments)

hacker: 12 Ways To Contain the hack stop the bleeding & eliminating the threat - 03/04/20 10:49 AM
Hey YOU, SMB, yeah I’m talking to you. There are a number of things that you can do to not only protect your personal information, but also the information you have in your business:
Hire a professional – It is entirely possible the small business was hacked because they did not employ technicians to prevent it in the first place. Therefore 3rd parties that specialize is security and breach mitigation should be contacted immediately. These IT security professionals specialize in containment. Their role will be to forensically determine the nature of the compromise, remove the vulnerability, update any necessary hardware … (30 comments)

hacker: How a Wi-Fi Hacker Snoops on Your Laptop and Mobile - 01/30/20 07:42 AM
You have likely heard of the dangers of using unsecure public Wi-Fi, so you know that hackers are out there snooping. It is pretty easy to hack into a laptop or mobile device that is on a public Wi-Fi connection with no protection. Hackers can read your emails, steal passwords, and even hijack your website log ins.
Let’s imagine that you are in a local coffee shop with your laptop. All someone has to do is download a wireless network analyzer, which usually has a free trial, and with the right hardware and additional software they can often see what everyone is … (36 comments)

hacker: Florida City Pays Hackers $600,000 after Scam - 07/25/19 08:10 AM
Riviera Beach, a city in Florida, has agreed to pay a $600,000 ransom to hackers who attacked its network.
This week, the City Council voted to pay the demands after coming up with no other option to meet the demands of the hackers. It seems that the hackers got access to the system when a staff member clicked on a link in an email, which uploaded malware to the network. The malware disabled the city’s email system, direct deposit payroll system and 911 dispatch system.
According to Rose Anne Brown, the city’s spokesperson, they had been working with independent security consultants who recommended … (0 comments)

hacker: Use a Password Manager Or You WILL Get Hacked - 03/15/18 01:14 PM
Do you ever use the same password over and over again for different accounts? If so, you are not alone. However, this is quite dangerous. It’s best to use a different, unique password for each account, and to make it easier, you should use a password manager.
According to surveys, people understand that they should use unique passwords, and more than half of people get stressed out due to passwords. Furthermore, about 2/3rds of people said that they had forgotten a password or that a password issue had cause problems at work.
However, a password manager can easily solve the issues associated with … (3 comments)

hacker: What Was Scary About Blackhat 2017? - 08/01/17 06:50 AM
As you might know, at the end of July, all types of hackers came to Las Vegas to attend Blackhat 2017. During the conference, some pretty scary hacks were exposed, and we can all take this as a lesson on what we are up against in this technology-heavy world. Here are some of the scariest hacks we learned about during Blackhat 2017:
Carwash Hijacking
Nothing is safe from technology, and these days, carwashes are an unexpected target for hackers. It is perfectly possible that a car wash could be hacked, controlled remotely, and used to destroy vehicles. Scary.
Hacking Cars
Speaking of vehicles, it was … (2 comments)

hacker: Blackhat Hackers Love Office Printers - 07/28/17 06:53 AM
The term, or in this case the word “blackhat” in tech generally refers to a criminal hacker. The opposite of black is white and a “whitehat” is a security professional. These terms originate from the “spaghetti western” movies when the bad guy cowboy wore a black hat and the law wore white hats. Fun huh?! Blackhat is also the name of the largest conference on the planet for information security. The conference itself is 20 years old and as Alex Stamos who is the CSO for Facebook and also Blackhat 2017’s keynote speaker said “Blackhat isn’t even old enough to drink” … (16 comments)

hacker: Protect Your Mobile from Hackers - 07/19/17 07:24 AM
If you are like most of us, you probably have a password, antivirus program, and a firewall for your home computer to protect it from hackers. Are you doing the same thing for your phone?
From 2015 to 2016 malware infections on smartphones swelled by 96%, and about 71% of the smartphones out there do not have any software at all to protect them. What does that mean for you? It means the odds are against you when it comes to getting your phone hacked. Luckily, there are some things you can do to protect your mobile phone from hackers:
Update Your … (15 comments)

hacker: Hire an Ethical Hacker NOW! - 05/30/17 06:51 AM
You might think it’s crazy to actually hire a hacker, but if you don’t have an ethical hacker on your security team, you could be playing a dangerous game.
Ethical hackers are called “white hat hackers” and are legal hackers, that help businesses find security problems in their networks. Developer and security teams, who build out codes, should have a white hat hacker on their side. This way, they will know from the start if the code is vulnerable. This is also known as “application security”.
How Important are Ethical Hackers?
How important is this? It’s so important that even the largest companies in … (25 comments)

hacker: Malware Hack Attacking the Grid…BIGLY - 05/16/17 05:08 AM
For more than four years, malware has been posing as legitimate software and infecting industrial equipment across the globe.
The malware, which looks just like the Siemens control gear software, has affected at least seven plants in the US. According to security experts, the malware was specifically designed to attack this industrial equipment, but what it does is not totally known. It is only described as a type of “crimeware.”
The malware was first hinted at in 2013, but at that time, it was not seen as dangerous, and many anti-virus programs were flagging it as dangerous, but it was considered a false … (7 comments)

hacker: Second Hand and Discarded Devices Lead to Identity Theft - 05/10/17 05:07 AM
A new study was just released by the National Association for Information Destruction. What did it find? Astonishingly, about 40% of all digital devices that are found on the second-hand market had personal information left on them. These include tablets, mobile phones, and hard drives.
The market for second hand items is large, and it’s a good way to find a decent mobile device or computer for a good price. However, many times, people don’t take the time to make sure all their personal information is gone. Some don’t even understand that the data is there. This might include passwords, usernames, company … (6 comments)

hacker: Researcher Say Office of Personnel Management Hack Leads to Ransomware - 03/27/17 05:57 AM
In June, 2015, it was revealed by an anonymous source that the Office of Personnel Management was hacked. This office, which administers civil service, is believed to have been the target of the Chinese government. This is one of the largest hacks in history involving a federal organization.
Slowly, the motivation behind the hacking is being understood. At first, it seemed obvious, the stolen data being personally identifiable information, which is what was taken can be used for new account fraud. But in government breaches, they usually look for military plans, blueprints, and documents that deal with policy.
The question, of course, is … (1 comments)

hacker: How to protect your Mobile Phone from Hackers and Thieves - 08/31/16 11:39 PM
Let’s cut to the chase:
Regularly back up the phone’s data! If this is done every day, you won’t have to worry much about losing important information if something happens to the phone—such as a ransomware attack. Keep the phone’s software and applications updated. Delete apps you no longer use, as these can reveal your GPS coordinates and garner data about you. Never post about your vacation while you’re on vacation. But there’s more:
Employ the device’s password-protect function (which may even be a biometric like a fingerprint). If the phone has more than one type of protection, use both. You … (6 comments)

hacker: Phishing attacks Two-Factor Authentication - 07/28/16 12:14 AM
Hackers bank heavily on tricking people into doing things that they shouldn’t: social engineering. A favorite social engineering ploy is the phishing e-mail.
How a hacker circumvents two-factor authentication:
First collects enough information on the victim to pull off the scam, such as obtaining information from their LinkedIn profile. Or sends a preliminary phishing e-mail tricking the recipient into revealing login credentials for an account, such as a bank account. The next phase is to send out a text message appearing to be from the recipient’s bank (or PayPal, Facebook, etc.). This message tells the recipient that their account is about to … (1 comments)

hacker: Phone Account of FTC Chief Technologist hijacked - 07/14/16 12:00 AM
An impostor posed as Lorrie Cranor at a mobile phone store (in Ohio, nowhere near Cranor’s home) and obtained her number. She is the Federal Trade Commission’s chief technologist. Her impostor’s con netted two new iPhones (the priciest models—and the charges went to Cranor) with her number.
In a blog post, Cranor writes: “My phones immediately stopped receiving calls.” She was stiffed with “a large bill and the anxiety and fear of financial injury.”
Cranor was a victim of identity theft. She contacted her mobile carrier after her phone ceased working during use. The company rep said her account had been updated to … (2 comments)

hacker: TeamViewer Clients Victims of other Hack Attacks - 07/07/16 11:50 PM
Get an account with TeamViewer, and you will have a software package that enables remote control, online meetings, desktop sharing and other functions between computers.
But recently, customers of TeamViewer have reported remote takedowns of their computers that resulted in different forms of monetary theft, such as bank accounts being cleaned out.
The cyber thieves controlled the victims’ computers via their TeamViewer accounts. Customers would witness their mouse arrow suddenly moving beyond their control.
The infiltration, though, did not occur on TeamViewer’s end, insists the company. Instead, the software company called users “careless” because they reused their TeamViewer passwords on other sites like LinkedIn, … (2 comments)

hacker: Hacking Humans is Painfully Easy - 06/27/16 11:58 PM
Hackers can take over someone’s life in a matter of hours. Just ask Patsy Walsh.
Though she is not a tech savvy person, the grandmother of six did have a Facebook account, and that was all the hackers needed to take over her life. By using methods such as click baiting, the act of convincing someone to click on a fake link, and then gathering information, the hackers were able to use this info to get into other accounts, and eventually hacked things such as her power of attorney form, Social Security information and learned how to open her garage door and … (30 comments)

hacker: Hacking Cars Getting Easier and More Dangerous - 06/24/16 12:04 AM
If your car is in any way connected to the Internet, it can get hacked into. You know it’s only a matter of time before hackers begin infiltrating motor vehicles in droves, being that vehicles are plagued with hundreds to thousands of security vulnerabilities.
This hack is more serious than you think. Drivers and passengers should be aware that “flawed” and compromised vehicles can suddenly be overtaken remotely, forced into shutting down the engine in the middle of a highway or drive the car into other cars. And it’s not just cars, but 18-wheelers and busloads of people.
In fact, white-hat hackers (the … (2 comments)

hacker: Hackers hacking Banks big time - 06/20/16 11:48 PM
“Anonymous” is an activist hacking group that has recently boasted that it will engage in 30 days of cyber assaults against “all central banks,” reports an article on cnbc.com.
And their bite is as big as their bark, as this announcement came soon after several major banks around the world were struck—and Anonymous proudly claimed credit. The banks that were apparently breached by Anonymous include:
Bangladesh Central Bank National Bank of Greece Qatar National Bank Anonymous put up their plans on a YouTube video: a “30-day campaign against central banks around the world.” The hacking group calls their endeavor Operation Icarus, bragging … (2 comments)

hacker: 10 Ways to Protect your WordPress Site or Blog from Hackers - 06/01/16 12:15 AM
As much as you try, the unfortunate truth is that hackers are going to try to attack and access your WordPress website or blog, whether you like it or not. So, it is up to you to make sure you make the hacker’s job as difficult as possible. Here are some tips:
1. Use Plugins
One way to make your WordPress account less appealing is to use security plugins. These vary in quality, and you might have to purchase some of them, too. Just make sure to do some research before buying them, and when you do, only buy them from a trusted … (1 comments)

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