mobile: How a Wi-Fi Hacker Snoops on Your Laptop and Mobile - 01/30/20 07:42 AM
You have likely heard of the dangers of using unsecure public Wi-Fi, so you know that hackers are out there snooping. It is pretty easy to hack into a laptop or mobile device that is on a public Wi-Fi connection with no protection. Hackers can read your emails, steal passwords, and even hijack your website log ins.
Let’s imagine that you are in a local coffee shop with your laptop. All someone has to do is download a wireless network analyzer, which usually has a free trial, and with the right hardware and additional software they can often see what everyone is … (36 comments)

mobile: Mobile Apps Failing Security Tests - 03/22/15 03:07 AM
It’s been said that there are over a million different apps for the smartphone. Well, however many may exist, know that not all of them are passing security tests with flying colors.
You may already be a user of at least several of the 25 most downloaded apps And what’s so special about the top 25? 18 of them flunked a security test that was given by McAfee Labs™ this past January. And they flunked the test four months after their developers had been notified of these vulnerabilities.
App creators’ first priority is to produce the next winning app before their competitors do. … (2 comments)

mobile: Using your Mobile to protect you from criminals - 02/09/14 09:12 PM
The Good:
Your mobile phone number is almost as good as your fingerprint: very unique to you, and as a second factor authentication device via text message, acts as access control through which to access certain web sites.

SMS two factor authentication as it’s know is the sending of unique one time pass codes that turns your mobile phone into a recipient of a onetime password or “OTP”. Generally there's no software to install and it’s just a matter of registering your device with the website. OTPs are sent to smartphones upon entering your username, than a password or after … (1 comments)

mobile: Mobile phone hacking: proactive and reactive responses - 01/13/14 08:44 PM
Mallorie’s Android phone was acting odd, like it was possessed. The thing had a mind of its own, sending garbled texts and gambling. Ghost? Or hacked?

Mallorie locked down the phone when it was charging so it wouldn’t purchase poker chips. One day she forgot to lock it and it went on a shopping binge. Packages began appearing at her doorstep.
Obviously, someone had access to her credit card. But how? And what could poor Mallorie do to disable this thief?
Millions of mobile devices get infected. But police officers won’t bother with this. Mallorie cancelled her credit card and … (0 comments)

mobile: Isis mobile wallet goes live - 12/22/13 12:46 AM
Isis Mobile Wallet allows you to make purchases with your phone—a technology that just went live. Just wave your Isis-compatible smartphone at select cash registers to buy soda or taxi service, via Isis’s near-field communication technology. (iPhone compatibility with NFC will come later on.)

Customers of Isis Mobile Wallet can use My Coke Rewards and Isis to get three free beverages at designated vending machines.
Another incentive comes from Jamba Juice: that of giving away one million free smoothies to Isis customers.
The third incentive: Make a purchase via an American Express Serve account through Isis Mobile Wallet, and … (0 comments)

mobile: 5 ways to protect your mobile from prying eyes - 12/05/13 02:57 PM
Do you know how to keep your phone from the prying eyes of exes, strangers, cops, other officials and even your own spouse? Here are tips to keep your mobile safe and secure.

#1 Common Sense
When it comes to the police, cooperate; this will lessen the chance of mobile confiscation. Though you aren’t required to talk to the police without an attorney present, and don’t need to fork over your passcode or give up your phone just because they ask for it, don’t be a pest, either. In general, police need a warrant to search your phone.
#2 Lock … (0 comments)

mobile: 7 tips to a secure mobile device - 11/28/13 07:53 PM
Have you ever received an email like this…I did: “Robert, last night I was at a concert and I must have dropped my phone because I lost it. But then something awful happened. My friends knew I was with my other friend, and she got a call wondering if I was OK. Apparently whoever found or stole my mobile posted all my naked pictures to Facebook. I’ve finally got access to Facebook and I’ve deleted most of them, but it’s been a harrowing experience.”

There are just so many things wrong with this. It’s amazing to me how lazy some … (1 comments)

mobile: Mobile, Wearable and Now…Implantable Technology? - 11/08/13 12:59 AM
It began with the laptop.
The laptop was the first portable internet-connected device that freed up millions to create a mobile workforce. Next was the smartphone, which didn’t really take off until Apple opened it up to developers and allowed the creation of applications that made the smartphone what it is today. Apple did it again with the tablet, and now Android tablets and smartphones have an even bigger stake in the game than ever before.
Today we have wearable technology in the limited release of Google Glass, which is a wearable computer with an optical, head-mounted display in a smartphone-like, … (1 comments)

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